Should Pluto Be A Planet?

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Pluto has been a planet since 1930. It once was in our solar system but in 2006 they decided that it wasn’t a planet anymore because it didn’t mean all the expectations. According to Discovery Education, a chihuahua is still a dog. This evidence works for Pluto because it is a very small planet but it is still a planet. Also, Jupiter is very big but it is still a planet. One of the reasons Pluto isn’t a planet is because of its size. If Pluto isn’t a planet then Jupiter shouldn’t be a planet. This proves that planets shouldn’t be based on a size. Based on my logic, Pluto orbits the sun. If it wasn’t a planet it wouldn’t orbit the sun because all the other planets orbit the sun and Pluto does. That proves that Pluto should be a planet. According

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