Explain The Importance Of Supporting Teaching And Learning And Development In Health And Social Care

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1. introduction Every child deserves the support and best possible start in life. (DFE, 2017) The practice setting is a private and funded nursery based in Luton. My setting is a nursery for children 0-5 years. I work with children aged 3-4 years. This is a private and funded nursery, with about 90 children enrolled in it. Children that attend the nursery are from deprived and none deprived backgrounds with half of them on government funded hours. The role of the agency They provides physical need and healthy and safe environment for those babies and children who come to the nursery (Macleod et al, 2004). Through the practitioner, the agency ensure that every child is safe, healthy, with economic wellbeing, and positive contribution under my …show more content…

National policies, strategies and initiatives Early year’s foundation stage (EYFS) policy set standard for school leaders, childcare providers, school staff and child minders. It stipulates that nursery setting must ensure the safety and health of children. The standards also make sure that every child of the school going age has access to education. EYFS set standard that make sure children acquire quality education to help them develop as well as learn (EYFS, 2016). Premises policies: The premises must be organised according to the needs of children. Indoor space requirements are children 3-5 years 2.3 m2 per child, 2 years 2.5m2 per child and under 2 years 3.5m2 per child. An outdoor access must be provided if it is not possible than on a daily basis make sure that outdoor activities are planned. Ensure suitable hygienic must be facilities for changing children who are in nappies and enough supply of clean towels, bedding and spare clothes are always available (DFE, 2017) Information and record: Share information and maintain records with parents/carers, the police, social services, other professionals and Ofsted. Ensure the efficient management and safe to the setting and also help the need of all children (DFE,

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