Tonic Essays

  • Analysis Of Igor Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring

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    The word “ballet” brings to mind words such as “grace” or “beauty” when heard by many people. The definition itself states that it is a form of dance that uses precise steps and light, graceful motions. This definition was in the minds of those who attended the Théâtre des Champs-Élysèes in May 1913, but rather they were greeted with the complete opposite. When Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Rite of Spring opened, the audience was greeted with swift, chaotic music that quickly became a whirlwind of sound

  • Prince Purple Rain Analysis

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    Track 3: When Doves Cry Prince, Purple Rain The Purple Rain film followed the same redemption storyline as the record, and it added fictional flesh to Prince’s journey of moral enlightenment. It was the tale of a kid from a broken family who had trouble with relationships. He was a controlling brat who shut people out of his life. He was unable to hold onto love, until he finally found peace with who he was, and he found that peace by discovering a bond with his father. The movie aggregated all

  • Tonic Seizures Essay

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    caused by many different things or sometimes they just happen. One of the seizures is tonic/clonic seizures or grand mal seizures. This seizure affects the entire brain, it makes the body stiffen, followed by a phase of rapid muscle contractions (extreme shaking). The tonic phase of this is characterized by a stiffening of the body and the clonic phase is characterized by muscle contractions and relaxations. Some tonic/clonic seizures are preceded by a warning signal called an aura. An aura is a sensation

  • Darnell Martin's Lore Episode 'They Made A Tonic'

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    Dracula’s Origin How far would you go to save someone you love? Would you throw away your human identity for them? These are the types of questions that the director of the lore episode “They made a tonic”, Darnell Martin, asks the audience. Ms. Martin is a well acclaimed director, having many of her projects nominated for prestigious awards such as Cadillac records, Firelight, and I Like it Like That. Martin also won best new director in 1994, with her release of I Like it Like That. Most recently

  • Richard Ramirez Behavior

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    Richard Ramirez was born February 29, 1960 in El Paso, Texas. His parents, ma and pa kettle, both had occupations that demanded long hours of work for meagre pay. He experienced a troublesome childhood growing up in a family where he was the youngest of seven children. Richard’s father and grandfather both exhibited abusive behaviours towards their wives and children. All the Ramirez children suffered from health problems. The government was conducting nuclear bomb testing nearby, and the toxic

  • Chopin And Felix Mendelssohn Analysis

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    the tonic-dominant relation. Often, Romantic composers, in this case, Frederic Chopin and Felix Mendelssohn, use symmetrical divisions of the octave as a platform from which they can launch wandering or very pointed progressions, depending on the direction and magnitude of the potential harmonic energy. Whether it is a continuous circle of minor thirds or a form of axial melody that teeters much like a seesaw, these balanced relationships of pitches have a destabilizing effect on the tonic as it

  • Bach Gavotte Essay

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    It cannot be simple binary because the first section of the piece does not resolve to the original tonic of the piece. Instead of resolving to I in G major, it resolves to I in D major. The reason the piece is not in a rounded binary is because the second section would need to start in V of the original key, however in this piece, the second section begins

  • Voiles, From Book I Of Preludes By Claude Debussy

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    Voiles, from Book I of Preludes by Claude Debussy was written during a time when Impressionism and Symbolism were thriving in music, art, literature, and poetry. With symbolism, artists broke away from traditional techniques in order to indirectly evoke specific emotions, images, and concepts without merely describing them. Symbolist poets often used strategic spatial placement, word sizing, and nontraditional grammar in order to add nuance to the meaning of the text. Impressionism was a similar

  • The Yellow Wallpaper Literary Analysis

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    woman with a high social placement, the narrator of “The Yellow Wallpaper” goes insane for many different reasons such as tonics, depression and isolation. To start with she is constantly having to take tonic’s each hour in the day. While she is in the nursery she takes tonics because her physician thinks that it will help her get better. Constantly having to take the tonics, it could be making her have illusions. As she is laying in her room she starts to

  • Essay On Sonata Form

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    development, and recapitulation. Expositions are often repeated, whereas development and recapitulation sections are repeated occasionally. The exposition section compromises the principal theme, divided into two subjects. The first subject starts with tonic key and modulates to the dominant key in the second subject. For minor key in the first subject, this will modulate to the relative major. Sometimes, the counter-subject exists within the first subject, thus, leading into the second subject into a

  • Mozart Classical Concerto (Piano Concerto)

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    more agitated. Reverse antiphon now beginning with the woodwinds in unison and answered by the string section in the 1st violin part. The chromatic line at bar 55 crescendos to a climax at bar 56. Tension is heightened by the horns playing the tonic an octave apart. Double exposition Principal Theme/ 1st tonal area The piano enters solo on the principal theme/ 1st tonal area with alberti bass accompaniment. The principal theme/ 1st tonal area is embellished by scale passages and arpeggios which

  • Summary: The Yellow Wallpaper

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    551). It is thought that she (the narrator) has a baby that leads to her to being depressed, which may lead to her mental state of mind. In addition, being away from her baby may have led her to the use of potent substances such as phosphates and tonics. Although she may be a woman of high social status the narrator goes mad for several reasons, she is, drugged, lonely,

  • The Classical Symphony Essay

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    theme, in the tonic key and continues on to the transition. During the transition stage, the tonic key is carries over to the dominant key and gets the listener ready for the introduction of the second theme. Furthermore, a development stage is necessary to carry the music and during this time, the themes are developed and ‘worked’ upon, so to say. Again, there is a transition, this time referred to as a retransition. Here the dominant key is left and the music returns to the tonic key. Finally,

  • D Minor N. 1-3 Analysis

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    are now expanded with tragic silences. Allegretto A unique motive made into a kind of "perpetuum mobile". The writing of the left hand part is to be noted for its request to hold the dominant tone of A in its arpeggios. This held tone, A, in both tonic and dominant arpeggios give the melody an obsessional allure. The movement is also noticeable with its long ranging dynamics, crescendos and diminuendos, as well brisk changes, forte and piano. It is very interesting to note that the unique fortissimo

  • West African-American Slavery

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    Blues could not exist if the African captives had not become American slaves. Without African slaves from West Africa, there would be no blues music. The immediate predecessors of blues were the Afro-American/American Negro work songs, which had their musical origins in West Africa. It is impossible to say how old the blues are but it is certainly no older than the presence of Negros in the United States. The African slaves brought their music with them to the New World. This is the starting

  • Prelude And Fugue Analysis

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    more subsections, which is extremely different from the loud, energetic and almost violent start. However, here too the key changes momentarily in D-sharp minor. The final section that closes the piece echoes the first section which then ends in its tonic

  • Flaxseed Informative Speech

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    The herbs for weight loss are the natural constituents. They are mostly used during the process of weight reduction. These herbs create a mammoth amount of impact on the human body and mind. Today, I'm going to discuss with you some of the herbal medicines which are extremely beneficial for weight loss and health. St. Johns Wort This herb is found in subtropical parts of North America, Europe, Asia, Russia, India, and China. This herbal medication is considered to be extremely beneficial against

  • Slavery In South Central America Essay

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    The Middle Passage is what we know as the voyages of bringing over of the African slaves, 12.5 million to be exact. Gin and Tonic was another creation out of the cultural exchange and allowed disease to be put at ease. The Silk Road is what enticed the African Rulers to trade their own slaves. Thinking they would benefit from gunpowder, and weapons to fight their own enemies

  • Theoretical Aspects Of Counterpoint

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    Counterpoint can be defined as the combination of different melodic lines in a composition. Good counterpoint requires both a logical harmonic relationship between the lines as well as a degree of individuality and independences within the lines. Theorists have emphasized the vertical aspects of species counterpoint by defining the certain note combinations that are dissonances and consonances and prescribing where both should occur in both strong and weak beats. To contrast this, many great composers

  • Mozart Marriage Of Figaro Analysis

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    6. Take a single act from the Marriage of Figaro and, using particular examples, show how Mozart structures the act in terms key, form and texture. How does the opera critique the social order of the time? This essay looks at the first act of Mozart’s opera buffa ‘Marriage of Figaro’ in detail, specifically focussing on the key, form and texture used within this act. Alongside this, the essay will also analyse how the opera as an entirety critiques the social order of the time. The story