6.2 Explain The Values And Codes Of Practice Relevant To The Study

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Schools regularly have many external professionals who work with them, and these can include: educational psychologists; speech and language therapists; specialist teachers; Education Welfare Officers; School Improvement Partners; and physiotherapists/occupational therapists. An educational psychologist is assigned to a school and they work closely with SENCO providing pupil observations and assessments, helping to plan the provision for those with additional needs. A school will have links with speech and language therapists who can work with pupils to help with communication, language and speech problems. They can work with staff, pupils and parents. Specialist teachers can come into a school to provide advice and support in a variety of …show more content…

Physiotherapists/occupational therapists work with children outside the school but to support the progress of the pupil may also visit the school to attend any meetings regarding the pupil. Question: Question 6 Answer: The ethos of a school along with its values, aims and mission statement should all be reflected in the school environment. These should all be perceptible to anyone spending time in a school watching both the pupils and staff. The children in a school are valued, with an environment that fully encourages and celebrates their learning and progression and how they are developing. The provision of a safe and secure learning environment for all its pupils should be provided through recognizing the importance of welcoming diversity and equal opportunities. The atmosphere within a school should be positive, with this being reflected in the attitudes of the staff and pupils, all caring for and taking pride in their surroundings and in how the learning journey of each pupil takes

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