Shareholder Essays

  • The Shareholder Value Theory

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    The meaning of shareholder in the first place is any person or company that has at least one share of a company’s stock. When the company is successful, the shareholders of the company will get the benefit. The benefit will be in the form of increased stock valuation. Shareholder value theory or also known as shareholder primacy theory or shareholder wealth maximization is the concept of management philosophy. Milton Friedman is the person who was originally proposed the shareholder theory. Based

  • Minority Shareholder Case Study

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    rights and remedies for the protection of the minority shareholders, it is essential to discuss certain basic issues such as definition of the term minority shareholders, the reason why the minority shareholders in a company should receive special protection and whether the special laws for minority shareholders’ protection are in conflict with the principle that the majority rules in a company. 2.1. Meaning of the term ‘shareholder’ ‘Shareholder’ as the name suggest is a person who holds the shares

  • Shareholder Theory: The Dodge V Ford Motor Company

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    THE SHAREHOLDER THEORY 1. Introduction 1.1 History of the shareholder theory The exact period of time when the shareholder theory became renowned is not certain. However, on the 13 September 1970, the corporate world was revolutionalised by an article published in the New York Times by the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Milton Friedman. According to him, the corporate executives had a direct responsibility towards the owner of the companies and thus the one and only social responsibility of companies

  • Accelerated Buy Back Case Study

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    buyback, also known as repurchase, means that the company purchases its own shares in order to reduce the outstanding shares in the open market. The reduction in the number of shares outstanding in the market eliminates any potential threats from the shareholders who may be looking for a controlling stake in the company. Using a buyback, the company invests in itself, which improves the proportional share of earnings; this steps up the valuation of a stock. When active investors believe that the company’s

  • Incentive-Based Compensation Advantages And Disadvantages

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    objective, notwithstanding, they get under 100 percent of the shares. Incentive-based compensation, for example, performance shares, are intended to fulfill two goals. Initially, they offer managers motivators to take activities that will improve shareholder wealth. Second, these arrangements offer organizations

  • Case Study: Cimb Relationship With Southern Bank Berhad

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    Case 1: CIMB merger with Southern Bank Berhad Company profile and background CIMB Group is a leading ASEAN universal bank as it is the largest Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) investment bank and is one of the world's largest Islamic banks. CIMB Group is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CIMB offers consumer banking, wholesale banking, Islamic banking and asset management. CIMB is the fifth largest banking group by assets in Southeast Asia and at the end of June 2013 had over 40,000 staff and approximately

  • Dual-Class Share Structures

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    Introduction Founders or controlling shareholders in corporate world intend to avoid the dilution of control that would generally accompany the public issuance of shares. Hence, as a possible solution to this dilemma, many companies practice to issue more than one share class with different voting rights. These are known as dual-class share structures and consist of two classes of common shares: superior and inferior voting shares or voting and non-voting shares. Accordingly, the mechanism of dual-class

  • Importance Of Stakeholder Expectation

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    Management of Shareholder Expectations Speaking of an organization and its running or functioning, shareholders are very important in it. Before going on to depth of explanation of defining what are the duties, effects of shareholders on any organization, what an organization can get from shareholders, we need to define the term shareholder. Shareholder could be a single person, a group containing few people or even an organization having huge list of people working in it that apply either a direct

  • Disadvantages Of Stakeholders In Business

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    organization that shows interest as socially, politically or financially in organization and directly or indirectly affected by organization’s business. Stakeholders can be internal or external. The leading stakeholders for any organization are shareholders, employees, customers. Stakeholders play an important role to build up preference and ambition in organization. It is important to know that almost stakeholders are engaged in the development of company’s business strategies. When making a business

  • Rjr Nabisco Case Summary

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    So if Charlie Hugel and the shareholders wanted the best offer for the shares why didn’t they take the Ross Johnsons offer probably because they wanted to make sure Ross Johnson didn’t get the company because they thought all of his motives were all out of greed because they first started

  • Bank Loans Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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    payments, your bank could report you to the credit bureaus which is a move that negatively affects your credit score. With a lower score, obtaining loans in the future becomes more difficult. Compared to raising money through shareholders, repayment burden is worse because shareholders don’t require regular repayments. The other disadvantage is that the risk of losing collateral. It stands the risk of being lost to the bank. The disadvantage is the irregular payment amounts. If you get a bank loan with

  • Shareholder Roles

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    The Shareholder and the Director have totally different roles in a limited liability company. Normally a shareholder is the individual who owns the said Company by holding shares whereas the directors have managing powers. In fact, it appears that there is confusion as to the separation of these two positions and as to the distinction of important factors when it comes to corporate governance. This article aims to provide a clear distinction of the roles of both the Shareholder and the Director in

  • Wall Street Case Study Questions: Bull Market

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    This is a market where share prices are rising and so buying is encouraged b) Bear market – This is a market where share prices are falling and so selling is encouraged c) Take-over – This is where a company makes an offer to another companies shareholders to buy their shares in order to take control of the company d) Merger – This is when one business combines/merges with another business e) Asset stripping – This is when a company/someone buys a company that is in financial difficulties and sells

  • Equity Share Capital Advantages And Disadvantages

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    equal right to the holder.Equity shareholders have to share reward and risk associated with ownership of the company. It is also called as ordinary share capital.Equity shareholders are the owners of the company and who has control over the working of the company.They are paid dividend at the rate recommended by Board of Directors. If there are no profits no dividends will be payable. The equity shareholders will take more risk comapared to preference shareholder. Features of equity share capital:

  • Aptitude Event Management Case Study

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    1. BACKGROUND OF THE ETHICAL PROBLEM Established in 2007, Aptitude Event Management Sdn Bhd (AEM) is one stop event management agency that specialised knowledge and expertise to develop customise activities to promote and market its client’s products or services. AEM is local business located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor and presently the company has 15 employees. Besides, AEM had 7 years proven track records in organising a wide array of events such as product launching, roadshows, exhibitions, dinners

  • Professional Ethics In Accounting

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    Introduction: Professional integrity and ethical behavior is critical to the trustiness of the personal and professional prosperity in the business world. In addition, integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. As personal integrity will allow you to build effective relationships based on respect and mutual trust, and make deadlines and achieving results. Professional integrity means that you will act professional and

  • Essay On Role Of Pharmacy

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    Topic: The role of pharmacy in developing countries: Malaysia Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is a health profession that connects health sciences and chemical sciences in order to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. The range of pharmacy practice includes certain roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes certain services related to health care, such as clinical services, reviewing medications for

  • Stock Trading: The Strategies Of Stock Trade

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    Stock trading is carried out by stock traders who for the most part need an intermediate such as a brokerage firm or bank to carry out the trades. Stock traders work for themselves by investing money in shares which they believe will increase in value over time and then sell the shares at a later date for profit. There are a number of strategies used by stock traders in order to accumulate profit. The most popular stock trading strategies are day trading, swing trading, value investing and growth

  • Importance Of Consumerism In Kfc

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    Abstract This assignment had discussed on the consumerism or consumer movement and background of KFC as below. Besides, there are two serious issues happened which are KFC employee fight with customer in I-City Shah Alam and KFC food tampering scandal. KFC management had make apologies on the issues to solve the problems and maintain customer long-term profitable relationship. KFC outlet issues and the stakeholder involved had been discussed also. Employee and outlet manager must understand their

  • Servant Leadership: The Key Characteristics Of Servant Leadership

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    Leaders are individuals who can inspire and motivate followers through their actions and words. Servant leaders put an emphasis on the needs and desires of others and place them over their own. Servant leadership is rare when compared to other leadership styles. The term servant leadership was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf, in his essay, “Servant Leaders” (Center for Servant Leadership, n.d.). However, servant leadership can be traced back to biblical times, with Jesus being the perfect example of