Hikaru Utada Essays

  • Decision-Making In Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist

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    Decision-making through the theory of Existentialism Existentialism is a philosophy which means finding self or finding meaning of life. It is theory which talks about freedom. Paulo Coelho in the novel The Alchemist talks about Santiago’s dilemmas and how he takes decision. Santiago takes decision based on his subjectivity, he considers crowds choice but takes decision which is correct for him. His decision-making can be seen through the theory of Existentialism. Santiago’s dilemmas signify that

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Trip To Mexico

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    Over the Border Every year my family decides what to do for the holidays and where to go. Most of the time I have no say in it because my uncles insist on visiting or they invite us over. It doesn’t help that all of my family lives in Texas, California, and Mexico. This year has been the first time that we have spent Christmas and New Years here at home with just my family in a long time. Last year we took a long trip to Chihuahua, Mexico which is the biggest part/state of Mexico where my mother