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  • 9/11 Creative Writing

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    “Sometimes I really hate this job,” the hero mutters to himself. Alone, he sits down in front of the mantle in an old, dilapidated house. He leans back against a couch and takes off his mask and belt, then sets them next to his gun on a cracked coffee table. He wipes the sweat from his brow, and flicks it into the rubble blocking the doorway. A cold breeze blows in from a hole in the wall to his left. The quiet, though unnerving, was relaxing. He leans his head back onto the couch and takes a deep

  • How Does Liam O Flaherty Use Dramatic Irony In The Sniper

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    The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty creates a series of fast, slow and rapid paces. The author shows rapid timing with suspense. As war in Dublin takes place a sniper is shooting at the supposed enemy and once the enemy is killed the sniper has thoughts of who he killed and he soon finds out is wasn’t the enemy who was shot but it was his brother. The sniper uses fast timing. In the story it said “There was a flash and a bullet whizzed over his head. He dropped immediately.” this is explaining fast timing

  • Situational Irony In The Sniper By Liam O Flaherty

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    “The Sniper” is a short story by Liam O'Flaherty, the message is that there are no winners in war. The story is about a young soldier fighting in the war and is determined to do whatever it takes to win the war. At the end he thinks he wins because he shoots the enemy. The enemy turns to be his brother questioning if he really won this war. Throughout the story the author shows that even though you win there is always a downside to winning. The author shows this by using literary devices in this

  • Summary Of The Cellist Of Sarajevo

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    In Steven Galloway’s The Cellist of Sarajevo, he depicts four civilians in Sarajevo, which is being under siege by the men on the hills. They would terrorize the citizens by sniping random pedestrians or sending mortars to bread shop, resulting in twenty-two people’s death. A cellist saw the attack and deciding to play Albinoni’s Adagio for twenty-two days, to commemorate the innocent people that had died. Another character Galloway presents is Arrow. A female sniper who picks off the men on the

  • American Sniper Metaphors

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    ”There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.”The sheep are the good but naive people and are therefore vulnerable, the wolves are the evil ones who prey on these good ‘helpless’ people, and the sheepdogs are the strong one, “the rare breed who live to confront the wolf”, who are there to protect the good people – the sheep. This is the movies central moral metaphor, and it is seen all throughout the film, a classic battle between good and evil. American Sniper

  • How Does Liam O Flaherty Use Situational Irony In The Sniper

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    “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty takes place in Dublin, Ireland during the Irish Civil War. Ireland wanted to become a republic state, free from the British control. This city is described in a way that gives off distressing, suspenseful and bleak illustration because it is showing that war is an awful thing. Liam O'Flaherty uses his story "The Sniper" to advocate the readers that war is an evil delusion that can break families apart. This is intensified throughout this story by the radiant management

  • Chris Kyle's American Sniper By The Navy Seal

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    ("After the first kill," Kyle writes, "the others come easy. I don't have to psych myself up, or do something special mentally — I look through the scope, get my target in the crosshairs, and kill my enemy, before he kills one of my people."Kyle, Chris). American Sniper by the Navy Seal Chris Kyle is a great autobiography published in 2012. Chris Kyle was a 38 year old man that went into becoming an amazing and well-known Navy Seal. Kyle was a Navy Seal for 10 years; also he served in the Iraq War

  • Use Of Situational Irony In The Sniper

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    Among the rooftops, a vigilant sniper awaits for his adversary to approach. But this ruthless soldier does not let anything or anyone hinder his sacred duty. In Liam O’Flaherty’s “The Sniper”, irony and conflict vividly illustrates the harsh realities of war through the eyes of the protagonist, a Republican sniper in the Irish Civil War. O’Flaherty provides suspenseful twists interpenetrating the story, showcasing his use of situational irony. Firstly, an old, delicate woman walks over to the enemy’s

  • Summary Of Liam O 'Flaherty's The Sniper'

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    The short story, “The Sniper,” was written by Liam O’ Flaherty in 1923. Liam O’ Flaherty was born on Inishmore Island, which is on the western coast of Ireland, on August 28, 1898. O’ Flaherty enlisted in the British Army as a teenager in 1915 and served as a soldier in the First World War. He had suffered from a serious injury due to a bomb explosion while at war. After Liam had returned home from war, he was diagnosed with depression. The message O’ Flaherty was trying to portray was the idea

  • Liam O 'Flaherty's Short Story The Sniper'

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    It has been said that “in war, there is no winner.” Liam O’Flaherty’s short story “The Sniper” addresses this issue. I believe that statement is true for many reasons. When you’re serving you can lose friends, family, and your sanity. In “The Sniper”, the Republican sniper killed an old woman who was an informant for the Free Staters. She could’ve been someone’s wife, mother, and/or grandmother. At the end of the story, the sniper ended up killing his brother because he worked for the other team

  • How Does Liam O Flaherty Build Suspense In The Sniper

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    “The Sniper” When a reader is so fully immersed by a story, that they are on the fringes of their seats. A strong sense of anticipation is emitted throughout their brain, a feeling of what is to come next. “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty does just that, leaving reader in an ever-present state of suspense. The book details the events of a war torn Dublin, Ireland. The Republicans and the Free-Staters are waging a civil war. A Republican Sniper is hiding on the rooftops. As he conceals himself he

  • How Does Liam O Flaherty Build Suspense In The Sniper

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    “If we don’t end war, war will end us”. This quote was said by Herbert George Wells and I think it relates to this story because war destroys what people love most and war destroys the world we live in. This is shown when the main Sniper flips over a body only to see the dead body of his brother after the dangerous confrontation. In “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty there is a Irish sniper and he is in a dangerous situation where he battles an enemy sniper in a city setting that seems sad and gloomy

  • Differences And Similarities Between 'The Sniper And The Sniper'

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    In the two short stories we read, the sniper and the barber were both interesting main characters. The two roles had many similarities, like their internal conflicts, enemies, and beliefs. They also had many differences like their job, view on killing, and their character traits. Although these men both led very different lives and experience different things, we can see their connections, contrasts, and conflicts. These two characters, the sniper and the barber, had many similarities between

  • A Literary Analysis Of The Sniper, By Robert E. Lee

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    Literary Analysis Final of “The Sniper” “What a cruel thing is war : to separate and and destroy families and friends,” by Robert E. Lee. In the book, “The Sniper” the sniper is a guy battling in the middle of war. He decides to take a risk while being watched, and get shot by his enemy. soon, the sniper gets back up on his feet and starts fighting back. The sniper grabbed his gun and is motivated to kill his enemy. After killing two people, the sniper shot his enemy and wins. The sniper is

  • Book Report On American Sniper Chris Kyle

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    My book report is on American Sniper.It's an autobiography of Chris Kyle.He was born in texas and considered himself a cowboy.He was in rodeos but an injury cost him his career of being a rodeo cowboy.He finally decided to join the military.He died by being shot by a former marine with PTSD and a mental condition called schizophrenia. He wanted to be a cowboy and a military man but his injuries costed him his cowboy career.So he joined the military to sereve for his country.He decided to join the

  • Bravery In Liam O 'Flaherty's The Sniper'

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    The time when I was brave is when I save my friend. My friend would always wonder off with his bike and I would have to find him and see if he is ok. Then when I found him and later a car came by from a distance. I ran into my friend and grabbed him with his bike and ran back to the sidewalk. By showing bravery, I helped save my friends life because he was very close to losing it. Bravery could be illustrated by the The Character Connor from ¨Unwind¨ and the IRA sniper from “The Sniper” because

  • Beltway Sniper Research Paper

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    Twenty-three days is a long time to stay in and worry about being next on the shooters list. “The day of October 2, 2002, the beltway snipers began terrorizing people (” The beltway snipers, who are they, what crime did they commit, and theories of why they committed the crime is what this paper is about. The beltway snipers were, “John Muhammad, 41 and Lee Boyd Malvo, 17 (” John Muhammad was a 41 year old African American. He was born on December 31, 1960 in Louisiana. 1985

  • The Signs Of PTSD In American Sniper

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    Half way through the making of the movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle was killed by a veteran he was trying to help. Monday, February 9th, the jury was seated for the beginnings of the trial concerning the death of American Sniper Chris Kyle. 10 women and 10 men were not dismissed. This is 8 more jurors seated than a normal trial. Eddie Ray Routh has been charged with the capital offense of murder for killing Kyle and his friend 35-year old Chad Littlefield. Kyle and Littlefield were trying

  • Theme Of The Sniper By Liam O Flaherty

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    The Sniper written by Liam O’Flaherty is about a man that is on the lookout on top of a building and when he finally claims a victim, the corpse reveal is his brother. The Scarlet Ibis by by James Hurst is about two brothers that are birds and one is crippled. The normal brother is embarrassed of his crippled brother so he teaches him to walk. One day, they were running through a storm and the normal one left his crippled brother back. When the brothers guilt finally drives him back to get him,

  • How Does Liam O Flaherty Use Situational Irony In The Sniper

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    The stagnant night air ruptures from the sound of an enemy gunshot, the bullet ricocheting off the rooftop barrier. A bead of sweat trickles down his forehead as he lines up his crosshair. Bang! “The Sniper,” written by Liam O’Flaherty, begins on a dark rooftop during the Irish civil war. A young unnamed marksman who the author identifies as Republican, smokes a cigarette and is forced to take cover from an opposing sniper. An enemy tank approaches and the head of a man peers out from the turret