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  • Pablo Neruda's Ode To A Large Tuna In The Market

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    The ode is a poetic form meant to praise or exult a certain individual, usually in regards to their athletic ability. Historically, there have been odes to Olympians, leaders, and even Grecian urns, but in Pablo Neruda’s poem “Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market,” he is commending a dead fish amidst a sea of spoiling vegetation. He praises the tuna for being the premier fish in the sea, and how even the dead fish is magnificent in comparison to the surrounding prosaic goods; Neruda insists it is a

  • Symbolism In The Poem The Windhover

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    A windhover is also called kestrel – relating to hawk species. Because of its rare ability to fly high in the sky and the beautiful appearance, it is a symbol to represent royalty. With the dapple color on its body, it is magnificent looking while hovering on the sky. Hovering above most of the animals, the windhover watches every movement of the animals beneath its feet. Plus, the bird has fabulous eyesight, so it can spot its target from the sky. Whenever there is a chance, it will look for the

  • What Is Jealousy In Othello

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    Kaitlynn Snell Wehkamp AP English Literature 17 May 2015 The Green Eyed Monster That Never Went Away Jealousy, the word itself could be used to describe each and every one of us at sometime in our life. Jealousy, an emotion so vicious it can consume you, and can cause a variety of things you never would have imagined you would do. In love the word jealousy can be defined as “inclined to or troubled by suspicions of fears or rivalry, unfaithfulness, ect (Villines). We see this time less psychological

  • Confessional Elements In Kamala Das's Poetry

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    CONFESSIONAL ELEMENT IN KAMALA DAS’S POETRY Dr. Dibyajyoti Likharu Assistant Professor, Deptt. of English Howraghat College, Karbi- Anglong, Assam Email: ABSTRACT: Kamala Das is one of prominent literary figure in Indian writing in English. Her poetic output is contained in four volumes of poems which include “Summer in Calcutta”, “The Descendants”, “The Old Playhouse and Other Poems” and “Stranger Time”. Problems of women are the central theme in most of her poems. Kamala

  • The Theme Of Death In Fahrenheit 451

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    The concept of death in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 has a paramount influence on the narrative. As a counter-productive fireman living under an authoritarian government in the 24th century, Montag has no choice but to accept the status quo and remain obedient, although he takes great pride in his vocation. In the beginning of the novel, he burns a home and rejoices in it. He feels gratified by watching the flames and has a dark humour about it; “he wanted above all, like the old joke, to shove

  • Summary Of Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes

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    the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes, the reader here’s from two different speakers, and how they both seperately want America to change. One of the speakers wants America to go back to what it was before, while the other responds in small comments, building up to say the quote you read at the beginning. In the poem “Let America Be America Again” the author has two separate speakers with contradicting thoughts, the author relates to problems that were happening in the real world

  • Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Poem Analysis

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    Walt Whitman´s poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” uses the theme of time to communicate a sense of Transcendentalist unity. Whitman 's Transcendentalist speaker enters the "appearances" and "usual costumes" of the universe of wonders keeping in mind the end goal to find the truth that ties each and all together in one The speaker, as The title already indicates taking a ferry in New York, does not waste any time before presenting the idea that all humans are united in their common experience. The

  • Edna St. Vincent Millay's The Courage That My Mother Had

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    away, and the second stanza tell the reader that the mother did not leave the correct gift to the speaker. The third and final stanza is when the speaker expresses their anger and explains why the speaker is so upset with the mother. When “The courage that my mother had” is first read, it seems like the speaker is angry and upset with the mother for not leaving the correct gift, her courage, but the speaker is upset that he or she does not have their mother to depend on anymore. The first stanza begins

  • If You Were Coming In The Fall Analysis

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    taking so long it hurts the speaker. Emily attended Mount Holyoke female seminary and throughout her life she seldom left her own home, and rarely had visitors. Her poems were often deeply impacted by her own life. Emily Dickinson’s poem “If you were coming in the fall” was a poem about love, time, and separation, this is easy to tell due to the massive amount of desperation, anxiety, and pain, that seems to seep from the poem itself. The describes how much the speaker hates waiting for their loved

  • Gospel By Philip Levine Summary

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    viewpoint on life while receiving bad information. Throughout the poem the speaker uses similes, metaphors, synechdoches, rhetorical questions, and personification to explain more to the readers. The beginning lines explain and give background information to the readers on how the man viewed the world. As the poem goes on the tone of the poem starts to shift to a sense of depression. In lines one through five, the speaker of the poem explains to the readers on how life looked to him by stating “The

  • Analyzing Themes In Alice Walker's Poem At Thirty-Nine

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    Poetry Commentary - End of Unit Assessment Losing an important person, for example a father, is not something you get over; it is something that stays with you your entire life. “Poem at Thirty-Nine” written by Alice Walker describes these feelings from the view of a forlorn 39 year old woman, pondering about the loss of her father. She talks about the things she regrets, and the wonderful relationship they had. Through this, she tries to convey the message that remembrance can be positive and negative

  • The Inner Voice In Mary Oliver's Journey

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    over their actions and instead find their own inner voice. The speaker in the journey reveals, symbolism, mood, tone, style, and repetition, enjambment, and dictation to captivate the readers. From the beginning of the journey, the speaker introduces us to the sudden realization, that the moment we find our own inner voice, is the exact moment we will know true bliss. However, the speaker wants the readers to act fast, so the speaker constructs the poem to illustrate her message without having to

  • Misogyny In My Last Duchess

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    with a shy woman before marriage. The speaker believed that there is not enough time to go through the flirting and admiration stages with her, so they should fast forward to having sex. While both poets have a character in their poem that portray a controlling attitude, Browning focuses on the fate of the duchess who disobeys him while Marvel

  • Analysis Of The Poem Acquainted With The Night

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    In the poem “Acquainted with the night” the speaker is talking about where he has gone through and what he sees. He has been strolling around at night quite a few times. The speaker has journeyed towards and also away from somewhere, most likely his home, while it has been raining. He has walked the entire city even passed the city lights and also has been through the saddest streets. The speaker also talks about how he encountered a watchman but did not acknowledge the man simply so he wouldn’t

  • 'Metaphysical Poetry In John Dryden's The Canonization'

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    The term “metaphysical poetry” was coined by John Dryden but popularised by the literary critic and poet Samuel Johnson in England in the 17th century. Metaphysical poetry deals with the relationship between spirit and matter, merging emotion and intellectual ingenuity (Encyclopedia Britannica). It studies anything that exists or could exist, using abstract reasoning. Poems of this kind often contain parodies, puns and paradoxes and are characterised by conceit or “wit”. While metaphysical poetry

  • Rick Reilly's Short Story 'Thank You, Ma' Am

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    traveler or speaker however you want to call him has two roads or paths in to go down. One road most people took because they think that their are “a lot of people their let's follow them”. Then there is another road or path that a lot of people didn’t take. The person that did the right thing was the speaker. Some evidence that explains that the speaker did the right thing is, “ Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by,” (Frost 4). My evidence show that the speaker has thought

  • My Dearest Lover Analysis

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    It is a poem that portrays the love between two young lovers and of how over time their love will grow and deepen, but at the same as they physically get older, their ages will bring them closer to death. The speaker is afraid of losing her loved one as she sees him as a pillar of strength that she relies on for support, and without her pillar, she is nothing. One can notice that she is heavily dependent on time to move slow as she does not want time to make way

  • Motivational Speaker Advantages

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    Taking full advantage of Your Motivational Speaker A choice occasion organizer is a capable illusionist, changing months of arranging and distressing warmth existing apart from everything else choice making into what appears like a consistent and easy occasion. The privilege motivational speaker is an entertainer of sorts, as well, throwing an enduring spell over group of onlookers individuals and making them see the world- - and their ability to change it- - with new eyes. The finished result

  • Theme Of Betrayal In A View From The Bridge

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    How does Miller explore the theme of Betrayal in ‘A View from the Bridge’? Betrayal is an extremely important theme in Arthur Millers 1950’s play ‘A View from the Bridge’. The setting and community of the play, play a vital role in showing this themes significance; with the Italian American Red Hook community underpinned by the law of Omertà, a code that dictates silence and forbade people from cooperating with authorities, an extremely obvious portrayal of how betrayal is loathed within the community

  • Essay On Obi Okonkwo's Downfall

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    Chinua Achebe makes, the protagonist, Obi Okonkwo responsible for his own (financial and moral) downfall, while making his circumstances and other characters the catalysts. The ‘how we got here’ structure of the novel, with the protagonist's introduction happening at the trial (the end of the timeline), intrigues the reader how Obi Okonkwo arrived at this moment. The reader is first introduced to Obi during his trial, where he is charged with corruption. Obi Okonkwo’s first portrayal is as a disappointment