Roles And Purposes Of Queens Inclosure Primary School

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There are many different roles and purposes of these roles within schools. When it comes to school governors it can be said that they have a number of duties within the school they are attached to. This ultimately is ensuring the school upholds a high standard of academic achievement. This can be done and filtered into many different duties which can include, setting various targets and improvements for the school, overseeing school finances, having a well balances and broad curriculum, the hiring of staff which includes reviewing their performance and pay etc. (Queens Inclosure Primary School, 2016). In saying this, they act as a †̃corporate bodyâ€TM which separates them from the school to ensure their views are fair and not subject to bias. To ensure their role is carried out efficiently they attend various meetings and visit the school on a regular basis which helps them understand how the schools operates as well as the school community (Queens Inclosure Primary School, 2016).
There are also various guidelines to follow in line with the School Governance Regulations (2003) which covers the different types of governors which make up …show more content…

The SMT usually includes both the head teacher, deputy and assistant heads. Depending on the needs and size of the school and amount of people within the SMT can vary with each having slightly differing roles (Tassoni et al, 2010). For example one member of the SMT may have the role dedicated to behaviour and safeguarding of children in which they need to be aware of what is happening within the school in relation to this as well as the needs. This requires the SMT to be on the ball as well as being innovative with ideas on how to improve and better the school (Tassoni et al,

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