Cheerleading Persuasive Speech

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Nothing to Cheer About Many people now consider cheer a sport but is that enough to change the minds of the Universal Cheer Assocation? Even though cheerleading has been around for quite a while many people still do not consider it a sport. The disorganization and sexism in the past kept it segregated from other sports making people believe it does not qualify for the title of a sport. In the recent years it has been up for debate to be part of the Olympics after 2020, so does that not mean it is hands down a sport (Schultz). Even though many people still don't believe cheer is a sport the facts prove that cheer is a sport. The history of cheer goes way back and going all the way back is the only way to understand the whole situation. First…show more content…
In cheer, the athletes are supposed to preform, which means they should be smiling, look good, be loud enough to be heard and do everything with vigor. Many of these athletes know from experience that it takes lots of training to get to this point to be able to lift people multiple times, do tumbling and then yell for the team represent. A wrestler from CU bolder stated that "I initially joined cheer as a joke. I had wrestled all my life and I can honestly say that Cheerleading is by far the hardest sport that I have ever done. It is incredible how much upper body strength some of the stunts really do need. I now have cheered for over 7 years and I will never go back to anything else." Teams must be in top shape, especially in competitive cheer to preform perfectly and make sure it's all safe, not to mention the amounts of cardio they must go through to stay in shape (Lewis). Wrapping things up, cheer is harder than meets the eye. But many people don't realize that's the point, if you didn't look at the girls and say, "I could do that" then it's not done well enough. The amount of work and time put into the performances needs to be enough to get that reaction every
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