Competency Statement To Establish And Maintain A Safe Environment

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Competency Statement I
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment. My goal in a child care facility would be to make sure everything is safe for the children along with the staff who would work there. To make sure that the children would want to come back and feel safe at the facility. I would want everything to be healthy for the children as well as the staff also. No one would want their children to come to an unhealthy facility.
My plan for maintaining a safe environment would be to make sure there are fire extinguishers that are in working condition. There also needs to be a carbon monoxide/smoke detector. Along with that the staff and children that work there should know the emergency procedures for every natural disaster or problems that may happen. Everyone should be prepared for what may happen. I would also make sure to keep the cleaning supplies out of the reach of children, or better yet out of sight of the children. I would put bars on the bottoms of the windows so that the children couldn’t reach the windows. They could harm …show more content…

Make sure to also challenge the children instead of making everything too easy for them. Keeping things that will interest the children so that they will come into class and want to learn. Make it exciting for them to want to learn is an important thing to do in my opinion. Give them opportunities to express how they feel or what they’re thinking. Divide the interests into groups of different play areas. Make sure that the quiet areas are together and the louder ones next to each other. Make sure that you have enough learning items for all the children. I would make sure to read with the children and maybe pick a different child every week to help me read a book. I would also play in the different interest areas with the children so that I could be on that level with

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