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  • The Neptunes Research Paper

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    categories: The Neptunes; N*E*R*D; Solo albums; albums he produced as not a part of The Neptunes. First track Pharrell produced was Wreckx-N-Effect 's 1992 hit "Rump Shaker". By 1994 Hugo and Williams formed The Neptunes - their production duo, which will lead to their first successes. “The Neptunes sound” was first heard on Noreaga’s 1998 track “Superhug”, which reached #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Williams’ and Hugo’s first big hit. The Neptunes sound Drums The Neptunes production style

  • Pluto Should Be A Planet

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    ” When people explain why they think Pluto is not a planet, they say it’s just too small. In, addition to Pluto’s orbit Neptune’s gravity does affect Pluto. It keeps pluto in a resonant orbit - Pluto orbits the sun exactly twice in the time that Neptune orbits three times. That resonance is the result of Neptune’s gravity acting on Pluto.The IAU definition of a planet

  • Should Pluto Be Considered A Planet Once Again

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    Pluto, should once again be considered as a planet once again. First of all, Pluto fits two of the three requirements to be considered a planet. The currently considered dwarf planet has what Earth and most planets have such as moons,rocks,and ice and isn’t that small.The blue dot is also largely undiscovered celestial body and there is a long journey ahead. Another reason is that the head of NASA said that he considered Pluto, the blue dot as a planet. To prove all these statements,one of the requirements

  • Pluto: The Kuiper Belt

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    The Kuiper Belt is a wide, massive belt beyond the orbit of Neptune which orbits around the sun. The belt itself is between 30 AU and 50 AU away from the sun and the size is around 20 AU's wide. It is thought to contain tens of millions of ice bodies called KBO's or Kuiper Belt Objects which is mostly made out of water, methane, and ammonia. The most famous of the objects is of course Pluto. The Kuiper Belt is similar to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and is thought to contain over

  • Why Is Pluto Be A Planet

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    planets. According to Dr. Stern the astronomers who made this decision felt “that decision was based in part upon the growing realization that Pluto is far from the only large object in the Kuiper Belt, the ring of icy bodies that orbits the sun beyond Neptune. The IAU came up with a new definition of "planet”, they said the definition

  • Argumentative Essay On Pluto

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    Yes, Pluto is a planet in our Solar System. When you’re included in a family with eight other siblings, no matter what shape, size or color, you should never leave it. According to USA today, Harvard science historian Owen Gingerich, who in charge of International Astronomical Union (IAU) planet definition committee, argued at a forum that "a planet is a culturally defined word that changes over time," and that Pluto is a planet. Along with USA today, CNN states that the IAU got to determine the

  • Neptune's Biggest Planet

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    mythology Neptune is the god of the sea, the son of the god Saturn, and the brother of Jupiter, it 's the king of gods, and the god of the dead. Neptune is 2.5 billion miles away from Earth. It is the 8th and farthest planet away from the Sun. It orbits 30.1 astronomical units away from the sun. Neptune takes about 165 earth years to orbit around the sun. A day on Neptune lasts only 16 hours. Seasons on Neptune last more than 40 Earth years. Neptune has a way bigger mass than Earth. Neptune is equal

  • Exemplification Essay: Definition Of Pluto As A Planet

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    Pluto should be a Planet (4.4.B) There are several reasons why Pluto should be reinstated as a planet. Not only because of the definition of what a planet is. Now it is classified as a dwarf planet. By calling Pluto a dwarf planet it is being recognized as a type of a planet. Just because something is smaller does not make it something else. Research suggests that Pluto should be reinstated as a planet because it meets the requirements of and behaves like a planet, has seasons, and less than half

  • Should Pluto Be A Planet?

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    Pluto has been a planet since 1930. It once was in our solar system but in 2006 they decided that it wasn’t a planet anymore because it didn’t mean all the expectations. According to Discovery Education, a chihuahua is still a dog. This evidence works for Pluto because it is a very small planet but it is still a planet. Also, Jupiter is very big but it is still a planet. One of the reasons Pluto isn’t a planet is because of its size. If Pluto isn’t a planet then Jupiter shouldn’t be a planet. This

  • Uranus And Saturn

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    seventh planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune, and both have different bulk chemical composition from that of the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. For this reason, scientists often classify Uranus and Neptune as "ice giants" to distinguish them from the gas giants. Uranus's atmosphere, although similar to Jupiter's and Saturn's in its primary composition of hydrogen and

  • Uranus And The Cosmic Language

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    As a planet, Uranus has 14.5 times the mass of earth. It radiates 1.06 times the energy that it receives from the sun, which is less than the energy radiation of the other Jovian planets. However, only the astral plane of the Uranus sphere is of major interest to the adept. There are 48 primal genii whose powers are quite limitless and abstract in nature. Upon the completion of creation, Metatron placed the entire set of quabbalistic keys into the hands of these genii. Therefore, the Uranus sphere

  • Pluto Controversy

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    Controversy over Pluto Pluto was once considered one of the nine major planets in our solar system until 2006. The reason for this was in 2003, when an astronomer found another object in close proximity to Pluto that appeared to be larger. Based on Pluto’s size and location it was stripped of its status and was then classified as a dwarf planet. I was 11 when this event occurred. It was one of those major events in history that would result in textbooks being rewritten. After reading various

  • Comparing Two Planets

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    First of all, Saturn is the only planet within our solar system that is less dense than water. An important difference to note, is that Jupiter and Saturn are referred to as gas giants, composed of mainly helium and hydrogen gases, while Uranus and Neptune are actually more like ice giants, due to their composition of ices. All of these planets are also

  • The Son Of Neptune

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    2. Setting: The setting of The Son of Neptune is in present time. Details that indicated that the Son of Neptune is in present time were the use of cars and phones and the implied use of televisions, computers, iPods and the Internet. This shows that the story takes place in present time because cars, phones, television, computers, iPods and the Internet are commonly household items used today. Thus, present time is the time period of The Son of Neptune.. There are several locations due to the

  • Saturn Research Paper

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    focusing their study toward Saturn’s rings and its moons. This research may help to predict the presence of rings and the source of ice in the rings. This can also explain about the formation of rings around other planets like Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune, and distant asteroids Chiron and Chariklo. It could also help scientists to predict how the rings around planets outside of our own solar system may

  • Pluto Research Paper

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    Pluto 248 earth years to rotate around the Sun. So you would never reach the year one on Pluto. Because of the oval orbit of Pluto it actually gets closer to the Sun than Neptune. At one point Nasa thought there was an unseen planet in the area of Pluto because there were discrepancies in the movements of Neptune and Uranus. They called it planet X. They felt that Pluto is too small to affect these larger planets so they thought these movements were caused by Planit X. However they

  • Neptune: The Final Planet: Neptune, The Final Planet

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    Neptune; The Final Planet Eighth and last planet from the Sun; Neptune was discovered in a joint British-French-German effort with Johann Gottfried Galle, Urbain Le Verrier and John Couch Adams in 1846. Neptune was officially named after the Roman god of the sea due to its blue coloration not long after the original name Le Verrier; suggested by Galle, was declined by the international astronomical community. This interesting ice giant has had some major scientific theories, findings, and accomplishments

  • Why Is Pluto Considered A Dwarf Planet?

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    Why is Pluto considered a dwarf planet? People consider Pluto as the dwarf planet and that it is too small to be considered an actual planet. Pluto is the 9th planet away from the sun and it still orbits the sun but it takes 248 years which is a very long time. Being the 9th planet furthest from the sun this might also be a reason for why Pluto is considered a Dwarf planet due to the length and how hard it will be to see it from earth. Pluto is also named after the Hades which is the Greek God of

  • Should Pluto Be Considered A Planet

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    astronomers. Pluto does not have enough gravity to launch objects such as asteroids out of it’s atmosphere and therefore, does not follow the third rule of planets. Pluto is also called a plutoid, meaning it orbits the sun but is farther from it then Neptune. Since Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh,

  • How To Write An Essay On Uranus 7th Planet

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    of water as well as a small amount of methane, which gives the ice giant its signature blue color. Uranus planetary atmosphere is the 2nd coldest in the solar system with a minimum temperature of -224.2 degrees Celsius, making it even colder than Neptune in certain places. This chilling factor feels even colder, consequently due to Uranus’s wind speeds, reaching up to 560 mph. Voyages Although we know all this information about the ice giant known as Uranus, only one recorded trip has been done