Salinas Valley Essays

  • Essay On Salinas Valley

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    In the 1930’s, Salinas Valley was a hard place to live. Located on California’s Central Coast, Salinas is a very dry and desert-like area. In these 1930’s, the famous Dust Bowl occurred, making agriculture very challenging. This North Californian City is also where the famous novel, “Of Mice and Men” takes place. One reason that it was a hard place to live was the living conditions. First, the housing was not very good. Most people located in Salinas lived in a camper or trailer during this time

  • The Chrysanthemums Theme Of Confinement

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    Confinement and women meet once again. In “The Chrysanthemums,” John Steinbeck uses the story of Eliza and her flowers to portray the confinement that she feels; the theme of confinement is found throughout the entire short story. Steinbeck shows Eliza’s confinement using vivid imagery. In this work, the reader gets a glimpse of Elisa feeling free and alive but this is shutdown by the reiterated fact that Elisa is confined primarily because she is a women. The idea of confinement can be seen through

  • What Is Steinbeck's Central Idea Of The Chrysanthemums

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    “The Chrysanthemums,” by John Steinbeck, is a narrative that examines the effects of gender roles. Elisa Allen is a middle aged, married woman who lives on a ranch with her husband Henry. When Henry makes a big sale of his cattle to a meat company, he and Elisa agree to celebrate by traveling into the city to eat dinner together. Elisa encounters a traveling salesman when Henry and his helper leave to gather up the steers. After the encounter with the tinker, Elisa experiences an awakening of her

  • The Chrysanthemums

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    The pots start as a symbol of the entrapment of Elisa and women in society. “On every side it sat like a lid on the mountains and made of the great valley a closed pot.” (Steinbeck 277) The valley is described as a pot, trapping Elisa, which symbolizes the way women are trapped in society by the men. When the tinker arrives and takes the chrysanthemums, Elisa gains hope that maybe she is not completely trapped. As the tinker

  • Symbolism In Paul's Case: A Study In Temperament?

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    Layers of illusions are burned away and all Paul has left is reality. In Willa Cather’s tragic short story “Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament,” the flowers capture the reality world Paul departs from. For instance, critic Sherry Crabtree asserts that the red carnation symbolizes Paul’s alienation from the world of Cordelia Street (Crabtree 206). Crabtree observes the patterns of how the flowers reveal Paul’s negative outlook on life. On the other hand, some critics claim that the flowers capture

  • Symbiotic Relationship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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    In his novella Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck explores camaraderie between two farmhands during the Great Depression in the United States. The novella’s main characters, George Milton and Lennie Small, share a symbiotic relationship that provides each man companionship and strength. As Brian Leahy Doyle explores in his analysis on this subject, Lennie and George’s relationship “is rooted in a life-sustaining symbiosis, and each partner takes on many different roles: George is the mind, the parent

  • The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Analysis

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    “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” by Stephen Crane is a short story about Jack Potter, the town marshal, who finds a bride in San Antonio and is very nervous to bring her back to his hometown of Yellow Sky. Along the way, Potter runs into a minor issue with the antagonist of the story, Scratchy Wilson, though it is not long before the issue is resolved. Readers may find that they do not enjoy the story due to the awkwardness between Potter and his bride, the use of over describing the minor details

  • The Chrysanthemums John Steinbeck Analysis

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    readers get an image of what the valley looks like and the area around it. Steinbeck says “The high-gray flannel fog of winter closed off the Salinas Valley from the sky and from all the rest of the world. On every side it sat like a lid on the mountains and made of the great valley a closed pot. On the broad, level land floor the gang plows bit deep and left the black earth shining like metal where the shares had cut”. In this quote Steinbeck is talking about how the valley can be compared to a closed

  • Role Of Social Inhumanity In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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    Inhumanity is extremely cruel and brutal behavior. America has condoned the use of inhumane acts throughout the years. During the 1960s, John Steinbeck gave a voice to working class America to show how poorly treated the working class were. Steinbeck demonstrates the necessity to end inhumanity by questioning the dissimilarity in social and economic status in order to portray how individuals should correctly treat human beings. Steinbeck’s interest about social inhumanity first emerged when he grew

  • Of Mice And Men Themes

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    the Salinas Valley and the bunkhouse. The theme of the American Dream is raised at the very start of the book, where the novella is introduced with the panning landscape of the Salinas Valley before closing in on George and Lennie. On one side of the Salinas River, there is “golden foothill slopes curving up to the strong and rocky Galiban Mountains”, where in contrast, the other side is covered in debris. The foothills are described as being

  • East Of Eden Prejudice Analysis

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    quickly taken with her. She continues her manipulative pattern by driving the brothers apart. Adam reveals his plans to marry her to his unsupportive brother and decides to take his half of their inherited money and move across the country to Salinas Valley, California. Adam is pushes to buy farmland and settle when he learns that Catherine is pregnant. To Adam, Catherine has no faults, making what happens next all the more surprising to him.“Is it true that when you love a woman you are never sure—never

  • Evil Against Evil In John Steinbeck's East Of Eden

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    Evil against Evil In the novel, East of Eden written by John Steinbeck, there are numerous examples of Steinbeck’s characters falling into the hands of evil. Charles and Cal were the supposed antagonist in the story, following in the footsteps of Cain in the biblical story of Cain and Abel. While both Charles and Cal each have their fair share of moments with evil in the novel, there are two characters that really leave a strong impact throughout the novel. Being new parents, Cathy and Adam each

  • Persuasive Essay On Fox Hunting

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    Do you like vermin lingering around the streets? I suspect you don’t. Do you have any idea how many foxes are around lately? The fox population is increasing day by day and it is a nuisance to farmers and eventually to the metropolitans living in the urban areas as well. Fox hunting is a traditional sport which is enjoyed by the masses of British people. It is also a great way to control the unsolicited fox population. Some of your animal ardent friends may claim this act is just immoral. I agree;

  • Leighton Meester Informative Speech

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    Christina Jane Tanios 201600071 Title: Outline Topic: Leighton Meester General purpose: To inform. Specific purpose: To inform my audience about how Leighton Meester’s family issues did not hold her back. Central idea: Leighton Meester’s hardships as a little girl did not stand in the way of her having a happy family life and a successful career. Method of organization: Topical order Introduction How many of you in this room today want to be successful? How many of you want to find Mr. Perfect

  • The Caveman In The Hedgess Short Story

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    Can you imagine a pretty, smart, and blond woman living in a dirty basement? Where there is a possibility that a caveman can be living there? Can you imagine a pretty woman and caveman having something in common? In the short story, “The Cavemen in the Hedges,” the author Stacey Richter tells a story about a couple that has difficulties in their relationship. The narrator doesn't want to be in a serious committed relationship. His girlfriend Kim starts to spend most of her time in the basement because

  • Power In The Kite Runner

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    An Analysis of Power in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner provides insight into how power affects people and what it can do to relationships. Humans, by nature, crave power and seek control over others. Power is addictive. Once someone has had a taste of power, they will do everything possible to hold onto it. Throughout Hosseini’s novel, characters gain and lose power. They also abuse power, whether through friendship or fear. They manipulate the powerless to stay

  • Freedom In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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    Huck struggles to identify the freedom he is experiencing early in the novel. Excluding the raft episode, Huck undergoes numerous encounters with literal freedom and still lacks satisfaction. It soon becomes evident to the reader that Huck’s definition of freedom is something that he is unable to achieve. This is because Huck is chasing a freedom that does not exist. If the idea of Huck’s chasing freedom was the main conflict, the resolution would be found much sooner than the novel’s end. Huck experiences

  • Character Analysis: All The Pretty Horses

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    Throughout “All the Pretty Horses” by Cormac McCarthy, the main character John Grady Cole is submitted to many evils as he tries to find his own place in the world. In his own personal quest for a happy ending, John represents the idealized cowboy of the Old Wild West uncovering the truth of the violent and deadly landscape he encounters. John Grady attempts to mesh together his romanticised cowboy honor code into a land that concedes nothing to nobility and the only winner is the one who survives

  • Dame Sirirh: The Weeping Bitch

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    Dame Sirirh is the old and widely circulated story known as the "Weeping Bitch" story. In the English version, which is in a mixture of rhymed couplets and six-line stanzas, a clerk named Wilekin is in love with a merchant's wife named Margery. While the merchant is away at a fair in Boston in Lincolnshire, Wilekin visits Margery, tells her of his love, and asks her to take him as her lover. She rejects him, whereupon, on the advice of a friend, he goes to visit Dame Sirith, who, for a promised reward

  • Injury In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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    To protect means to keep safe from harm or injury. Throughout the entire novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George is very protective over Lennie. Although the two men are not related, George is like a father or an older brother to Lennie. He always looks out for Lennie and makes sure he doesn’t get into trouble. Many times in the text George mentions that he would be better off with Lennie. Contrasting his own words, George’s ideal future includes Lennie. Lennie’s death in the end of the