South Carolina Essays

  • South Carolina Family Preservation

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    Introduction: Preservation of Family In South Carolina, Family Preservation is of the highest importance when dealing with cases involving children. Title 63 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina is the South Carolina Children’s Code dedicated to the protection and advocacy of children. S.C. Code Ann. § 63-7-10 (1976) states that “Any intervention by the State into family life on behalf of children must be guided by law, by strong philosophical underpinnings, and by sound professional standards for

  • Sir John Tyler: The Early Settlement Of South Carolina

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    The history of the early settlement of South Carolina is intimately connected with the island of Barbados. On October 30,1629, Charles I., of England, granted to Sir Robert Heath, his attorney general, all of the territory of North America lying between the 31st and 36th parallels of north latitude and extending from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean, to be known as “Carolana or Province of Carolana.” Sir Robert did nothing toward settling his province and it was not until the second year after the restoration

  • South Carolina Poverty

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    “South Carolina’s poverty rate is ninth highest in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey.” It is a circumstance in which most South Carolinians’ live, and many of them not by choice. Thus, what does poverty look like? Poverty is working hard and yet still struggling to make ends meet. Poverty is working a full time, year-round minimum-wage job, but many South Carolinians are unable to feed, house, clothe, and educate their children. Poverty is too many

  • South Carolina Culture

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    For the people of South Carolina, there is much to be prideful of. The rich culture and diversity of the state attracts tourists, businessmen, and families that integrate within the communities that have been established throughout the plethora of history that South Carolina has been involved with. The economy of South Carolina has been booming as various companies have stimulated jobs for people across that state, and this dynamic change is in part due to the national attention brought forth by

  • South Carolina Monologue

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    I remember it being cold. Numbing. Something wet seeping into the backside of my red South Carolina sweatshirt. The faint scent of smoke filling my nostrils, bring a burning sensation to my eyes. I laid under a full crescent moon, my eyes refusing to stay open, my sight dimming. The once starry night now resembled a cluster of tiny white smudges engulfed by a grim lifeless mass. Just as my eyes were fully shut, I heard a distant yell, followed by a woman 's piercing shriek. My last thought, “What

  • Why Is South Carolina Seceded

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    Why South Carolina Seceded The time has come and Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration is approaching. So, the House of Representatives of South Carolina have been discussing what the future holds for us, slave states, after Lincoln abolishes slavery. Everyone knows that if Lincoln wins the Civil War, his main goal will to abolish slavery and for all the states to become a Union. However, we, as Representatives of South Carolina, wrote a letter which declared that “the people of the State of South Carolina

  • The Water Is Pat Conroy Analysis

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    A military child, Pat Conroy grew up to be a teach in Beaufort, South Carolina and an author in several other remote locations. He graduated from The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina. He has extreme determination the day he established his new position on the Daufuskie Island. He faces extreme challenges all while trying to teach at least an ounce of true knowledge to the fortuneless people on the Island. The Water is Wide is Pat Conroy’s memoir based on his bizarre experience teaching

  • Cultural Interview Reflection

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    to converse and interview my good friend Josue Figueroa. Josue Figueroa is currently a Residential Assistant at Clemson University. He is also a first generation student, Emerging Scholar, and Mexican American from a rural place called Estill, South Carolina. I decided to interview Josue Figueroa because he identifies differently from me. Even though we

  • Economic Start Of The Civil War Essay

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    era and it supported the use of slavery for labor to supply crops and cotton. Plantation owners in the South used slave labor for their own benefit to produce crops at a faster rate which made them more money. The North thought slavery was immoral and wanted Africans to be free citizens like any other person would want to be treated. The south had different opinions from the North because the South made money from slavery and cotton plantations thrived off Africans working for the owners. This was

  • Essay On The Nullification Crisis

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    Crisis are alike in multiple ways. First off, they both separated the North and South. By causing conflict between them, it helped pave the way for the Civil War, one of the bloodiest wars in American history. Both of these conflicts helped this war in one way or the other. Another way they are alike is that they both favored the South. The Nullification crisis started with the Legislature putting tariffs out. South Carolina thought the tariffs should be nullified and tried to do something about it

  • Robert Butler Background

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    the City of North Augusta in Aiken County, South Carolina. In 1865, it would have sat within the southwestern corner Edgefield District, a region known for its fine homes and political power players. In the northwest section of the district lived another Butler family, of distant if any relation, which had become one of the state’s wealthiest families and bonified political dynasty producing two Congressman, a Senator, and a Governor of the South Carolina in the first sixty years of the republic.

  • Explain Why It Was Difficult To Settle In Jamestown

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    Difficulties of settling Charlestown Did you ever move or settle in a different place? The European settlers wanted to settle in Charlestown. Because they wanted to start a new life and have more land to settle on. But there was problems with other settlers wanting the same land because there were great trade routes and dangerous animals and other deadly things to worry about. So they tried to settle the land of Charlestown and were successful in doing so. Then they had the land of Charlestown and

  • Compare And Contrast The 13 Colonies

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    The 13 Colonies are broken down into 3 parts, Middle, Southern, and New England Colonies. There were many similarities and differences between all of the 13 Colonies. Many of them ranging from their climate and geography to the role women and African Americans played. A variety of people came from all around the world to the 13 Colonies for many different reasons. In the Middle Colonies, there was a very diverse population. It was composed of Dutch, French, Germans, Scottish, and Irish. The Southern

  • Disadvantages Of Coastal Management

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    Coastal Management Coastal Management is the understanding of physical/natural processes that impact coastlands (such as erosion, transportation, and deposition), and the application of this knowledge for the sustainable preservation of these coastal zones. It is aimed at protecting our coastline from erosion and preserving the natural ecosystems within and around these coastal zones. The protection/management of coastlands is important because they are naturally flood prone areas which tend to

  • How Does Diversity Cause Diversity Essay

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    The planet earth or also known as “The Blue Marble” is the third planet from the sun and the only planet that can harbour life. On this planet, there are a variety of species but the most notable ones are the humans, which are us. There are seven billion humans living on planet earth and each and every single one of them are diverse in many unique ways. With this diversity we are very different from each other. We are different in a lot of aspects of our lives, such as beliefs, race and cultural

  • Informative Speech: Animal Cruelty To Animals

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    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Do you know who says this quote? It came from a famous person from India, Mahatma Gandhi. Nowadays, many animals are abused and injured. The worst thing is when they become experimental material for chemical products experiments.For example, there is a video that went viral about a monkey with horrific face and one of its hands cannot be moved due to an effect of the chemical testing. Really

  • Bullying Rhetorical Analysis

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    Many people day to day feel worthless. Why do they feel this way? They might feel this way because at some point in their life they have been called a name, threatened, or have had a rumor spread about them or ect. If you have felt this way you have been a victim of bullying. Bullying has five major parts to it verbal, social, cyber, physical, and lastly mental. My other question to you now is if you are a victim of bullying have you spoke up? Do you think you have been heard? Well, in the movie

  • Andrew Jackson Tyrant

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    Andrew Jackson, being a tyrant, abused his power in his time of presidency.  He was the 7th president, but before Jackson’s presidency, he had no political experience. One of the only things that really qualified him was the hardships he went through when he was younger. His father had died while Jackson was young and Jackson received the reputation as a “self-made man”, or an independent man. This title gave him a boost on reasons of why he should become president. Other than that, Jackson should

  • Violence In Solomon Northup's Twelve Years A Slave

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    his plantation, the amount of violence Northup details becomes more frequent, and he describes the fear that all slaves faced at the beginning of the new work day “Then the fears and labours of another day begin; and until its close there is no such thing as rest. He fears he will be caught lagging through the day; he fears to approach the gin house with his basket-load of cotton at night; he fears, when he lies down, that he will oversleep himself in the morning. (Northup, pg.171). Solomon Northup

  • Informative Speech Of Animal Cruelty: Effects Of Animals

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    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Do you know who says this quote? It came from a famous person from India, Mahatma Gandhi. Nowadays, many animals are abused and injured. The worst thing is when they become experimental material for chemical products experiments.For example, there is a video that went viral about a monkey with horrific face and one of its hands cannot be moved due to an effect of the chemical testing. Really inhumane