Tda 3.2 Summarise The Policies And Procedures

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Legislation is put in place to ensure that schools operate fairly and lawfully. Schools have rules and guidelines that they have to follow to ensure children and staff are kept safe in the working and learning environment. Children need to be protected from abuse and abusive material. Legislations are set in place to protect them and strict rules need to be followed. Security checks are done on all staff members working with children. Discipline is very important in schools but again, there are strict legislations that need to be adhered to. There are laws regarding registration and keeping records about school attendance and absence. Laws need to be followed to ensure that there is equality and schools need to allow diversity and inclusion. …show more content…

It is a legal requirement for schools to have this in place and for them to be adhered too. It is the schools responsibility to make sure that all policies and procedures are followed and that failure to do so results in investigation and that parties are properly dealt with. They ensure the protection, and safety of staff, children and visitors to the school. They allow for equal opportunities across the board regardless of special needs or requirements, background, gender, ethnicity or age. It is also in place to safeguard against and prevent bullying. It also helps deal with bullies and the people that bullying affects. There are strict laws set for confidentiality as well as a government set curriculum, which has to be followed by all in the teaching field, even homeschooling. Any issues or concerns within the school or concerning the school needs to be accessed via a set assessment policy. Question: Question 12 Answer: Staff: There are government policies set in place regarding pay, pay rises, evaluation of performance and staff capability. All staff members are entitled to a review of their performance during the year. There are also policies set in place to protect teacherâ€TMs personal information

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