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  • Analysis Of Jean-Baptiste Lully's Tragedie-Lyrique Armide

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    Introductory paragraph Jean-Baptiste Lully created a unique French opera and his tragedie-lyrique Armide is a prime example of his use of French tradition. French opera was exceedingly different in performance practice from Italian opera. At the beginning of the eighteenth-century, Francois Raguenet and Jean-Laurent Lecerf published treatises criticizing and praising French style opera. Their praise and criticism can be applied to Lully’s Armide to demonstrate the controversial issues raised

  • Descriptive Essay: A Day At The Living Room

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    that means?” I shake my head. While his chocolate eyes stare off into the distance, he rubs his chin with his fingertips. “It means you won 't be able to see your papa for a long time.” I furrow my brow as I gaze into his oval face. Unlike Papa, Vincenzo wears a lot of scars surrounding his cheeks and around his chin, reminding me of holes, though I can 't determine how they got there. He wears his chestnut hair gelled back, neatly away from his face, revealing more scars along his brow. His already