School To Prison Pipeline Summary

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The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Primer for Social Workers, a study by Susan McCarter (2017), was written to give a summary of the School-to-prison pipeline in an attempt to break down the factors surrounding children being funneled into this path by their respective school systems around the country. The author explains the correlation between the School-to-prison pipeline and its disparate outcomes for students of color, students with disabilities, and students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (p. 54-55). McCarter presents implications for social workers and multiple specific strategies to reduce the detrimental effects of the School-to-prison pipeline. Susan McCarter, PhD, MSW, is an associate professor …show more content…

53). The research used students of all ages, races, sex, and sexual orientation and identity. The subjects were not chosen based off any specific criteria other than the fact that they attend the public school system within the United States (p. 53). The study was carried out through analyzing public records data, such as the U.S. Department of Education for Civil Rights, in order to determine the number of students suspended within a time period, within what grades were they suspended in, and the reason for their suspension (p. 53-54). McCarter also incorporated research from various authors into her own in order to draw accurate conclusions of the negative consequences that zero-tolerance policies, high-stakes testing, school climate, the increased presence of SROs and their adverse effects on students (p. …show more content…

McCarter describes thoroughly the consequences STPP has on the nation’s school-age youth, including but not limited to increased exposure the criminal justice system, and gives solutions that schools can implement that will hopefully limit the overwhelming amount of students coming in contact with the STPP. The article proves that zero tolerance policies are not conducive to a safe school environment and does not foster a safe learning climate for

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