Melting point Essays

  • Melting Point Lab Report

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    Introduction: The melting point of a pure substance is a characteristic that is physically consistent with each specific substance. When a substance is impure, it causes the melting point to decrease and the range of the melting point to increase. In order to identify a pure substance, it must be purified in order to get an accurate melting point estimation. Purification can be done through crystallization. Crystallization is one of the simplest and most effecting ways to purify a solid. The procedure

  • Melt An Ice Cube Essay

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    Thus, the hypothesis that when salt is sprinkled on ice, a brine is made with the surface of the water, which lowers the freezing temperature of water and starts melting the ice that the brine is in contact with. Compare results with info found in research. Site sources. Consider sources of uncertainty in your measurements. This is an important result as it shows that table salt helps ice cubes melt faster, which

  • Sodium Chloride Lab

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    determine this, one must compare a multitude of factors. In this lab, the freezing point depression of water, enthalpy of dissolution, cost, and environmental impact will be discussed. A large factor in how effective a substance is as a deicer is it’s ability to decrease the freezing point of water. If the freezing point of water can be lowered, the outside temperature must be much colder to reach this new freezing point, resulting in less ice on the roads. These results a somewhat inaccurate due to

  • To Build A Fire Analysis

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    The suspense helped drive it along. Karen Rhodes said “The suspense as gripping; Will he get the fire built in time? Will he live?” The suspense never dies down at all, it keeps building up. However, it’s not noticeable to the point of cheesy horror film. The most suspenseful it gets is when the dog refuses to get close to him and the story says “He was losing in his battle with the frost.” The sentences afterwards lose the suspense since there is nothing the man can do to survive

  • Effects Of The Mmamba Experiment

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    THE MPEMBA EFFECT Erin Splaine Deerfield School Grade 8 Abstract The reason for this experiment was to find a faster way to freeze water by simply changing the temperature. The way this was accomplished was by heating an amount of water while leaving an equivalent amount at room temperature, then freezing both amounts of water and determining which freezes first. The heated water ended up freezing completely first, even though the cooler water started to freeze first. These findings tell us that

  • Does Ice Melt Fast

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    My research topic for this science fair is: Does Ice melt faster in water, coke, apple juice? I was interested in this topic because it would cool to know what drink would have the biggest effect on the ice. During research I fould out that ice melts at a temperature of 32 degrees farhenhiet. Pressure can also alter the amount of time it takes for an ice cube to melt. It would be interesting to see what type of impact that these drinks would have. During my experiment I hope to find that out

  • Aspirin Melting Point Analysis

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    The melting point of the experimentally synthesized Aspirin product was found to be between 126-129 ˚C. This temperature range of initial to final melting point has a small and sharp temperature range of only 3˚C, which is within the acceptable limits of the 128-137˚C1 literature value for Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid/2-acetoxybenzoic acid), if located slightly toward the beginning of the literature melting temperature range. Therefore, the narrow melting point range, which falls within the standard

  • Tetraphenylnaphthalene Lab Report

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    solid was left to dry over the weekend. The following lab period the solid was weighed (0.0483 g) and percent yield was calculated (65.5%) with the limiting reagent being tetraphenylcyclopentadienone. The melting point was determined. The first melting point was 204-204.9 °C and the second melting point was 215.6-215.9°C. Finally, an infrared spectroscopy was obtained for the

  • Research Paper On Snowboard

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    Introduction: When a snowboard is “waxed” this means that performance grade ski wax is melted by a hot iron onto the base of the snowboard and spread out evenly. This wax fills the tiny cuts and scraps of the polyethylene base, that snow tends to stick to, and creates a smooth surface. This helps protect the base of the snowboard from being worn and makes the board glide over snow easier. The purpose of this guide is to instruct beginner level snowboarders how to apply wax to the base of their

  • Road Salt Ice Research Papers

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    become electrically neutral. Salt causes freezing point depression when combined with ice. In order for salt to begin the melting process, it must come in contact with water. Fortunately, a thin film of water can generally be found on top of ice and snow. As the top layer of water tries to freeze the salt gets in the way. The total number of water molecules captured by the ice per second goes down, therefore the rate of freezing goes down. The melting occurs faster than the freezing because it is not

  • Melting Point Solubility Lab Report

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    soluble in water. The melting point was tested for the two unknown chemicals. II. MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES List of chemicals used: Sodium nitrate,

  • Glycerin's Melting Point Lab Report

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    1) Sodium Chloride’s melting point is 800.7° which matches the observation acquired for this compound. Sucrose’s melting point is 185.5° which also resembles the results from the experiment. Glycerin’s melting point is 18.1° which is very logical since Glycerin is a liquid at room temperature. The only discrepancy is sodium hydrogen carbonate’s melting point, which is 50°, this does not match the recorded results, because sodium hydrogen carbonate was still in solid

  • Sebacoyl Chloride And Hexamethylenediamine Synthesis

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    E. Discussion: In order to synthesize the polymer, Nylon 6,10, we had to complete a few steps to create the chemical reaction that combined sebacoyl chloride and hexamethylenediamine. First we measured the mass of the two graduated cylinders when they were empty, and measured it again after they were filled with sebacoyl chloride and hexamethylenediamine. We did this in order to find the measurements of the reactants. When we measured the graduated cylinder when they were emptied, one weighed at

  • Freezing Point Lab Report

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    Certain species of fish are able to survive freezing temperatures in water by lowering the freezing point of water in their bodies by increasing the concentration of the dissolved solutes in their blood plasma and their tissues. Freezing point is a colligative property. The experiment provides students with experience to learn how to find the molecular weight of a solute by using their freezing point. Materials and Methods: The experiment began by gathering the materials. The materials consisted

  • Self-Design Lab Report

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    EVALUATION – 12 points Answer the below questions in complete sentences. a. PRECISION OF DATA COLLECTION (3 points) i. Identify if you think your error bars and standard deviations for each independent variable (each salt concentrations/ percentage) were large or small. ii. Based on the size of your

  • American Dream Immigrants

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    The “American Dream” was once a reason for immigrants to travel to America and make life better for themselves and their family than it was in their home country. Many immigrants today still make this migration into America to chase the “American Dream”. This chase of the dream was especially exemplified during the late 1800s and early 1900s. This was due to America becoming fully industrialized and many European immigrants trying to escape the economic downturn in Europe. While many were successful

  • Cultural Pluralism

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    dream is all about where an individual fits into the public and are in the economic well being where one desires to be. Culture pluralism is the way to have an accomplishment in the general public.            America is presently viewed as “ the melting pot model”

  • Heathcliff And Catherine Relationship Analysis

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    It contains mixed emotions for example: at one point of the novel Catherine likes Heathcliff and Heathcliff likes Catherine, however later in the novel their emotions change, Catherine begs Heathcliff to forgive her because she betrayed him by marrying Edgar, and Heathcliff is refusing to forgive saying

  • Examples Of Hypermasculinity In Literature

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    Hypermasculinity is a huge aspect of each piece of literature and film that we read and watched in class. The men in these portrayals are often time shown as nonrealistic versions of men and driven purely by sexual desire, vengeance, power and greed. With this idea of hypermasculinity, the women that are shown in the literature that we have read are often made to be submissive, ‘innocent’, pure and are taught how to be silent in the presence of a male, putting their needs and dreams on the backburner

  • Barbarian Days Analysis

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    tell the story of his life-long passion for the sport. From his early life in California and Hawaii to an extend sojourn across Southern Asia and Australia, to South Africa, to vacation in Madeira (Portugal), to first San Francisco and then Montauk Point and the vicinity of New York City, while he pursued his writing