ipl Isle Royale Travelog

Isle Royale Travelog

Videos About Isle Royale

  • Isle Royale
    Upper Midwest Videos, 1994
  • Exploring Isle Royale: An Island Wilderness
    National Park Service, 1994
  • Ghost Ships of Isle Royale
    Southport Video, 1993
  • Isle Royale Lights
    Keweenaw Video Productions, 1993
  • Isle Royale Reflections
    On-Que Productions, 1992
  • Hidden Treasures of American’s National Parks
    Distributed by Questar Video, 1991
  • Isle Royale National Park
    Upper Midwest Videos, 1990
  • Isle Royale’s Wildflowers: An Introduction
    Isle Royale Natural History Association, 1987
  • Isle Royale, Island Wilderness
    Isle Royale Natural History Association, 1987

Isle Royale Travelog
Conceived and developed by Alexandra Van Doren and Carol Whittaker
Photographs by Alexandra Van Doren
Text by Carol Whittaker and Alexandra Van Doren