Regulatory Bodies In Schools

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Legislations affect how schools work by ensuring that pupils, staff, parents, and visitors are safe in the school setting. The legislation in schools allows pupils and staff to be aware of their rights within the school setting. The legislations are put in place to ensure that children are in a safe environment to learn and continue learning. The legislation allows the school setting to run smoothly as the legislations are being adhered to by staff and pupils which helps keep the school setting calm. 4.3 Explain the roles of regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislative framework including: . General bodies, such as the Health and Safety Executive . School-specific regulatory bodies The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a UK government body which works with schools and educational establishments to prevent death, injury and ill health to those at the school, the HSE minimize the potential risks of the school by ensuring there are policies in place so that children can learn in a safe environment. The school has overall responsibility for health and safety including different members of staff …show more content…

There are many school policies and procedures that are set within the school and is accessible to everyone. Some schools have the policies and procedures on the school website, in folders located in the staff room or headteachers office, on notice boards etc. The legislation is put in place to protect the staff, pupils, and visitors so the rules must be followed to keep the school setting a safe space for all children, young people, and adults. The legislation helps structure the school as there are rules to follow which allows the school setting to run

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