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  • Taxation Policy Analysis

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    “When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income” – Plato The introduction of the socialism aspect into the legal system gives birth to a new chapter i.e. taxation policy. The taxation policy are not the novel part that can be levied on the business entities, individual as well as the on the business transaction. It is in existence since the time immemorial. As the modern business world is trying to expand itself to its zenith which result

  • Essay On Personal Taxation

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    BOHAN ZHANG BSBA12005 Assignment 1. Personal Taxation Personal taxation is a direct tax levied on income of a person. A person includes an individual, a company, an Association of Persons (AOP) or Body of individuals (BOI), a local authority, a non-juristic body of person and an undivided estate. In general, a person liable to personal taxation has to calculate his tax liability, file tax return and pay tax by the end of the year to the government. Taxpayers are classified into resident and non-resident

  • Land Taxation Research Paper

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    Different countries implement property taxation differently to suite their objectives. Some countries will tax land and improvements while others will only tax land. Table 1 and 2 above shows this phenomenon. Childress, Hasen, Solomon & van den Brink, is of the notion that, “land tax as a policy instrument for land redistribution has a mixed reaction in terms of success in different countries around the world. In Brazil the policy had little success and similar policies in the Caribbean in places

  • Definition Of Taxation Essay

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    CHAPTER ONE DESCRIPTION OF TAXATION 2.1 Introduction to Taxation Tax is a reissuance instrument, that is, all tax collection will be government revenue, then used to provide public goods (including public services). Direct taxes are imposed on individuals through income taxes, and on companies in the form of corporate income tax. Indirect taxes are imposed on producers or consumers in the current market. Indirect taxes aim to increase government revenue, eg service tax, sales tax and others. Indirect

  • The Pros And Cons Of Progressive Taxation

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    This implies that taxation will make a positive impact on employment and be beneficial to the economy if labour tax rate reduces (Apere, 2003). Studies have observed the existing behaviour of tax evasion and tax avoidance and both imply the reduction of the tax bill. The behaviour of tax avoidance is regarded as legal; it is the use of strategies that makes it possible for any taxpayer to minimise tax in a legal way, and to search for strategies for the exploitation of deficiency or uncertainties

  • The Pros And Cons Of Estate Taxation

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    Introduction Estate taxation has always been the controversial issues for tax policy for years. There are people who are adherent to this kind of levy but there are also people who are not in favor of this type of tax. Supporters of estate tax argue that this tax helps cut down controlling powers and promotes fairness of economic opportunity – to distribute the assets of the rich (ctj Q&A). Critics on the other hand argue that estate taxation lessens the incentives for wealth accumulation in two

  • Essay About Taxation In The Philippines

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    Philippines, 1st of the countries in ASEAN in terms of taxation with a rate of 32% Income tax and 30% Corporate tax. One might assume that the rates imposed by the burdensome 19-year-old tax system would be made up with generous benefits. Sadly, It has only led to stagnation and degradation of the quality of life of our citizens for both the present and possibly the future generations. Currently, The 19-year-old tax system uses the same progressive tax brackets from 1990. Wherein the exchange rate

  • Double Non-Taxation Analysis

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    taxed by more than one jurisdiction thus resulting in double taxation. The interaction can also leave gaps, which result in an item of income not being taxed anywhere thus resulting in so called ‘double non-taxation’. Corporations have urged bilateral and multilateral co-operation among countries to address differences in tax rules that results in double taxation, while simultaneously exploiting difference that result in double non-taxation. Treaty rules for taxing business profits use the concept

  • Taxation In The Roman Empire

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    literally, seen as the light, in an otherwise dark world and all of this magnificence was made possible due to the Roman system of taxation. Roman taxation system helped to build a solid economic foundation of the Roman Empire. So here comes to a question: how did the Roman taxation work? Since we all know that nobody would love paying taxes, but how did the Roman taxation gain the general support and sustain the system successfully? While there was not only one kind of taxes collected but also with

  • Taxation In Nigeria Essay

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    somewhat arbitrary. This is basically due to lack of standardized method of assessing and collecting such taxes. Kiabel (2014) divided the history of taxation in Nigeria into three eras: Pre-colonial, Colonial and Post-Colonial. In the Pre-colonial era, the Eastern Province, not having constituted monarchical system, hardly practiced standard taxation. Roads and other community projects were

  • History Of Taxation In India

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    is growing and with the benefits accruing to the citizen as well as the non-citizen, burden being imposed on them in the form of tax is apparent. Taxation is a statutory field. No tax can be levied or collected except according to authority of law. Taxation is a vast subject. Indian taxing statutes are complex due to variety of reasons. The taxation is ever expanding

  • Double Taxation Concept

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    CONCEPT OF DOUBLE TAXATION: Double taxation is an unintended consequence of tax legislation which is generally seen as a negative element of a taxation system, and at the same time countries world over try to avoid it whenever possible, for example by providing reduced withholding tax rates or by providing obligatory corresponding adjustment in case of transfer pricing situation. International taxation issues deals with mainly two concepts which are also fundamental causes of international juridical

  • Filipino Workers In The Philippines

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    In our present time where poverty is dominating, many of the Filipino workers are experiencing lots of extreme problems such as paying higher rates of income tax. Did you know that the Philippines have the second highest income tax rates amongst its ASEAN-6 peers? Thailand and Vietnam are the leading countries which has a 35% tax rate whereas in the Philippines, its tax rate is 32% which is almost tantamount to the tax rates of the former countries. The mere difference is only 3% of it. My only question

  • Advantages Of Taxation In Bhutan

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    Taxation is a system of raising money for financing developmental activities by the government. Throughout history, people have debated the amount and kinds of taxes that the government should impose and how the burden of taxes are distributed across society. In order to maintain financial budget, the Royal Government of Bhutan raises majority of its government revenue through collection of tax payable by the general public. The taxation system involves individual tax-payer making payments to the

  • Essay On Regressive Tax

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    percentage of income form the low-income earners than what it does from the high-income earners in an economy. Progressive Tax: According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a progressive tax is a tax levied at a rate that increases as the quantity subject to taxation increases. This form of tax is imposed in an economy in an attempt to reduce the tax incidence of people with a lower ability to pay as the tax shifts the incident to the people with a higher ability to pay. The table below shows an example of a

  • The Effects Of Fiscal Federalism

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    Central thesis – Indian states are not yet ready for full fiscal federalism. (Partial fiscal federalism may be beneficial, but full fiscal federalism might adversely affect economic health and well-being) I) WHAT IS FISCAL FEDERALISM WHAT IS IT? Fiscal federalism is a prime topic of discussion in most countries right now. In both developed as well as developing economies, a turn to devolution to improve the performance of the public sectors is being considered. Major programs have been introduced

  • Importance Of Taxation In The Bahamas

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    Death and Taxes “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. This famous quote by Ben Franklin has held true in many nations, including the United States. We enjoy many privileges to live in the United States, but they come with a cost. That cost is tax. Tax on income, property, and purchases. We are led to believe that this tax is essential. If this is the case, then how do other countries manage without taxing the citizens? One country that does not charge income

  • Impact Of Government Influence On Tesco

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    One example of how the government can have effect on Tesco would be through taxes this could affect Tesco greatly as “The UK government has recently adopted a tax measure that affected Tesco. In 2011 the UK government increased the VAT rate from 17.5% to 20% with the aim to increase government revenue by £13 billion per year” this could have huge effects on Tesco as its going to be effect the amount of revenue that there getting each year this could affect the amount of products they can buy or the

  • American Revolution: No Taxation

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    They needed to be free, however the British then again felt that they were made to be utilized as a part of the way that suits them, the crown and parliament. This clash is exemplified in one of the energizing shouts of the American Revolution: No Taxation Without Representation. There were real occasions that prompt the American Revolution it was gradually constructed by time. The occasions sustained the craving of being free. 1754-1763 - French

  • Key Events In American History: The Reagan Revolution

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    The term “Reagan Revolution” is used to describe the era during Ronald Reagans two terms in office as President. Reagan ran on the platform of reduced government involvement. During his first inaugural address in 1981, Reagan stated “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” In years previous, if America had a problem, the government was there to step in and help. This is not the type of government that Regan wanted, he wanted the government