The World State Essays

  • The Pros And Cons Of The United States In World War I

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    While the United States proclaimed itself as a neutral country in the beginning of the devastating first World War, many disagree with the statement that America wanted to remain neutral for various reasons. World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, then quickly escalated to division into two sides between European countries; including the Allied Powers, which consisted of Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the Central Powers that included Germany, Austria-Hungary

  • Comparing George Orwell's A Hanging, Wells Hitler And The World State

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    George Orwell is a world renowned author who wrote several books and many texts that are continually relevant to today’s society. He paints a vivid picture in several of his essays about the world during war and capital punishment that remains relevant to society today. While most of this may seem irrelevant to our society and current events in this day and age many of the essays he has written are. One can see this clearly in the similarities between our world today and Orwell’s essays “A Hanging”

  • Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea

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    Critically examine the philosophical ideas that are expressed in Sartre’s novel Nausea Jean-Paul Sartre was a French Philosopher, novelist and literary critic. He was born on the 21st of June, 1905. During his life, he was one of the important figures in the philosophy of existentialism and also one of the prominent individuals in the 20th century French philosophy and Marxism. Existentialism is a 20th century philosophy which is basically centred on the analysis of existence, freedom and choice

  • Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Analysis

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    Kiss of the spiderwoman, written by Manuel Puig, is about two prisoners Valentin and Molina, hold in a Argentinean prison in the late seventies. The story is developed through an extended dialogue between the two prisoners. Molina is a middle aged man who was arrested for molesting a child even though this was not the true reason. In the late sixties this accusation was often used for plebeians who did not fit in society, like molina, who is a homosexual. Molina passes the time as he retells films

  • The Great Gatsby Theme Of Love

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    The Great Gatsby is all about the social interactions of the narrator Nick Carraway has with others as he attempts to integrate himself into his new life. Born in Wisconsin and having served in World War I Nick Carraway (the protagonist of the novel) seeked a better life in New York pursuing a place in the bond business. F. Scott Fitzgerald pays great attention to detail in his novel while following the ventures of Nick while he works to conform himself to his new life. Fitzgerald treats the subtleties

  • Edward Scissorhands Film Analysis

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    Edward Scissor-Hands Draft The film Edward Scissorhands was directed by Tim Burton, it is about a man with scissors hands who struggles to feel acceptance and belonging, unfortunately he lives in a perfect community where they don't like change and find it hard to accept him as a person. In the film, the community was quick to reject and take advantage of him because of his unique ability which led to isolation and the community singling him out. Society quickly judges and disregards Edward Scissorhands

  • Totalitarianism Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction Two main types of states are distinguished namely Totalitarian states as well as Liberal Democratic States. Both these regime types differ greatly however both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Totalitarian states are usually closely associated with tyrannical form of rule. Totalitarianism is an all-encompassing system of political rule (Heywood,2013:269), this means that this regime type rules over all aspects of the lives of the people it governs. Liberal Democracy

  • Theme Of Symbolism In The Swimmer

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    things of life. Moreover, Cheever employs the symbols to describe that story and the main character such as swimming pool, alcohol, and so many. However, the symbolism in the journey that Neddy undertakes and its connection to modern being in the world such as Alcoholism, Loneliness, and Depression. There is a sense in which this excellent allegorical short story presents us with a rather harsh critique of rich and powerful in American society. Alcohol symbolizes Neddy's desire for fun-loving

  • Body Clock Poem Analysis

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    contemporary American poet, who seems to be very appalled about where the world is today. The references she makes often describe the world negatively, by calling it a hot or dead place, and by comparing it to a hellish state. Sikelianos doesn’t hold anything back, even if it may offend some. Instead, she tries to point out the flaws of the world and people’s dedication to time, along with helping guide her audiences to a free-minded state. In Body Clock, she is most concerned with the relationship of time

  • Umasvata Sutra Summary

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    and nuns.” Umasvati, a thinker who most likely lived in the fourth century BCE, established a philosophical tactic that both sects acknowledged. In the Tattvartha Sutra, or Aphorisms on the Meaning of Reality, Umasvati concisely summaries the Jain world-view, describing karma,cosmology, morals, and the levels of spiritual achievement. Later thinkers, including Haribhadra and Hemacandra of the Svetambara tradition, and Jinasena and Virasena of the Digambara tradition, developed a wide-ranging literary

  • Multitasking In An Always-On World

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    allocate time to multiple things instead of focusing on one. The end result is producing several average things in comparison to one great thing. This is exactly what S. Craig Watkins, author of “Fast Entertainment and Multitasking in an Always-On World”, discusses when he outlines why multitasking is hurtful. This aligns with ICMPA’s view, author of “Students Addicted to Social Media”, who also believes that multitasking is bad but not necessarily harmful for people. Although both authors agree

  • The Silent Majority Speech Analysis

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    freedom from socialistic ideals instead of the traditional meaning of a state of tranquility or freedom from civil disturbance. Nixon in the first few lines states “I had to think of the effect of my decision on the next generation and on the future of peace and freedom in America and in the world”. Nixon’s prospects for peace and freedom to most seem earnest and whole hearted painting the president as one who strives for a world without war or conflict. Nixon stating that he “had to think of the effect

  • Isolation In Funeral Blues And Mid-Term Break

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    Explore how the poets present the theme of isolation in Funeral Blues and Mid-Term Break. Isolation is the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others. The theme of isolation, escapism, disconnection and connotation of death are extensively explored in the poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney and Funeral Blues by WH Auden. Mid-Term Break is written in a narrative style as Heaney writes about the death of his younger brother and captures the emotions of the event including

  • Humorous Wedding Speech Sample

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    This Is My Wish I come before you all today, humbled at the fact, that all of you will let me address you in such a magnitude of which I step up to this podium. I come before you all to tell you of my dreams for my future and for the world. I come before you all to tell you all about how I will shape my future and how I will help to make sure the future of many others is secure. I come before you with hope in my head and determination in my heart, to live my life as I choose. I have a dream. I

  • A Language Older Than Words Derrek Jensen Analysis

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    between all species and a have a renewed realization of our interdependence on the entire world and all that is on it. Jensen believes that the structure of humanity contributes heavily to violence and abuse that is inflicted across the globe. These structures he terms, “cultural eyeglasses” are imposed on individual’s through larger agencies, such as, Christianity, public education or the government. Jensen States, “Perception is of course intimately tied to preconception. I have, as is true for each

  • Predator Cities Literary Analysis

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    called Predator Cities written by Phillip Reeve. In this series the earth had been changed drastically after a terrifying and total modern war that lasted a mere sixty minutes, nations do not exist in the formal sense and cities exist as giant city-states that move on tracks. Life and death hangs in the balance through a system known as “Municipal Darwinism” but how well does it compare to the idea of Social Darwinism that existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Social Darwinism is the

  • Freedom In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World

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    Huxley’s a Brave New World depicts the various ideas of freedom. When introducing the World State, Huxley portrays it as a utopia. To the World State, freedom is having the power to condition and to be conditioned. It is a place where mass production “keeps the wheels steadily turning” (228) and where truth and beauty have no place. In contrast to this, when Huxley introduces John he reveals a completely different portrayal of freedom. John consistently claims to the World State that his lack of conditioning

  • Theme Of Isolation In The Giver

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    others in. Places and people sometimes divide themselves from the world. Many people, when they hear the word “isolation”, they assume that it is only referring to a social situation, or others just assume it is only referring to a geographical situation. That is far from the truth. Isolation can really be either one, and even more, as the definition of isolation is: cause (a person or place) to remain alone or apart from others. This states that anyone, anything, anyplace, can be isolated. In the novel

  • Explication Of The Poem Africa By Maya Angelou

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    This explication is on the poem “Africa” by Maya Angelou. In the poem, the speaker shows the suffering of Africa by personification, imagery, and wordplay to result that Africa is moving forward to regain herself to give us all the world has done to Africa. The speaker is a knowledgeable person who is passionate and knows well about Africa. The poem takes the setting of Africa and in the time period around the 1400s - 1500s. The poem is an ABAB pattern with three stanzas. The first stanza of the

  • Crash Ouroboros Analysis

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    to be accepting and open minded are typically the ones who judge the most without intention or acknowledgement. There is a huge part of this world that blames everyone else for their troubles and problems when in reality,