Cyrus's Case Study

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May it Please the Court, This is a case concerning Suzie, a seventeen-year old student at Central High School in Bristol, Virginia, as well as her boyfriend Cyrus. Suzie sent Cyrus some revealing photos which Cyrus forwarded to some upper class boys in school. Their principal, Mrs. Sheevers, confronted Cyrus but Cyrus denied what he had done. The principal then told the school’s security officer to frisk Cyrus for his phone. The officer didn't find the phone, so Principal Sheevers proceeded to look through his locker, and there she found Cyrus’ phone. She eventually found the photos and proof that he sent them to other boys. The principal suspended Cyrus for two weeks. The Fourth Amendment rights of the plaintiff were not violated by this search. The search of Cyrus’ cell phone was not violating his Fourth Amendment …show more content…

did something she wasn't supposed to do and lied about it. She denied that she had been smoking like Cyrus denied sending the revealing pictures of Suzie to upperclassmen. Justice Byron White said, “against the child's interest in privacy must be set the substantial interest of teachers and administrators in maintaining discipline in the classroom and on school grounds.” This can also refer to Cyrus’s case because Cyrus got suspended for two weeks which was his discipline for doing what he did and it makes sense because he could just keep doing bad things like that again and again if there was not disciplinary for his actions. So, maybe Cyrus has learned his lesson because of the suspension. Additionally, the Tinker v. Des Moines case stated, “...[i]t could not be justified by a showing that the students’ activities would materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of the school”(Tinker v. Des Moines School District). This just shows that it is very important that the court really emphasizes guaranteeing the absolute authority of the school officials, etc. so that there is some form of conduct in all

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