Unit 2 P1 Health And Social Care

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HSE- Health and Safety Executive • It is the body responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare. • It exists as an independent regulatory act and is in the public interest to reduce work related death serious injury across Britain’s workplace. • Effects all employed in Britain from major injuries. • If somebody is injured and is out for longer than 7 days it should be reported. • Major incidences get reported to the HSE. Emergency Services • A group of organisation that keep the public safe. (E.g Police, fire brigade and paramedics) • All these services keep the pubic out of danger away from injury and supply the public with immediate attention if needed. National Governing Body of Sport • A sports organisation that had a regulatory or sanctioning function. • Different governing bodies in sport. E.g. FIFA • FA was introduced to provide structure to the game in 1863 • They have brought in new technology to the game to make it fair. • They can also provide insurance. Duty of Care and Higher duty of care …show more content…

This refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organisation to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent. If there was a football session in a sports centre and the coach is a positive In loco perenties then if a child got hurt by chance without any negligence or dangers around then the coach would not be liable for any injuries to the child. He may take him to hospital, help and ensure the right procedures are taken. However, if the coach is negative In loco perenties and a child was hurt due by chance without any negligence taken place then the coach would be liable and would have something to explain to parents or guardians about why he was not a loco perenties and could not help the child as he didn’t understand correct procedures. This may cost him or her they're

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