Yerma Essays

  • Compare And Contrast Yerma

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    Disturb” wants to have a baby, but cant because of her situation and her husband just wants her to live. Yerma from Lorca’s drama “Yerma” wants to have a child, but her husband does not want to have any. Both stories are based o the fact that the women want to have children, but their husbands seem to be against their faith and decisions. While the Wife wants to die because she feels empty, Yerma takes things too far and leads to the death of her husband. While the main characters in both stories

  • The Characters Of Yerma In Federico Garcia Lorca

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    Lorca’s play, a woman, who has a leading role, named Yerma, is a self-defined name of the character as it instigates from the Spanish word “Yermo”. The alternative meaning of this name comprise barren, isolated, as well as infertile are all definitions of “Yermo”, thus, these all are detailed individualities of the show’s character, Yerma. This paper discusses this character who is a woman surrounded in an unproductive relation with her husband, Juan. Yerma existed in a culture which depends on parenthood