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  • Hammerhead Shark Vs. The Great White Shark

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    and the only thing you could see was a shark tail. Older Than Dinosaurs? Sharks have lived on the earth longer than you think for example, over three hundred years ago sharks roamed in waters, that is one hundred million years before dinosaurs roamed the earth! Some of the sharks that roamed long ago don’t roam today, on the other hand a handful of the sharks that lived then still live today. Who knows there may be more sharks in the deep of the ocean that we don’t

  • Informative Speech On Great White Sharks

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    Topic: Great White Sharks Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about great white sharks. Thesis Statement: I am going to tell you about its habitat, its behavior, and some common misconceptions about them. Introduction: “Out there is a Perfect Engine, an Eating Machine that is a miracle of evolution – it swims and eats and makes little baby sharks, that’s all.” This is a quote from a movie you’ve probably seen called Jaws. This quote explains the beauty of the great white shark. Credibility:

  • Persuasive Essay On Great White Sharks

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    The great white shark is one of the most notorious fish in the oceans for being a ‘human killing machine’. Blockbuster shark attack movies like ‘Jaws’ are not helping their reputation because they make humans terrified of sharks, but the reality is that you have better odds of getting killed by a falling coconut, getting struck by lightning, or getting stung by bumblebee. The fact is we need sharks in our oceans. Great white sharks are being hunted to extinction, which will disrupt the natural

  • Great White Shark Research Paper

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    My specie is the Great White or scientifically known as Carcharodon Carcharias. I chose this specie to create awareness for the fisherman that are hunting sharks. The natural habitat of the great white shark is the ocean usually where the water is 24 and 12 degrees (Northeastern of United states, California, northeastern of United states, Coast of Australia, Brazil, Azores, Madagascar, The Caribbean, Eastern África, Northwestern África, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Northern Australia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii

  • Great White Shark Research Paper

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    Did you know that the shark is one of the most feared animals in the world? Great Whites, which can weigh up to 2400 pounds and can be over 20 feet long, are the greatest killers that have ever lived in the ocean. Great White Sharks, along with Bull sharks are responsible for most shark attacks. Sharks are marvelous fish, because of their appearance, behavior, and habitat. Because of their appearance, sharks are one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean yet still beautiful. Their appearance

  • Great White Shark Research Paper

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    Great White Shark In this informational essay I will talk about the Great White Shark. The Great White Shark is one of many different kinds of sharks that live in the ocean. In one paragraph I will talk about what the shark eats and how the shark hunts for it, In the second paragraph, I will talk about the shark´s body parts and how it helps the shark. Starting off, I shall talk about what the shark eats. The Great White Shark is on top of the food chain, which means that it is a predator. The

  • The Great White Sharks: White Death And White Pointer

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    marine animal I’m researching is The Great White Shark. They are also known as, White Death and White Pointer. Great White Sharks are located off the coast of California, Australia, South Africa and the northern United States. Other continents and countries call them Tommy Sharks, Blue Pointer, Uptail, Maneater, etc. Great White Sharks are mostly infested in the USA and Australia and have caused 188 deaths in total. Florida and California have suffered more fatal attacks with 831 total and recorded

  • Essay On Great White Sharks

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    Great white sharks have long since been feared. One of the deadliest ocean animals, their reputation has long since been tarnished. But as we research these beautiful creatures more and more, our fear of them decreases. Great white sharks, or carcharodon carcharias, are fearsome creatures. They rank number one on the scale of largest predatory fish and can grow to lengths of 23 feet and up to 2,400 pounds. Despite having developed a fearsome reputation, they are less common than other shark species

  • Great White Sharks Research Paper

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    Great white sharks The great white sharks are mostly found in the coastal surface water of all the major ocean. Why are they endanger Great white sharks are faced with numerous threats causing them to become endangered. Their main threats are humans who fish for their fins, teeth, and the hunting sport. The reason why many fisherman's targets the fins is because the fins contain both high monetary and cultural value. The fins are used to make a popular dish called shark fin soup and it is a symbol

  • Great White Sharks Research Paper

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    The Great White Shark The Great White Sharks, known mostly because of their white underbellies, are one of the most powerful aquatic animals in the world. They can swim at about 25 Miles Per Hour (40 Kilometers per hour) because of their strong muscles and forceful tails. In addition to that, male Great Whites can grow around 11.5 to 13.1 feet long, while females can grow from 14.8 to 16.4 feet long. This paper will demonstrate how Great White Sharks are an important part of their ecosystem

  • Great White Shark Research Paper

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    Introduction CHOMP! A shark eating its prey. Yummy that blood was tastier than seals. Though it might look deadly but it's not their fault. They do not usual try to eat humans. They do have sharp teeth. They only gobble you up because you look like a seal or a fish. Ready, Set, Bite! Habitat Sharks live in the ocean. The great white shark is found in warm water. Sharks live 20-30 years in the wild. The Goblin Shark lives in very dark

  • Humpback Vs Blue Whales Essay

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    Both the humpback whales and the blue whales are extremely vocal mammals, their beautiful and mysterious songs travel great distances across the ocean; the blue whale, both the Humpback and Blue whales are apart of the class of baleen whale; while, the humpback whale population isn’t having trouble maintaining its numbers, the blue whales, whom, had previously been plagued by poachers, causing them long-term damage to their population. Both the Humpback Whales and the Blue Whales produce truly unique

  • Bethany Hamilton From 'Shark Attack Survivor'

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    to push herself harder, and brave throughout her tragedy. Bethany got attacked by a tiger shark Halloween 2003 at the age of 13. She was an elite amateur surfer. It was a shock to Bethany and her family when she was attacked and now left with only one arm. Bethany was very brave before and after the attack. She was able to hold great composure as she realized she had been attacked. The passage "Shark Attack Survivor" stated, "Bethany remained in a state of dazed composure as the others fought

  • The Florida Manatee

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    Manatee - Florida manatee Introduction: The Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus) is a marine mammal which is also known as “West Indian manatee” or North American manatee. Manatees are occasionally called sea cows as they are similar to cows on land. Manatees belong to the family Trichechidae. This manatee is the largest, fully aquatic surviving member of the aquatic mammal “order Sirenia”. The lifespan of the manatee is 50-60 years in the wild. It is known that manatees have good long-term memory

  • Evolution Of Shark Evolution

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    THE EVOLUTION OF THE CARCHARODON CARCHARIAS (SHARK) for my research task, I chose to study and track the evolution of the shark. These beasts being one of nature’s top predators in the world and dominating the oceans surrounding our continents. I chose these fierce creatures as they were a perfect example for me to use in explaining the evolution and the branching of evolution purely based on the fact that they have been around for millions of years through prehistoric times changing and evolving

  • Science Behind Sharks

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    For years people have thought of sharks as man eating beasts, but what is really behind those sharp deadly teeth? What is the science behind the shark? Could it be that sharks only kill to survive the deadly ocean waters? Much of our fears come from fake things, but there is certainly no reason to be terrified by a shark. People swim with sharks every day without a cage or any other protections because they trust and don’t fear them. Behind those teeth they really don’t want to hurt you. They have

  • Shark Culling Persuasive Speech

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    To cull or not to cull great white sharks Great white sharks are the biggest predatory fish in the ocean and they can grow to about 15 feet in size, although larger than 20 feet have been seen. Their name comes from the white underbellies of the sharks and their bodies are designed to blend in with the seabed. The great whites have powerful tails which makes them excellent swimmers that can travel up to 24 km/h. They have many rows of triangular shaped teeth and have a great sense of smell and even

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Steven Spielberg's Film Jaws

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    of the great white shark grabs the audience’s attention because it is something which just about everyone was afraid of even before this film was released. At first glance, the reader sees a woman swimming, but this view point is quickly changed by the massive shark directly beneath her. The shark is obviously swimming its way toward her, which gives the viewer a feeling of suspense. When seeing the poster, the reader feels sympathy with the woman because she may soon

  • The Pros And Cons Of Killer Whales

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    course the shark is an easy choice but recently in the last couple years the killer whale has emerged as a challenge towards the Great White. The Killer whale is a worthy opponent towards the great white do to its bigger size and better and smarter hunting techniques. As history has shown great whites as dominant and scary they have been to the ocean as the apex predator they have been known to be the killer whales prey. When killer whales have attacked sharks they have turned the sharks upside down

  • Steven Spielberg's Turning Points In Jaws

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    Duh-nun-duh-nun. Duh-nun-duh-nun. The melody of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) is still playing in my head along with the vivid image of being attacked by a great white shark in open water. Jaws, the first of the Spielberg series, took place on the small island of Amity, New York where a great white shark appears and makes the beach its new feeding ground. This thriller was filled with a lot of action, drama, and adventure that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with anticipation and paranoia