Maintain A Safe And Supportive Learning Environment Essay

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U1 AC 2.1 - Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. A number of ways to establish a safe and supportive learning environment is to stay within what is deemed as conventional rules and disciplines. A typical class room layout is rows of desks and chairs facing the front, it is the usual expected layout for learners and encourages them to accept conformity, something as simple as sitting on the chairs facing the front of the classroom is reassuring to the majority that the class is safe. In days of yesteryear the students would be expected to stand up when the teacher entered the room and wait for permission to be seated, thankfully those days are in the distant past and now it is acceptable to remain talking until the teacher is ready to begin class. The teacher will give some indication that they are ready to begin the lesson and students will normally sit down and respect the teachers wishes, again it is a mutual respect from and to both learners and teacher/s. It is this respect that will develop into the creation of a …show more content…

An enthusiastic or boisterous conversation can be controlled with a teddy bear instead of everyone talking over each other, competing to put their point of view across, the rule is the person with the teddy bear is allowed to speak and everyone else listens until it is their turn. Providing a supportive learning environment means allowing everyone to take their turn in any given subject without fear, promoting equal opportunity and encouraging every student to realise their own potential and appreciate the person next to them. I can go back to the teddy bear and the person who has the teddy is allowed to speak, it is a fun way of encouraging the quiet student out of their shell and giving them a voice that ordinarily might remain

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