Nikolai Gogol Essays

  • Summary Of Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls

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    An Examination of the Russian Upper Class Through the Lens of Gogol’s Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls is a satirical criticism of the early 19th century Russian character and mentality. In the novel, the reader follows the protagonist, Chichikov, who is attempting to purchase “dead souls” in order to achieve his dream of owning his own estate. However, the focus of the novel is not on the plot, which does not really exist in the traditional sense of a novel, but rather on Gogol’s depiction

  • Analysis Of The Nose By Nikolai Gogol

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    The Nose by Nikolai Gogol is a short story about making the strange ordinary. Written in 1836, The Nose follows Collegiate Assessor Kovalyov who wakes one day to find his nose missing and masquerading around St. Petersburg as a state counsellor. The characters’ reactions and dialogue, as well as the narrator’s representation, seem to make the strangeness of the story ordinary throughout, with direct statements from the narrator seeming to confirm this. The inherent strangeness of the plot is often

  • Name And Identity In Gogol's The Namesake

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    after the Russian writer Nikolai which Gogol adds more vagueness to his already confused South Asian identity, hybridity, and state of in-between of the South Asian community brought to the fore. In Bengali culture, it is traditional to have two names, a “good” name, which appears on official documents, as well as a “pet” name used only by family and close friends, who is given by Ashima’s grandmother in India, gets lost in the postal void between America and India. Gogol is disordered because unlike

  • David Lodge Changing Places Analysis

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    David Lodge’s fifth novel Changing Places, published in 1975, is the first novel in his celebrated campus trilogy. Recognized as the most experimental novel in terms of narrative techniques, the novel renders a dramatic account of the events in a transatlantic faculty-exchange programme between two fictional universities – the University of Rummidge (a provincial British university) and the State University of Euphoria (an American university). This exchange brings to the fore the riveting contrasts

  • Darcy And Elizabeth Bennet Relationship Essay

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    In the book Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have a rather odd relationship. There are multiple times during the novel that they show signs of their love for each other but it is somewhat hidden. Elizabeth also goes through many challenges such as Lady Catherine de Bourgh, family issues, and trust of Mr. Darcy. Even when their love seemed destroyed, they found their way back to each other. Throughout the book we notice the delayed relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr

  • Argumentative Essay On The Great Dictator

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    Most of us are familiar with ‘The Great Dictator’ a classic movie starring the legendary Charlie Chaplin made in the year 1940. It was a statement regarding those times, a visionary satire on the unfolding events, which managed to etch itself indelibly in world history. The film per se, may be nearly 70 years old but remains as relevant today as it was then. It was recently that I came across the full text version of the speech given by the barber (Charlie) who was mistaken for the tyrannical dictator

  • A Reflection On Satire

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    A Reflection on Satire While experiencing any type of literature, whether it is reading a novel, news article, or even viewing a movie, it is common for many to overlook or mistake the use of satire for comedy. Satire is utilized within all types of literature to make commentary on society or social situations through the use of comedy or humor (Andrzejewski). There are many devices of satire that an author can take advantage of, one of the most common being parodies. A parody is an imitation of

  • Symbolism In Blood Wedding

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    In Lorca’sconflict themed play;Blood Wedding , symbolism is a dominating literature technique that forebodes the significant events that occur. The protagonist of the play, Leonardo, is seen to have a rebellious attitude towards society. The horse is perceived to be a symbol of occurrences that foreshadows his destiny, which is his death caused by his desire to attain individuality in the repressive society he lives in. This is especially prominent in the morbid lullaby sang by his mother and wife

  • The Human Brain In William Golding's The Lord Of The Flies

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    The human brain. Such a creative and wonderful part of the human body… but could it be responsible for the death of two boys? Yes it could. The Lord of The Flies is a realistic fiction novel, written by William Golding, about a group of young school boys that are stuck on a island untouched by mankind. There are three main characters of the book: Jack, Ralph, and Piggy. Jack is where the immorality on the island originates from, and it spreads to the other boys. Jack is very reckless and careless

  • Gender Inequality Between Women

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    Abstract the research essay will illustrate how inequality between gender is society especially women. This research paper is included a three short story “The Skylight Room” by O.Henry, “Hills like white Elephant” by Ernest Hemingway, and “Stone Mattress” by Margaret Atwood. These three story will give out different idea about men dominated women, responsibility in pregnant and unbalanced opportunities between gender. Nearly all women had experienced an inequality in some either ways and almost

  • Analysis Of The Sixth Sense

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    The Sixth Sense is a supernatural horror movie of 1999, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This psychological thriller has received various 53 awards nominations and has won 32. In additional, it was nominated in six various categories in the prestigious Oscar Award. This movie grossed about $672.8 million at the box office. Including the regular nominations in the cherished Oscar award of Actor and Director, this movie is also nominated in the technical aspects like - Screenplay and Writing

  • Language Shift: Causes And Differences

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    Causes of language shift To become an official language of an country, a language must be affected by many factors in which the country’s culture and history are definitely included. Furthermore, in different nations, the process of establishing a language is absolutely not the same. As a consequence, causes language shift is flexible and somehow interchangeable. Mesthrie (1994, p. 1989) and Mesthrie and Leap (2000, p. 254-8) recommend that four main roots of language shift consist of economic

  • The Challenges In Homer's The Odyssey And The Journey

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    Chuck Norris, a famous American artist, actor, film producer, and screenwriter has found “that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you've got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish” (Chuck Norris Quotes). This quote relates to the two poems, The Odyssey and “The Journey”, which discuss the difficulties of achieving a goal. In both poems, the main characters are faced with many obstacles

  • Shiloh Bobbie Ann Mason Summary

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    The importance of the title “Shiloh”, the short story by Bobbie Ann Mason, signals the story is all about Norma Jean and Leroy’s marriage falling apart after Leroy had an accident on his rig. Although he is almost fully recovered now, he is afraid to drive the rig again. That means that he is no longer the head of the household, and he begins to lose his identity as the provider. Truck drivers work long days and are normally always on the road only coming home for short periods of time. I think

  • The Bishop's Candlesticks Analysis

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    THE BISHOPS CANDLE STICKS - Norman Mckinnel About the author: Norman McKinnel he was born on 10 February 1870. he was a Scottish stage and film actor and playwright ,he appeared in many stage roles in the UK and overseas as well as featuring in a number of films, the best known of

  • Intelligence And Women In Decameron

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    Decameron is written for women life-consuming to wait for the return of their husband goes to work because of the often distant countries developing of the bourgeoisie Florence. Take place in Italian literature the intelligence and woman as a rational being outward the feelings of women will be realized by Giovanni Boccaccio. Boccaccio's work penned named Decameron between the years 1349-1351, are extremely important in terms of the concepts into literature the intelligence and woman. Top to bottom

  • I See You Movie Analysis

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    We are all used to movies wherein the main characters are mostly played by the famous love teams and the story usually ends with a “happy ever after”. The leading man is usually tall, has a flawless white-skin, has the appeal and is very handsome. But Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, director of Kita Kita (I See You) changes the tradition by making the movie different from others. The movie proves that ``Mabait is the New Pogi``. The story starts with Lea. Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) is a Pinay tour guide

  • Multiculturalism: The Issue Of Racism In Malaysia

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    Multiculturalism is a term that is being used to describe a society that reflects ethnic and cultural heterogeneity and also to signify an essence of equality and mutual respect between people of different ethnics that living in one nation, in a same society (Tirkkonen, 2009). Malaysia is a multiracial country that is made up by diverse ethnic groups and identities that practice various kinds of religions. Malaysia’s population consists of three major races that include Malays, Chinese and Indians

  • Mother Child Relationship Analysis

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    Mother- Child Relationship In life, we for the most part run over different types of connections like Father-child, spouse wife, love, and companionship and so on yet the dearest, closest and healthy connection of all is of a mother and her child relationship. The obligation of mother and tyke is purest, most genuine and sacred. Mother is next to GOD. She is the Gem who knows everything. A warm and friendly touch of mother gives tremendous pleasure to feel paradise on earth. The relationship of

  • Social Realism In Arthur Miller's Play

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    Social realism as a literary technique and an art that is used by so many writers and artists to present individual and social issues in a realistic way. Realism is a word originated from English which means “factual”, “actual” or true. A way of seeing, accepting and dealing with situations as they really are without having an effect by your emotions or false hopes and a style in art or literature that shows things and people as they appear in their real life, how they indulge in their societies