Muggsy Bogues Essays

  • Penelope's Guile In The Odyssey

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    When a person goes through a trial, he or she faces a challenge and their characters are revealed through their actions as they try to overcome it. In the movie, The Odyssey, the Greek hero Odysseus, king of Ithaca, leaves his queen Penelope on the island and goes off to battle in the Trojan War. Victorious after fighting in ten years of war, Odysseus announces that he conquered Troy alone, without the help of the gods. His hubris angers Poseidon, the god of the sea, who decides to punish him by

  • Odysseus Is A Hero Essay

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    Odysseus is a typical example of a hero. He is able to pull off miraculous things to save himself and his crew seemingly without fail. The story of his journey is well known, and a great tale of his adventures. In the two parts we have read so far, we see what he is willing to do for his crew, and his intelligence and quick thinking in difficult situations. The first challenge that waits them is the island of Cyclopes. They begin by checking out the island to see if there is any danger, but they

  • Steph Curry Research Paper

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    twenty. He had also met a current teammate Kevin Durant. Curry met Durant at the age of ten when Durant walked into a little league game seeing Curry shooting from a great distance, Durant wondered who the kid was. Muggsy Bogues was always Curry’s favorite player as a kid because how short Bogues