Hannibal Classroom Observation

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In Infant and Toddler Practicum, I am observing at the Hannibal Children’s Center in Hannibal, Mo. At the Hannibal Children’s Center I am currently in the Journey A room, which is a toddler room. In this room, the toddlers ages range from one to two. The teacher in the toddler room while I am there is Dana. In the Journey room, there is always two teachers in the room, unless there are four children. There is at least one teacher that is the head teacher in the room when there are two teachers in there. When I am in the room, the toddlers interact pretty well with each other. They are always talking with each other. Now they are one or two years old and they fight over toys quite a bit, since they are territorially. For the most part …show more content…

There are a few students who talk well and they use pronouns alright but they are still working on using them correctly. Students don’t really know plurals but use them seldom and same with subject/verb agreement. They are just learning to talk or just started and have a lower vocabulary so they don’t use proper language yet. At their age, they can hardly say some words correctly. In the classroom, the teacher will ask what the students want to do and therefore the students will tell the teachers what they want. Or if they are playing with their friend, they will talk with them about whatever. One of their favorite times while I am there is music time. The students like to listen to frozen and they all know the songs. So, they will sing as loud as they can as the music plays. All the toys stimulate vocalizations, they will use the toys to play with others or sometimes fight with others. Depending on the student in the Journey A room, depends on the if they understand more than they can speak. The one year old’s can understand more than they can speak. Whereas the two years old can speak some but there are certain situations where they can speak and they don’t necessarily understand and then the opposite too. Students in the toddler room have different social abilities. There are some that are more quiet than

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