Relationship Between Guidance And Counselling

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The usage of guidance and counselling were viewed by many of the respondents as the effective strategy to deal with the pupils’ substance use and other discipline behaviours. Interview with many counselling/discipline heads indicated that the number of pupils who were seeking counselling services in their offices were not promising as compared to the number of pupils who had problems with their behaviours. Respondents admitted that a small number of pupils who were seeking counselling services on substance use and other behaviours had been showing a gradual change in their behaviours.
Some guidance and counselling/discipline heads confirmed that the counselling units in their secondary schools was not well established and had no professional …show more content…

The respondents claimed that DEOs are responsible for secondary education, but their support was insufficient when it came to the issue of addressing pupils’ serious discipline problems. The majority of the respondents in public schools indicated that when they experienced serious pupil’ disciplinary problems and sought directives from the DEOs it took them very long to respond. Furthermore, some respondents went far to mention that some seculars and directives from the Ministry of Education provided loopholes for pupils to misbehave as they were assured that nothing could take place against their behaviours. The school management was restricted to a few alternative measures in punishing pupils’ misconduct. Respondents cited the Government Notice No. 4 of 2012 as an example of a secular which prohibited school management to suspend or expel pupils from studies on whatever disciplinary grounds until further directive from the Education authorities, i.e., the School Board. This poses a challenge to school administrators’ efforts to enforce discipline on pupils who occasionally and intentionally causes ridicule and involve themselves in drug use and other delinquent …show more content…

An interview with some school administrators such as counselling/discipline heads indicated that there were a few teaching and supporting staff members who failed to be good models by suppling pupils with drugs due to their greed for money. Furthermore, the respondents stressed that it was a bit taxing to handle drug issues if there were few immoral school members who sided with pupils to take drugs or sell drugs to pupils. Based on some respondent’s comments, the researcher drew a conclusion that this might be a reason why some pupils were reluctant to disclose the information on peer and friends who were taking drugs for fear of endangering their lives or being mentioned by some workers who were also involved in drug issues. In one school in Arusha, for example, a school prefect was robbed and beaten badly by a group of pupils after suspecting him to have disclosed their names to teachers as marijuana users. According to one of the discipline heads respondent the leak of information was disclosed by some teachers who were in that

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