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Sites about Eugene Onegin

by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

Critical sites about Eugene Onegin

Tatiana’s Letter, A Literary Legacy: From Pushkin�s Eugene Onegin to D. M. Thomas’s White Hotel
“Originating in Alexander Pushkin’s 1833 narrative poem Eugene Onegin,orchestrated by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky in his 1878 opera, choreographed by John Cranko in his 1965 ballet, and finally returning to literary form in D. M. Thomas’s 1981 novel The White Hotel, Tatiana’s letter is an eloquent example of intertextuality through different historical periods and artistic genres. Tracing the peregrinations of Tatiana’s letter through these several settings can illuminate its various artistic contexts and demonstrate how these versions resonate through Thomas’s quintessentially postmodernist fiction to provide a palimpsest that complicates his portrait of female subjectivity. “
Author: Nora Foster Stovel
From: International Fiction Review 1998; 25 no. 1-2:1-11

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