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  • Paper Industry: Paper Manufacturing Industry In India

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    Paper Manufacturing Industry: Paper Industry in India is the 15th Largest in the world. China, United States of America, Japan, Germany and Canada are the top 5 paper producing nations in the world. The Paper Industry basically uses wood as its basic raw material, so we can see that it is basically dependant on raw materials from the forests. As time passed, there were many changes in the raw materials that were being used for the production of paper, so besides wood and bamboo other non-conventional

  • Essay On Construction Industry

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    The construction industry is an important indicator of the development as it creates investment opportunities across many other sectors. In India construction industry is the second largest industry after agriculture industry. Construction industry can be divided into mainly three segments: • Real estate construction includes residential and commercial construction • Infrastructure building like roads, power, airports, railways etc. • Industrial construction like oil and gas refineries, pipelines

  • The Automobile Industry In The Automotive Industry

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    2.1 AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Automotive industry is the key driver of any growing economy. It plays a pivotal role in country 's rapid economic and industrial development. It caters to the requirement of equipment for basic industries like steel, non-ferrous metals, fertilizers, refineries, petrochemicals, shipping, textiles, plastics, glass, rubber, capital equipment, logistics, paper, cement, sugar, etc. It facilitates the improvement in various infrastructure facilities like power, rail and road transport

  • Five Forces In Tourism Industry

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    attractiveness and structure of a tourism company which how specific participants causes the behavioural reason for the industry (Raible, 2013). Due to theoretical framework of five forces at some point is very useful tool for to find out the statistic tourists analysis whereas, the strategy policy doesn’t apply in certain profitability criteria in local destinations of tourism business industry (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2008). In order to, have an operational company forecasting is most important

  • Food Service Industry In The Philippines

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    GROWTH RATE: 8% FORECASTED NUMBER OF ESTABLISHMENTS OF RESTAURANTS AND MOBILE FOOD SERVICE ACTIVITIES FOR YEARS 2015-2019 (SIMPLE LINEAR REGRESSION METHOD IS USED FOR FORCASTING) The final result of the Annual Survey of Philippine business and Industry or ASPBI in the year 2009 recorded a total of 12,348 restaurants and mobile food service establishments in the Philippines which is 89% of the total Hotel and Restaurants Establishments. For the 2010 ASPBI, restaurants and mobile food service activities

  • Importance Of Logistics Industry

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    Contribution of this sector to the national economy. Creating jobs. Modern logistics industry has become one of the pillar industries in Singapore. Singapore government to support the development of the logistics industry in various forms, these policies include tax incentives, research and development financed and provide various education and job training programs. With the development of the port, the logistics industry has become an important part of Singapore's economy, contributing to 8.6% of GDP

  • The Car Industry: An Introduction To The Automobile Industry

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    Introduction to the automobile industry Definition The automobile industry consists of a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the designing and developing, of motor vehicles. It is considered as one of the world 's most important economic sectors in terms of revenue. History of the automobile industry The automobile industry, s inception began in the early 1890s with thousands of manufacturers that were the pioneers of the horseless carriage. For many years, the United States of

  • The Hospitality Industry: An Introduction To The Hospitality Industry

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    HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. Hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and other services for travelers and tourists also includes specifically. Tourism management, hotel management, event management, convention management and resort management are the aspects of hospitality industry. Hotels

  • Hospitality Industry: The Evolution Of The Hospitality Industry

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    Evolution of hospitality industry Hospitality means receiving guest in a cordial manner. Its beginning can be traced from where lodging facilities were developed along the routes of Middle Eastern and caravan routes. Earlier the basic facilities were being provided by the traveller himself and in recent times all the facilities are being provided by the hotel. Rich diversity, culture, wellness opportunities along with ancient traditions make India a rich tourist destination. The countries whose GDP

  • The Automobile Industry

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    India represents one of the world’s largest automobile industries. The automobile industry can be classified into two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Passenger Vehicle Industry is an important sector of the automobile Industry. Increasing buying power of the Indian middle class along with easy availability of financing made passenger vehicles an attractive proposition. Besides, the growing organized used car market has also been a positive growth factor in the

  • Hospitality Industry

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    current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry (2016) defined hospitality as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest. (2016) also defined hospitality as the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guest and strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way. Current scope and diversity of the hospitality Industry Scope Size-

  • Toy Industry Five Forces Analysis

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    Analysis of the Toy Industry After World War II and with the creation of television the toy industry flourished. There are several factors that contribute to the continued growth of the toy industry such as: engineering and technological innovations, increase in annual income wages of the middle class, and assembly line production. Dominated by five main companies: Mattel, Namco Bandai, Lego, Hasbro and Jakks Pacific, the global toy industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, which generates online

  • Indian Tea Industry Case Study

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    1.Concentration and Growth in Indian Tea Industry Introduction and Research problem The Indian tea industry forms one of the most important industries that shapes up the GDP and is a huge component when it comes to satisfy both the domestic and the foreign demand for tea. Growing demand should result in profitable outcomes for the industry in terms of lager supply and profits. However, the Indian tea industry fails to show this trend. As the tea industry is characterized by a number of competitive

  • Industry Awareness In Automobile Industry

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    Industry Awareness Automobile Industry (Passenger Cars and Utility Vehicles) 8/24/2014 IIM Indore PGP1, Section E, Group 7   Overview of the Industry In India Automobile Industry is one of the key sectors of the economy. It acts as one of the key drivers of the economic growth due to its deep forward and backward linkages with several key segments of the economy. The Indian automobile industry after de-licensing in July, 1991 has grown at a spectacular rate of 17% on an average for last few years

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis Pharmaceutical Industry

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    PORTERS FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS - PHARMA INDUSTRY Using Porter's Five Forces we can analyse the scope of the pharmaceutical industry. It looks into five factors namely, competitive rivalry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of customers. " Competitive rivalry: The pharmaceutical industry is highly fragmented with almost 3,000 pharma companies and 10,500 manufacturing units. Due to increasing demand of high-quality drugs, low-to-moderate

  • Hospitality In The Hospitality Industry

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    entertainer. The entertainer welcomes the customer and tries to make the person comfortable with altruism (Wikipedia, 2016). The hospitality industry has always been outstretched than the other industries. Unlike the other industries, this one targets on the guest gratification and tries to suit the comfort level of the guest. The main aim of this industry is to provide luxury to the customers (, 2016). The origin of hospitality is related to the civilization. It started

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis

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    SECTOR 1.1. INTRODUCTION The current chapter will highlight the basic factors governing the financial significances and importances of pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan. It briefly discusses the introduction of pharmaceutical sector in global market vis a vis pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan and its role in economics. 1.2. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY According to US Fedral Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 2008, Pharmaceuticals are the core that are meant to cure, treat, recognize or prevent diseases and

  • Ppp In Tourism Industry

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    An evaluation of quality services through PPP in tourism industry: a study with special reference to Karnataka Abstract Tourism is an industry capable of changing the socio-cultural, economic and environmental face of the world .Tourism is one of the largest and fast growing industries in the world. It has the potential to influence the living pattern of communities. It is the collection of activities, services and industries that deliver a travel experience including transportation, accommodation

  • Hospitality Industry Essay

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    cope with the threats, it is important to recognize the external environment for the industry. This part will use Porter’s Five Forces Model to make a deep understanding of the hotels and motels industry. With the following analysis about the industry, we can find the hotels and motels industry is still moderately attractive to start business. 1. Buyers’ Bargaining Power (Figure 1) The main buyers of the industry are the customers travelling for both leisure and business. The customers are numerous

  • Electronics Industry In Malaysia

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    Over the 40 years electronics industry of Malaysia has been diversified, in the sense that many of the foreign investors come to manufacture the electronic good in this country. For example, in 2010 many of the companies of Japan and US entered into the country for manufacturing the products. Putting focus to the electronics industry; this industry has largest work force in comparison of manufacturing industry of the Malaysia. This happened due to large amount of foreign investments in the country