Different Types Of Meeting Essay

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A meeting is: ‘An assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion’ Meetings are an effective way that staff can share and exchange information, get feedback, plan, collaborate and make important decisions. Within our school we have many different types of meetings which include ad hoc meetings, governing body meetings, management meetings, one-on-one meetings, staff meetings, team meetings and parent meetings. At staff meetings matters for discussion will include curriculum, pupil’s progress, subject leadership, discussions on new ways of teaching and new initiatives. These will also be used for any relevant training required. Staff meetings take place each week. A Briefing meeting is held once a week for teachers, to inform them of the following week’s events. Ad …show more content…

1.2 Explain why it is necessary to have different types of meeting Meetings are important within our organisation so that information is shared with the relevant groups within the school community. It is important that the meeting is well planned with the reason for the meeting very clear, who will be attending the meeting, along with what the outcome of the meeting will be. The different types of meetings held in the school are important to ensure that children achieve their potential and staff can work in an environment that is supportive, yet challenging. Different meetings enable information to be shared, decisions to be made, and ideas to be shared with others. The different meetings mean that each area of the school community can connect with each other. It is important that all know what the governors and senior leaders are trying to achieve. This can be shared at different levels of

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