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  • Digital Piracy Analysis

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    are shown to have lower piracy rates than those with poorly equipped systems. This information technology system includes the internet. The internet is often viewed as the main driving force for the increase of digital piracy rates as it made file sharing much easier and readily available. In fact, five of the six most common mediums of digital piracy exists because of the internet. Thus, faster internet may mean better access to pirated products in developing countries. Regulatory

  • Theories Of Digital Piracy

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    The Theories behind Digital Piracy Introduction The topic of Digital Piracy has been widely debated for the past decade as there has been a surge in copyright infringements. The phenomenon of digital piracy has been prevalent since the days of dial-up modems and online bulletin boards, and it continues to be relevant to industry and society today. People have been gathering software and illegally “cracking” the copyright protections placed on the software to make it available to everyone else for

  • Elvis Presley's Impact On American Pop Culture

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    According to the documentary, When America was Rocked, Elvis Presley was a rock ‘n’ roll teenage icon in the 1950’s. When he was signed for The Ed Sullivan Show, in September of 1956, fans all over were aroused. The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the most prestigious and popular shows in the 1950’s. Elvis Presley’s appearance on this show bolstered ratings and represented a huge moment in American Pop Culture history because of the influence of teenage consumerism, the mass impact of television, and

  • Summary: The Importance Of Lighting

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    Sound Sound is very importance in enhancing guest experience. Sound equipment for an event is important because guest speakers need it to deliver talks or making announcement to event guests or participants. Besides, guest speakers will require the help of a sound system to be heard among a large audience. Then, a sound system can help the events creating different atmosphere and mood. Sound system is require in large crowded events such as music run or electric run because the event might be highlighted

  • Talent Development And Retention: An In-Depth Study

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    1-Introduction Companies that are working in new and different challenges within, in an increasingly complex landscape; the role of managers is even more critical to success. Maintaining managers and other key staff development and corporate objective is essential for development. Within companies are increasingly critical to the success of individuals. The need to improve talent development, succession planning, recruitment and retention to identify individuals at the heart of the appearance of

  • Passport's Ethical Issues

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    Did Passport act ethically in including the Elvis Presley copyrighted material in its video? 2.Why do you think Passport video did so? 3.Has there been fair use in this case, or has there been copyright infringement? Short Answers No Passport did not act ethically including the Elvis Presley copyrighted material in its video. Passport did so because they felt the material was fair use. There has been copyright infringement in this case. Statement of Facts Fair use is the doctrine that brief excerpts

  • Why Musicians Should Be Able To Sell Out?

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    Success in the music business is a thing of wonders isn 't it? From the ongoing fame to having people looking up to you, it 's something really special. But things are making the music world different. Instead of people buying the albums from the musicians, the internet services allows them to stream it which doesn 't cost a penny. Now the musicians are receiving less while the customers are getting their music for free. But since their basically making the musician lose money, now all they can do

  • MP4 Player Advantages And Disadvantages

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    NORMAN’S CONCEPTS 3.1 AFFORDANCE 3.2 MAPPINGS 3.3 CONSTRAINTS 4.0 CONCLUSION 5.0 PREFERENCES   1.0 INTRODUCTION I choose MP4 Player as my subject in this task. MP4 player is one of the most common sound and video file formats currently used in digital music device. An MP4 player generally supports both MP3 and MP4 formats, meaning that it can play both music and video. 2.0 DESCRIPTION Figure 1.0: A model of MP4 Player MP4 player is a type of digital audio and

  • Why Is Internet Piracy Wrong

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    seemingly become a threat to the economy of companies that own an intellectual product because it causes them to lose their profit. Internet Piracy gives people access to media without having them pay and allows them the comfort of just downloading a file or even streaming from the internet.Piracy is considered by most as morally wrong and degrading the quality and reputation of certain intellectual properties. Internet piracy is an immoral act which has been thought of as equal to stealing.People

  • Essay On Trespass

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    INTRODUCTION In order to get the understanding of trespass to person, we first need to get through the tort of trespass. When we think about trespass, the first thing that probably came to our mind is a sign board on our house or our neighbour house or garden reading trespassers should be prosecuted. We generally get the idea of a stranger sneaking around in the private premises or overgrown garden of an estranged, mysterious neighbour. Trespass is one of the ancient forms of action that arouse under

  • The Role Of Greed In The Music Industry

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    Many believe music artists produce tons of money and are billionaires because of their songs. What if I told you that isn 't true. The music industry has been altered since programs like Spotify and Pandora have arrived. You can pay a monthly due to these companies and basically listen to whatever music you want anytime and anywhere. My question is, what happened to the joy of receiving iTunes gift cards and buying CD 's? Where are pop stars obtaining their money from if their songs can be so deftly

  • Summary: The Ethics Of Movie Copying

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    1. After I read the article “The Ethics of Music/Movie Copying & Downloading,” published on December 6, 2010, by Theosophical Ruminator, I am surer that copying other people’s work is unethical. No one has the right to copy and sell music that does not belong to them. Music, movies, and computer software are intangible works, and many of them are easy to copy and pass to another person. However, paying for a CD that contains the information does not grant individuals the right to reproduce it. 2

  • Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy

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    Copyright piracy is a serious issue in today’s society, copyright piracy is the unauthorized reproduction of another one’s work such as music, books, and movies. During this essay, I will analyze the film “Good Copy Bad Copy” and compare it to two articles “Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy” and “Digital Piracy and The Copyright Response.” The main issues that are raised in the film “Good Copy Bady Copy” are the conflicts that have arisen between current copyright laws and recent

  • Pandora Case Study

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    possibility for independent review. Also, in a much broader way, the Music Genome Project assumes that music's traits can be objectively analyzed at all that the mind of the listener can be left out of the equation.” Before, pandora get 70% market sharing in USA, this is a big success in radio market. After, with the development of iTunes,Spotify, those music radio show up,Pandora is in the predicament .Regarding the player itself, an issue arises when you create a station using an artist like The

  • Cost Differences Between Festivals And Festivals

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    Dhani Jones once said “There is nothing better than live music. It’s raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul.” Around the world millions of people go to music festivals and concerts that are performed daily. But, many people who are not as experienced with live music don’t know what to expect in the sense of going to a festival or a concert. Despite the idea that concerts and festivals are basically the same, there are many differences in cost, time commitment, location, artist quantity, and number

  • Argumentative Essay: Why Artists Should Use Their Music In Advertising

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    Do you prefer to listen to music? Many of people do. The musicians sell their music and receive large sums of money. However, recently, there has been a large increase in popularity for music streaming services. To keep making money musicians have been required except endorsement deals from large corporations. Artists should use their music in advertising because they will be able to make larger sums of money in addition to gaining popularity. A important reason artists should put their music

  • Commercialization Of R & B Music Essay

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    The Impact of Commercialization on R&B Music: From the 1990s to the Modern Days Since its advent, the music industry was focused on making the most out of artists. Not a single music genre became an exception to that rule because the power of financial decisions is superior to the independent artists and their desire to keep up with the roots of their preferred genre. Unfortunately, the trends that are currently present in the music industry seriously limit the possibilities of those who do not

  • Essay On Impact Of Technology On Music

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    The impact of technology on music in the last century has revolutionized the way we market and listen to the music itself. Over these past one-hundred years or so there has been new inventions to listen to music, to record music, and to modify music. Americans have come a long way from watching shows in a theater and taking home that piece of sheet music to play it for yourself and your family simply downloading a song on an electronic device that can store the song. Before sheet music, music was

  • Private Law Theory

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    A recent judgement of the court involving the manager of a football club has sparked a lot of public interest and criticism. The court held that the manager, Alex Ferg could not hold a maintainable suit against the defendants as it involved multiple pharmaceutical companies. The works of Ernest Weinrib, a law professor at University of Toronto who developed the theories of private law were cited. Private law is an area of law which deals with private relationships between individuals including

  • Argumentative Essay: The Decline Of The Music Industry

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    Music as a whole has gone “downhill”. Some might argue that in the previous decades that have passed, the declined has rapidly sped up, and every time something good happens in the music industry something bad happens in the music industry as well which is unjust and unfair to the musicians that take time and effort to do so, take for example the amount of views and downloads an author needs to reach minimum wage, exactly 4,200,000 YouTube views or 5478 iTunes views just to barely strive on to their