5.2 Summarise The Policies And Procedures

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5.1 The policies and procedures provide advice and information to the staff, pupils, parents/carers and everyone else involved in working with the school. They ensure that the staff and pupils are aware of what is expected of them. In addition to this, clear policies and procedures also ensure a consistent and appropriate response to the situations arising in the school. There are some policies and procedures that the schools are required to hold by law. These are mentioned in the document entitled "Statutory policies for Schools" provided by the Department of Education.
5.2Staff: The policies for the staff help the staff to understand what is expected of them and to deal with the everyday issues that they might come across while working in the school.
i. Grievance policy ii. Induction of new staff policy iii. Staff absence policy
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It sets out the national curriculum that outlines the contents and attainment targets for all subjects at all 4 key stages.It also sets the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS) that includes the standards that all the early years' providers should meet. The Department publishes the league/performance tables that help the parents to compare the quality of teaching in schools.
The Local Education Authority (LEA) is the local government body that is responsible to provide the highest standards of education in its jurisdiction. The main roles of LEA include allocating funds to the schools, securing sufficient schools in the area, making provision for home to school travel arrangements, supporting the schools with training and guidance, allocating school places, identifying and assessing the special educational needs (SEN) of children and young people and making a SEN provision and ensuring that a broad and balanced curriculum is followed in the

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