Ran Essays

  • Akira Kurosawa's Ran

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    In 1985, Akira Kurosawa created Ran, a Japanese film adaption of Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Lear. The women in Ran are stronger and portrayed more feministically than in Shakespeare’s original play. Although Kurosawa changed the three main female characters to men, it was an action taken to accurately portray Japanese culture and should not be taken as offensive or antifeminist, in addition Kurosawa adds strong female characters that were not present in King Lear. In Shakespeare’s play, the three

  • Lion King Macbeth Analysis

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    The Lion King How many times have we heard about the Shakespeare's influence? Because of the particular and flawless works of William Shakespeare, it is not surprising that why he is one of the most influential person in the literary society for more than century. Undoubtedly, there are many people willing to let their heart be broken and cry for his work over and over again. Although his body was consumed by the time, his name and spirit are still breathing in our world through the poetry, literature

  • Elements Of Naturalism In The Call Of The Wild

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    Naturalism, it isn’t really a word that we hear that often in our day to day lives, but what does it mean and how does it correlate to The Call of the Wild? Naturalism, in this regard, refers to the natural properties and causes which everything arises from. And in this context, we will be examining the setting, plot, and narrator’s storytelling within The Call of the Wild, and how these elements impact our understanding of this work and its relation to naturalism. The first item we will be looking

  • Examples Of Individualism In The Call Of The Wild

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    Jack London’s “The call of the wild” has a prominent place in the canon of American literature. Even though the novel is primarily the story of a dog named Buck, the book distinguishes itself from other animal adventures in its display of philosophical depth. An analysis through an eco-critical lens, narrowing it down to wilderness, the paper attempts to explore the portrayal of wilderness and the influence of wilderness on the lives of both the human and non- human beings in the novel. Buck, uprooted

  • Akira Kurosawa Ran Analysis

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    Introduction: Ran, directed by the most famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, was released on 1st June 1985. The cast of protagonists included Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Terao, Jinpachi Nezu, Daisuke Ryû, Mieko Harada and Yoshiko Miyazaki. In 1980s, Japan had ended its high-speed economic miracle and endured a mild economic slump. Although Kurosawa was already 73 years old, he worked on the script of Ran for a decade with Hideo Oguni and Masato Ide, successfully created an adaptation of Shakespeare's

  • If I Ran The Zoo, By Theodor Seuss Geisel

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    have compiled, and believe best suits the word is, somebody who possesses the two qualities of being bright and socially awkward. The word nerd was first coined by Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. It appeared in his book entitled If I Ran the Zoo. He utilized it to describe one of his animals, “and

  • Anthony Hopkins: He Ran A Bakery

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    Not many people know that Anthony Hopkins is Dyslexic, meaning that he often has difficulty reading. Even though he has this disability, he remains to be someone who memorizes extremely well, which has been wonderful for his career. Number Seven: He Ran a Bakery When Anthony Hopkins was very young, he helped his parents with their business. On a daily basis, he could aid them by helping them run the bakery shop. Number Six: He 's a

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Kim-Young Ran Act

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    some people still oppose with the Kim-Young Ran Act and they believe it should be revised. Their major key point is that it breaks the values of the Constitution of South Korea. The constitutions established the values of the Korean people and society and provide the fundamental human rights. There are six types of basic human right: Human Dignity and Value, Equality, Freedom, Political Rights, Social Right, and Right of claim. Opponents of Kim-Young-ran Act argue that it violates some of the fundamental

  • Black Plague Narrative

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    a man fall on the ground for no reason and thought it was the plague so I ran home got my stuff and ran out of town. I ended up at another town and there was a lot of people so “I asked a man for a newspaper.” And luckily there was a person that would let me borrow their newspaper and I read about my town and that death but I ran out of town for a person that died from the flu. So I was worried at nothing but I only ran because there has been a few deaths from plague. A month ago there was a

  • State Champs Short Story

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    covered their tight end and the ball went to tom and he ran right by me and i grabbed his jersey and our end came by and hit him as hard as he could. He went out of bounds and he broke a table that their water was on. On the next play he passed it over our blitz and the receiver caught it and he ran all the way to the house touchdown. On the kick off i returned it to the 40 yard line. On the first play we did an option and i took it and ran all the way in the end zone. We have the best comeback team

  • Comparing Orwell's And Demick

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    Demick’s books explore human’s reactions in a strictly governed environment. It is difficult for mankind to live in a strict world. In 1984 and Nothing to Envy, Winston sees love and the desire for freedom as the “spirit of man,” characteristics both Mi-ran and Winston exhibit. Winston believes that his government cannot breakthrough “the spirit of Man.” He feels that because he loves Julia, a feeling the government prohibits, he cannot be turned to love the party. Love is an emotion, he believes, that

  • Personal Narrative: The Neenah Rockets

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    Then we went and ran over how to tackle low since I was on defense this game not on offense where I would be a running back. But after that me and some of my friends were in a little group and we said that we might lose but we have a little chance of winning. It finally came to the start of the game

  • Narrative On Bananas

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    Bananas As I woke up this morning i was muddling through my baseball bag to see if i had everything because I was late for my first JV baseball practice. I ran down the stairs to get my car keys and peaked in my mom 's room to see my dad admonishing our dog Rocky because he had peed on the floor. After that I got in my car I got ready and looked back in my rearview mirror to see 3 monkeys commandeering the back seats. As of now I had a huge dilemma of staying and driving away or getting out running

  • Examples Of Running Away In The Great Gatsby

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    in order to avoid or escape something”(Running away). There are a lot of examples of people running away in The Great Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan runs away from her problems when she ran away from killing Myrtle. Daisy and Tom also ran away from Tom’s affairs in Chicago and they ran away from them in West Egg, Finally Daisy ran away the affair with Gatsby in the hotel. Running away is not an effective solution for your problems because they will come back in different places even if you don’t deal with

  • Narrative Essay On Lifeguard

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    while he struggled to swim and was slowly drowning I pulled him to the side of the pool and lifted him over the edge and then got out of the water and everyone was waiting to congratulate me. My alarm went BEEP BEEP BEEP and I ran out of bed and grabbed some clothes, then I ran into a nice hot shower thinking whether or not I should skip breakfast. After a minute of contemplating I went with the right choice for my body and poured whatever cereal that smelled the greatest which was definitely the Oats

  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience In Football

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    Harrington and I ran up and saw a perfect way i could strip the ball then i ran up and grabbed the ball the stripped the ball right off his hands then the ball went up then went on my feet then i fell onto the ball and recovered it and I was so proud I've save us from losing the game but everyone else started to get on top of me then ref put those hands to our side the fans went nuts!! And everyone was celebrating so we quickly went on offence handed I quickly handed it off to Sam and he ran really all

  • 29th Event Narrative

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    really rough and I have been under a lot of stress lately. So I get up and walk out my dorm room and see a label on my door that I didn’t think I noticed before. The label read “Aaron Parker Test Subject 771.” So excited that I now know my name I ran to the head scientist Dr.Boogley. Dr.Boogley Is the head scientist of 115th Test lab located near the bombing site and the military base. The military haven’t found this place yet because

  • Bridgman Public Library: A Short Story

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    taking in the awe and amazement at the books that surrounded her. This was something done every time she entered the library. On her tiptoes, she slid her books up onto the counter for the librarian to check in. She went over to the junior section and ran her hand across the spines of

  • A Raisin In The Sun: Poem Analysis

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    named Willy Harris ran away with $6,500 of Walter Younger’s money which they had planned to invest in a liquor store. The line in the poem “...or fester like a sore and then run” reflects the actions of Willy Harris in the play. To not beat around the bush this is easily the grossest line in the whole poem. This is fitting as it corresponds with the most evil thing done in the play. When Willy Harris ran away with the money he ran away with Walter’s dreams. Willy Harris ran away with $6,500

  • Personal Narrative: Running In A Cross Country

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    Have you ever ran in a cross country meet? I have ran in countless cross country meets; I have been running cross country for eight years now. Every race I run is a challenge, no matter what, because I push by body to its limit. Most people do not consider cross country to be fun. The enjoyable part is definitely not the race itself, but the feeling afterwards knowing that I kept pushing myself when my body and mind were both telling me to stop. Our cross country teams won our first meet of the season