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Sites about Intruder in the Dust

by William Faulkner

When Lucas Beauchamp is wrongly accused of a crime, Chick Mallison searches for the real killer.

Characters: Chick Mallison, Lucas Beauchamp
Keywords: Yoknapatawpha County, lynching, murder, racial issues

Critical sites about Intruder in the Dust

Faulkner, Modernism, and the Discourse of Racism in Intruder in the Dust
“By doing no more than naming this double predicament of outmodedness, I wish to suggest the rationale for a deconstructuve approach to the late modernist Intruder in the Dust. My objective involves relating the comparable fates of two major European influences on American literary practice: modernism and post-structuralism. Both carried within themselves the urge to dismantle, disfigure, and refigure expressive as well as social forms, and both suffered repulsion by the counter-thrust of an apolitical, liberal democratic individualism.”
Contains: Historical Context, Content Analysis
Author: John T. Matthews
Keywords: William Faulkner, racial issues, African-Americans

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