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  • Insecta Insect

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    INTRODUCTION Insects are recorded as the most numerous organism on Earth. According to statistics, there are around nine hundred (900) thousand types of insects which accounts for around eighty (80) percent of the world’s species (Smithsonian,2017). Insects belong to Phylum Arthropoda and under Class Insecta. The adult insects are described to have three segments of the body namely the head, thorax and abdomen. The insect has prominent characteristic that differentiate them from other arthropods

  • The Effect Of Biocontrol On Insects

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    (Biological control) is the use of living organism to control a vector by their natural enemies. Biological control includes the use of predators, parasites and pathogens (Eilenberg et al, 2001). It is regarded as one of the most potent tool to control insects, especially mosquitoes without causing any harmful effect on human health, food chain and environment. Severalespecies of cyprinodont fish (e.g., Gambusia spp.) have been released as

  • Biodiversity Sampling Insect

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    Insect are the dominant group exist on the earth, in terms of both taxonomic diversity and ecological function. Probably slightly over one million species of insects have been described and recorded. Insects can be categorized in several orderstand out for their high species richness, the beetles (Coleoptera), flies (Diptera), wasps, ants, and bees (Hymenoptera), butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), and the true bugs (cicadas, aphids, planthoppers, leafhoppers, shield bugs) (Hemiptera). The beetles

  • Gas Exchange In Insects

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    Gas Exchange in insects The gas exchange system in insects is also internal to decrease the risk of desiccation, like mammals. Insects do not breath thought their mouth or have an associated blood system like mammals and fish. Gas exchange enters the body thought openings in the abdomen, these openings are call spiracles, these Spiracles are controlled by muscles. This means that the insect can close the spiracles to prevent moisture loss in hot environments. They are also often lined with fine

  • Insect Pest Loss

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    Most of the low productivity in agriculture is as a result of insect pests, diseases and weeds (Oerke 2006). Out of the total available production of 568.7 billion worldwide, they caused an estimated loss of US $243.4 billion in 8 major fixed crops (42%). Amongst these insects cause an estimated loss of 90.4 billion, diseases 76.8 billion and weeds 64.0 billion (Sharma et al. 2002a). Insect’s pests and diseases have the potential to cause 52, 58, 59, 74, 83 and 84 percent loss in wheat, soybean,

  • Insect Repellent Research Paper

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    PROFILE Materials used in the preparation of insect spray, tablet and gel Preparation of insect spray (essential oils) According to the past research studies the essential oils which are used in these studies are lemon grass oil, Chaulmoogra oil, clove oil, Cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, Neem oil, rose oil, sandal wood oil, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, alcohol, these oil shows the mosquito repellent activity and it shows the effect on the other insects oil. Cymbopogon nards (Citronella) [Wijesekara

  • Essay On Importance Of Insects

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    There are many insects that are beneficial to agriculture, but many that are harmful as well. the beneficial ones are the ones like honeybees, other types . Insects are everywhere, they are abundant, and they get involved in a lot of biological processes. For these reasons managing insects has always been important to agriculture. They also account for a significant part of biodiversity and for this reason too we need to think about their management. While the negative impacts of insects (such as crop

  • Essay On Insect Wings

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    Wings of insects: Insect wings are outgrowths of the insect exoskeleton. Insect wings are present in adult form. They are found on the the mesothorax and metathorax. Two pairs of wings are present one pair is forewing and second pair is hind wings. Few insects lack hind wings. The wings are made up of two membranes of cuticle that are support by a series of veins. The pattern of veins called the venation. The venation is very regular and show various modification. It is very helpful in the identification

  • Olfactory Reaction In Insects

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    Importance of olfaction in insects Olfaction is a very important sensory mechanism for insects. It allows them to perform key tasks such as to smell, detect and localize various food sources, oviposition sites & mates, toxic chemicals and also it helps them to sense predators from a long distance away and so like most of the species, olfaction is of critical importance to insects and insects have a very sensitive olfactory mechanism. So the olfactory system in insects allows them to differentiate

  • Literature Review Insect Diversity

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    Review of Related Literature Insect Diversity Biodiversity is described as the totality of the various life forms all over the world. It also comprises diversity and great quantity of species of their genetic variations, the communities, ecosystems, and regions in which they act on (Negussie, 2009). The information about insect diversity in tropics is not that well known because people are not oriented and aware in maintaining and generating its diversity. For instance, ecologists working in the

  • Essay On Fear Of Bugs

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    affect you. That’s a very simple reaction called fear. A very common fear or phobia is one of bugs and insects(Entomophobia). From a personal survey every three out of four people are scared of bugs in some way. What causes the fear of bugs to be so prevalent in our society? Could it be the physical looks of the insects, a simple childhood trauma, or an incorrectly wired response in our brain? Insects, otherwise known as arthropods are freaky to most. They contain at least six legs which are used to

  • The Importance Of Insects

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    Background Information Insects are the most successful group of animal in the world. They inhabit every terrestrial and freshwater ecosystem. Insects have important roles as plant consumers and herbivores, a food source for other organisms, scavengers and detritivores, predators and parasites. Insects also directly affect human welfare by competing with us for food and transmitting diseases. However, not all insects are detrimental to human welfare. The vast majority of the insects are considered harmless

  • Fruit Flies Research Paper

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    The sterile insect technique (SIT) has been well-established as a successful method of controlling key pests of agricultural importance (Snow, 1988; Vagras, 1989). SIT is a species specific environmentally safer process and when applied successfully could eradicate the target pests from a definite area (Dowell and Siddiqui, 2000). The sterile insect technique is a method of biological control whereby overwhelming number of sterile insects are released. The released insects are normally male

  • Medicolegal Forensic Entomology Essay

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    Introduction Medicolegal forensic entomology is the study of insects associated with a human corpse, primarily in the estimation of postmortem interval (PMI). PMI is the period of time between death and corpse discovery, which can be difficult to determine after 72 hours of death[1]. Therefore, entomological data is frequently the only method to estimate the PMI in decomposing body. In Malaysia, studies on the insect fauna associated with decomposing carcasses had been conducted mainly in peninsular

  • Essay On Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

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    This project is an ultrasonic electronic pest repellent device high frequency sound waves are intolerable to rodents and insects. The existing ultrasonic pest repellent device use ultrasonic sensor circuit to generate sound of high frequency which can repel pests in small area. However current product had approaches to controlling insert populations, including chemical pesticide control and insert traps does not efficient. Some pest can cause illnesses towards people especially children. To overcome

  • Sphecoid Wasps Essay

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    Introduction Among all the animals living on earth, insects are the most diverse. They are found in all habitats such as deserts, forests, swamps and even the pools of crude petroleum (Imms, 1964).The number of insects exceeds all other animals and this due to the undeniable fact that they are able to adapt themselves to any kind of environment. The evolution of flight in insect is regarded as the significant breakthrough in the history of Earth. They were the first to dominate the air even before

  • Persuasive Essay On Save The Bees

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    Although growing up as a kid the sight of a bee flying around was often terrifying, there’s a complex story unfolding behind the scenes as they travel the world in countless amounts, gently landing from flower to flower. The small insects, Bombus affinis, play a pivotal role within ecosystems, with responsibilities such as collecting nectar and pollen and helping the foods largely consumed today, flourish in abundance. Recently, the rusty-patched bumblebee was put on the endangered species list provided

  • Essay About Bed Bugs

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    How to Treat Bedbugs Anyone can end up being "attacked" by bed bugs. Contrary to popular belief, even a very clean house can suffer from these insects, as the infestation can be brought by clothing, in suitcases and luggage, as well as many other surfaces. The severity of symptoms associated with bed bug bites varies by individual. Some do not even notice they have been stung, while others may be allergic, developing redness, blemishes and a lot of itching. Before attempting to use any type of medicine

  • Colony Collapse Disorder In Honey Bees

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    Situation Honey bee is One of the world's most important creatures. These little insects are the pollinators that most of our crops depend on to set fruit. Honey bees are so important, in fact, that we have them to thank for 1/3 of the food We eat, including 80% of our fruits and vegetables. Crops that are highly dependant on honey bee pollination include avocado, almonds, kiwi and apples. But, Nowaday the shrinking of bees population related to human activity, such as pesticides, urban development/rural

  • Summary: The Importance Of Insect Eating

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    The first advantage in environmental aspect is that insect-eating requires less fodders and farms in order to cultivate large amount of edible insects. Refer to FAO, it is beyond expectation that 8 kg feed can convert into 1 kg meat while the insect only need 2 kg feed per mass. For instance, when people would like to consume same amount of edible insects to replace animal meat, it is likely to reduce more than half of the land and feed resources. In the other words, it represents that