Native American Authors: Book Index

Native American Authors: Index by Book Title


A, B, C’s : the American Indian way

Abiding Appalachia: where mountain and atom meet

The aboriginal sin : reflections on the Holy Rosary Indian Mission School (Red Cloud Indian School)

Aboriginal Tattooing in California

Aboriginally yours, Chief Henry Red Eagle

The absence of angels

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Acadian & Cajun Cooking & Old Remedies, (The Way Memere Made Them)

Access to survival : a perspective on Aboriginal self-government for the constituency of the Native Council of Canada

An account of the Chippewa Indians: Who have been travelling among the whites, in the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium, with … to their hospitality, peculiarities, etc.


Acorn Soup

The Actor

Acts of Love

An address to whites

Adobe Angels : The Ghosts of Santa Fe and Taos

Adobe Angels: The Ghosts of Albuquerque

Adobe Angels: The Ghosts of Santa Fe


Africans and Native Americans : the language of race and the evolution of Red-Black peoples

Afro-Americans in the Far West : a handbook for educators

After a Summer Rain in the Upper Sonoran

“After a Year”

After and Before the Lightning

After the Death of an Elder Klallam

After the First Full Moon in April – A Sourcebook of Herbal Medicine from a California Indian Elder

Aftermath : an anthology of poems in English from Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean

Aggressions of civilization : federal Indian policy since the 1880s

Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians; an Indian interpretation / Buffalo Bird Woman’s garden : agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians

The Ahtna Noun Dictionary

Alaska by motorcycle

Alaska native writers, storytellers and orators

Alaskan: Stories from the Great Land

An album of the American Indian

Alcatraz is not an island

Alcatraz! Alcatraz! : the Indian occupation of 1969-1971

Algonquin legends of South Haven

All my relations : an anthology of contemporary Canadian native fiction

All My Sins Are Relatives

All My Tomorrows

All our relations : native struggles for land and life

All The Beautiful Sinners

Alleys and Allies

Almanac of the Dead

Almighty voice and his wife : a play in two acts

Almost Flying

Alphabet (chapbook)


The Alutiiq Noun Dictionary

American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone

The American book of the dead

American Indian Activism: Alcatraz to the Longest Walk

The American Indian and Alaska native higher education funding guide

The American Indian and the media

American Indian authors.

American Indian chapbook

American Indian Cultural Heroes and Teaching Tales

American Indian earth sense : herbaria of ethnobotany and ethnomycology

American Indian Ghost Stories of the Southwest

American Indian healing arts : herbs, rituals, and remedies for every season of life

American Indian Identity : Today’s Changing Perspectives

The American Indian in western legal thought : the discourses of conquest

The American Indian index : a directory of Indian country, USA

American Indian myths and legends

American Indian Novelists : An Annotated Critical Bibliography

American Indian policy in the twentieth century

American Indian Prophecies: Conversations with Chasing Deer

American Indian Prophets : Religious Leaders and Revitalization Movements

The American Indian Reader: History

American Indian reservations and trust areas

American Indian sovereignty and the U.S. Supreme Court : the masking of justice

American Indian stories

American Indian Voices presents Johnny Moses, storyteller from Northwest Pacific coast

American Indian Women: Leaders in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun

American Indians : stereotypes and realities

American Indians as Cowboys

American Indians, American justice

American Literary Scholarship : An Annual, 1990

American words : an introduction to those native words used in English in the United States and Canada

Amikoonse (Little Beaver)

Among the dog eaters : poems

Analysis of patient and staff characteristics, presenting problems and attitudes towards mental health

Anasazi legends : songs of the wind dancer

Ancient acid flashes back : poems

The Ancient Child

Androscoggin Too

Angle of Geese and Other Poems

Anglo Expansionists and Navajo Raiders : A Conflict of Interest

Animal Lore and Legend: Buffalo

Anishinaabe Mino-Bimaadiziwin / The Way of a Good Life

Aniyunwiya / real human beings : an anthology of contemporary Cherokee prose

Another Attempt at Rescue

Another distance

Another song for America

The Antelope Wife

Antelope Woman : an Apache folktale

An anthology of Canadian native literature in English

Anza, Garces, and the Yuma Frontier : During the Era of the American Revolution

Apache children and elders talk together

Apache legends : songs of the Wind Dancer

Apache, Navaho, and Spaniard

The Apaches

Ararapikva : creation stories of the people : traditional Karuk Indian literature from northwestern California

The archaeological history of New York

Arctic dreams and nightmares

Arctic stories

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Arizona Ghost Stories

The arrow over the door

The Art of American Indian Cooking

Art of Native American Beadwork

As long as the grass shall grow and rivers flow : a history of Native Americans

As long as the rivers flow : the stories of nine Native Americans

As we are now : mixblood essays on race and identity

Ascending Red Cedar Moon

Ascending the reed : poems

“At the Edge of Town”

at the helm of twilight

Atlas of native history

Attacked By An Eagle

Aunt Sarah: woman of the Dawnland

Aurelia : a Crow Creek trilogy

The Authentic Dissertation: Alternative ways of knowing, research andrepresentation.


The Autobiography of a Fox Indian Woman

The Autobiography of a Papago Woman

The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian

The autobiography of a Yaqui poet

Autobiography of Delfina Cuero: A Diegueno Woman

Aztecas del norte ; the Chicanos of Aztlan


The baby blues

Baby rattlesnake

Baby Rattlesnake

Back then tomorrow

Back to Malachi

Backward to forward : prose pieces

Bad boys and black sheep : fateful tales from the West

Bad medicine

Bakk’aatugh ts’uhuniy = Stories we live by : traditional Koyukon Athabaskan stories

The bannock

Baptism of desire : poems

A Bare Unpainted Table


Baseball bats for Christmas

Battlefields and burial grounds : the Indian struggle to protect ancestral graves in the United States

Bead on an anthill : a Lakota childhood

The beadwork artistry of Rich Aitson : an exhibition, May 10-June 16, 1992.

The bear-walker and other stories

Bearheart : The Heirship Chronicles

Beautiful swift fox : Erna Fergusson and the modern southwest

Beautiful Words: The Complete Ahtna Poems

Beauty for Ashes

Because we cherish you : Sealaska elders speak to the future

Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood

The Bedbugs’ night dance and other Hopi sexual tales

The beet queen

Before an old painting of the Crucifixion, Carmel Mission, June, 1960

Beginner’s Genealogy Starter Kit, (Helping Guide & Research Forms)

The Beginning of the Chumash

Beginning Tlingit

Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties : an Indian declaration of independence

Being on the moon

Belle Highwalking : the narrative of a northern Cheyenne woman

Below Yudaha

The benchmark : from the collection working men, stories by Michael Dorris

Beneath my heart

Bent box

A Better Day for Indians

Between two rivers : selected poems 1956-1984

Beyond bounds : cross-cultural essays on Anglo, American Indian & Chicano literature

Beyond clinic walls

Bibliography of North American Indian mental health

Bibliography of the Osage

Bidato : ten mile river poems

Big buck city : a play in two acts

Big Falling Snow: A Tewa-Hopi Indian’s Life and Timesand the History and Traditions of His People

Big Lake: A Tragedy in Two Parts

Big Medicine from Six Nations

Big snow, little snow

Bighorse the warrior

The Binghamton Poems

Billboard in the Clouds

Bineshiinh dibaajmowin / Bird talk

The bingo palace

Birch bark booklets

The Birchbark House

Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun : An Athabascan Indian Legend from Alaska

The Bird is Gone: A Manifesto

The Birth of Nanabosho


Black Dawn, Bright Day : Indian Prophecies for the Millenium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth

Black Eagle Child : the Facepaint narratives

Black Elk : the sacred ways of a Lakota

Black Elk speaks : being the life story of a holy man of the Oglala Sioux

Black Jack Davy

Blackfoot children and elders talk together

Blackrobe : Isaac Jogues, b. March 11, 1607, d. October 18, 1646 : poems

Bleed Into Me: A Book of Stories

Blonde Indian: An Alaska Native Memoir

Blood thirsty savages

Bloodlines : odyssey of a native daughter

Blue and Red

Blue Dawn, Red Earth : New Native American Storytellers

Blue Dawn, Red Earth: New Native American Storytellers

Blue Highways

Blue horses for Navajo women

Blue horses rush in

The blue jay’s dance : a birth year

The Blue Roses

BMW GSing Around the World

Bob the Lizard

Bobbi Lee : struggles of a native Canadian woman

Bone Dance : New and Selected Poems, 1965-1993

Bone Game : A Novel

The book of ceremonies : a native way of honoring and living the sacred

The book of Jessica : a theatrical transformation

The Book of medicines

The bootlegger blues : a play

Border line

Born a Chief : The Nineteenth Century Hopi Boyhood of Edmund Nequatewa

Borrowed Coats

Boston Mountain Tales: Stories from a Cherokee Family

Bowman’s store : a journey to myself

A boy called Slow : the true story of Sitting Bull

The boy in the treehouse : Girl who loved her horses

A Boy Named What

The boy who lived with the bears : and other Iroquois stories

The boy who loved bears : adapted from a traditional Pawnee tale

A Branch of California Redwood


Breaking silence : an anthology of contemporary Asian American poets

Breath tracks



A breeze swept through

A Bridge Dead in the Water

A brief history of the Federal responsibility to the American Indian

Briefcase warriors : stories for the stage

The British Museum encyclopedia of native North America

Broke loose

The broken cord

The Broken Hoop

Broken pattern : sunlight & shadows of Hopi history

Brothers in arms

Brothers Three

Brownup, and other poems


Buffalo Bird Woman’s garden : agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians

Buffalo People


Bury My Heart at Redtree

The business of fancy dancing : stories and poems


California’s Indians and the Gold Rush

Canadian Born

A Cannon Between My Knees

Captain Dutch

Captured in the middle : tradition and experience in contemporary Native American writing


Carried Away by the Black River

Carriers of the Dream Wheel: Contemporary Native American Poetry.

Carrying the Chalice Forward and Other Secret Stories of North America

The cart that changed the world : the career of Sylvan N. Goldman

The Case of the Unconquered Sisters

Cases and materials on Federal Indian law

The Cat Screams

Catch A Rabbit

Catch colt

Catch the whisper of the wind: inspirational stories and proverbs from Native Americans

Caucasian Americans : Basic Skills Workbook

Caught in a willow net: poems and stories

Cemetery Inscriptions of The Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, And Its Villages, 1600-1900

Centennial Almanac: Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Charter of Rochester, New York 1834-1934

Ceremonies of the damned : poems


A Ceremony of brotherhood, 1680-1980

Ceremony–in the circle of life

A certain lack of coherence : writings on art and cultural politics

Chahta Anompa: An Introduction to Choctaw Grammar

Chainbreaker : the Revolutionary War memoirs of Governor Blacksnake as told to Benjamin Williams


Changing Seasons

Chants and Prayers

Charbonneau, Man of Two Dreams: A Novel

Charles Williamson: Builder of the Genesee Country

Chasers of the sun: Creek Indian thoughts

Cherokee dragon : a novel of the real people

Cherokee editor : the writings of Elias Boudinot

Cherokee Love

The Cherokee Night

Cherokee proud : a guide for tracing and honoring your Cherokee ancestors

The Cherokee sacred calendar : a handbook of the ancient Native American tradition

A Cherokee Woman’s America: Memoirs of Narcissa Owen, 1831-1907

The Cherokees

Cheyenne memories

Cheyenne memories, Second edition

A Cheyenne sketchbook

The Cheyennes

The Chi-kog-on of the Red Man

Chicago-jig : legend of the Indian paradise

The Chichi Hoohoo Bogeyman

Chief : the life history of Eugene Delorme, imprisoned Santee Sioux

A Chief and Her People

Chief Joseph’s Allies

Chiefs of Nations first and second edition: The Cherokee Nation 1730 to 1839 109 Years of Political Dialogue and treaties

The Child of the Sun

Childhood in an Indian Village

Children of clay : a family of Pueblo potters

Children of cottonwood : piety and ceremonialism in Hopi Indian puppetry

Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education

Children of the sun

Children Remember their Fathers

The Chinook

Choctaws and Missionaries in Mississippi, 1818-1918

The Choctaws: A critical bibliography

A Choice Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Sonts

Choteau Creek : a Sioux reminiscence

Christopher’s folly

Chuck in the city

Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story

Circles of Time: Aboriginal Land Rights and Resistance in Ontario

Civil War Sites in Oklahoma

Claiming breath

Clambake: a Wampanoag tradition

Clanology: Clan System of the Iroquois

Clans of many nations : selected poems, 1969-1994

The Cleaning Fairy

Close to Home

The closets of heaven

Clouds are the Creator’s Fingerprints

Cloudwalker : contemporary Native American stories

The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet

Cogewea, the half blood : a depiction of the great Montana cattle range

The cold-and-hunger dance


A collection of Chippeway and English hymns, for the use of the native Indians

Colorado: Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring

Coloring Book of Hidatsa Stories

The Colour of Dried Bones

Columbus and other cannibals

Columbus Day

Combing the Snakes from His Hair


Come unto me oh my children

Compiled Laws of the Cherokee Nation

Complete both early and late history of the Ottawa and Cheppewa Indians of Michigan : a grammar of their language, personal and family history of the author

The complete guide to traditional Native American beadwork : a definitive study of authentic tools, materials, techniques, and styles

The Complete Poems of Frederick Goddard Tuckerman

Completing the circle

Condor Tales

Confessing conscience : churched women on abortion

Confessions of a Madwoman

Conquest — Hernando de Soto and the Indians: 1539-1543

Constitution and Laws of the Cherokee Nation

The Constitution of the Five Nations or The Iroquois Book of the Great Law

The constitutional and legal background for a non-racial human skeletal remains policy for the University of California and other California agencies

Contemplations of a primal mind

Contes et poèmes cris = Cree poems and stories

Contingencies: a third collection of poetry


Conversational Lakota : narration for lesson[s]

Conversations with Leslie Marmon Silko

Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris

Conversations with N. Scott Momaday

Council Decisions

Cowboys and Indians, Christmas Shopping

Coyote & Little Turtle / lisaw niqw Yongosonhoy : a traditional Hopi tale

Coyote & the winnowing birds = Iisaw niqw tsaayantotaqam tsiroot: A traditional Hopi tale

Coyote Columbus Cafe

A Coyote Columbus story

Coyote Finishes the People: A collection of Indian coyote stories, new & old, telling about the evolution of human consciousness

Coyote Healing: Miracles in Native Medicine

Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing

Coyote Papers

Coyote sings to the moon

Coyote Songs

Coyote stories

Coyote stories of the Montana Salish Indians

The crane

Crazy Dave

Crazy Horse and the real reason for the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Crazy horse’s vision

Crazy snake

Creation and Confederation: The Living History of the Iroquois

Creation of a California Tribe : Grandfather’s Maidu Indian Tales

Creature teachers : a guide to the spirit animals of the Native American tradition

Creature totems

Cree language structures : a Cree approach

A Creek warrior for the Confederacy : the autobiography of Chief G.W. Grayson

Critical Neurophilosophy & Indigenous Wisdom

The crooked beak of love

The Crooked Tree; Indian legends and a short history of the Little Traverse Bay region

Cross Cultural Collaboration: Native Peoples and Archaeology in the Northeastern United States

Crossbloods : Bone Courts, Bingo, and Other Reports

Crossroads: Poems, Platica y Paraisos

Crow children and elders talk together

Crow Dog : four generations of Sioux medicine men

Crow Quotes

The crown of columbus

The crying Christmas tree

Cultivating the rosebuds : the education of women at the Cherokee Female Seminary, 1851-1909

Cultural Representation in Native America

Curriculum vocabulary: contextual vocabulary practice

Custer died for your sins : an Indian manifesto

A Cycle for the Woman in the Field.

Cycle of Ceremonies

A Cycle of Myths


Dakota grammar

Dakota Sioux Indian Dictionary

Dakota Texts

The Dakota Way of Life

Dakotah Sioux Indian Dictionary : Over 4,000 Words, Pronunciation-at-a-Glance

The dance house: stories from Rosebud

Dance in a Buffalo Skull

Dance In the Rain

Dancing back strong the nation : poems

Dancing Colors: Paths of Native American Women

Dancing teepees : poems of American Indian youth

Dancing voices : wisdom of the American Indian

Dancing with the Golden Bear

The dark island

Dark River : A Novel

Dark way

The Darker Side of Glory

Darkness in Saint Louis Bearheart

Daughters are Forever

Daughters of the buffalo women : maintaining the tribal faith

Dawn land

The Day God Cried

The Day That Cries Forever

The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn: A Lakota History

Days of obsidian, days of grace : selected poetry and prose by four Native American writers

Dead letters sent, and other poems

Dead Voices : Natural Agonies in the New World

Death at Rainy Mountain

The Death of Bernadette Lefthand

The Death of Jim Loney

Death Stalks the Yakama : Epidemiological Transitions and Mortality on the Yakama Indian Reservation, 1888-1964

Deception on All Accounts

Deer dancer : Yaqui legends of life : Yoemem Indian myths, legends, lifeways

Deer hunting and other poems

Deer women and elk men : the Lakota narratives of Ella Deloria

The Delicacy and Strength of Lace : Letters Between Leslie Marmon Silko & James Wright

Delicate bodies

Desert Quotes

Designing movies: Portrait of a Hollywood Artist

Devil in deerskins : my life with Grey Owl

Devilfish Bay : the giant devilfish story

The Diamond Doorknob

Dictionary of the American West: Over 5,000 Terms from Aarigaa! to Zopilote

A Dictionary of the Osage language

Diet pepsi & nacho cheese : poems

Digging out the roots : poems

The dilemma for Indian women

Dine’ Bibeehaz’aanii: A Handbook of Navajo Government

Dirt road home


Discover Indian Reservations USA

Dissent in Real Time

Doesn’t Fall Off His Horse

Dog people : native dog stories

Dog Road Woman

Dog story

Don’t Know Much About Indians (but i wrote a book about us anyways) ("DKMAI")

Don’t Think Twice

A dozen cold ones

Dr. Ihoka’s Cure

Drawings of the Song Animals: New and Selected Poems.

Dream Catcher

“Dream of Three Girls at Play”

Dream on

Dreaming with the wheel : how to interpret and work with your dreams using the medicine wheel

Dreams and Thunder: Stories, Poems, and the Sun Dance Opera

Dreams beneath Your Feet

Dreams of Quivira

Dreams of the wolf in the city : poems

Drifting through ancestor dreams : new and selected poems

“Driving in Fog”

The droning Shaman

Drumbeat…Heartbeat: A Celebration of the Powwow (We Are Still Here : Native Americans Today)

Drums across the Tundra

“The Drums Touch”, “An Old Man Asks”, “Two Sisters”, “The Wanderer’s Prayer”, “We Are All Warriors”, and “When The Spirit Moves You” in “Dancing on the Rim of the World: An Anthology of Contemporary Northwest Native American Writing” edited by Andrea Lerner

Dry lips oughta move to Kapuskasing : a play

Drystalks of the moon

Duchas Taa Koo Dine : a trilingual poetry collection in Navajo, Irish and English

The Duke of Windsor: Wolf Sings the Blues

Durable Breath: Contemporary Native American Poetry

Dwellings : a spiritual history of the living world


Eagle Feather – An Honour

An Eagle Nation

Eagle song

Eagle Vision : Return of the Hoop


Earth & Sky

Earth Dance Drum: A Celebration of Life

Earth Elder stories : the Pinayzitt path

Earth maker’s lodge : Native American folklore, activities, and foods

Earth power coming : short fiction in native American literature

Earth Song, Sky Spirit : Short Stories of the Contemporary Native American Experience

The earth under sky bear’s feet : Native American poems of the land

Earth wise : American Indian traditional uses of native northeast trees

Earthdivers : Tribal Narratives on Mixed Descent

Earthquake weather

Echoes in the wind : Seminole Indian poetry of Moses Jumper, Jr.


Edge of Nowhere

The education of Canadians, 1800-1867; the roots of separatism.

The education of the culturally different : a multi-cultural approach

Ehanami “Walks Among” : an autobiography

Elaine Reichek–native intelligence

Elderberry flute song : contemporary coyote tales

“Elegy for an Angelito”

Elinda who danced in the sky : an Estonian folktale

Ella : a story of the white slave traffic

Emma and the trees

The Encyclopedia of North American Indians

Enduring harvests : Native American foods and festivals for every season


Engithidong Xugixudhoy : their stories of long ago

Enwhisteetkwa : walk in water

Eros and power : the promise of feminist theory

Essential reading skills

The establishment of D-Q University : an example of successful Indian-Chicano community development

Eulogy on King Philip : as pronounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston

Europe by motorcycle

Evelyn Searching: To My SIster

Evening at the Warbonnet and Other Plays

Every Warrior Has His Own Song

Evidence of Red

Evil Corn

Evil Corn

Evil Lives in Blue Rock

Excavations in an Erie Indian village and burial site at Ripley, Chautauqua Co.

Excerpts from a mountain climber’s handbook : selected poems, 1971-1984

Exiled in the land of the free : democracy, Indian nations, and the U.S. Constitution

The experience of five Christian Indians of the Pequod tribe

Exterminate them : written accounts of the murder, rape, and slavery of Native Americans during the California gold rush, 1848-1868

Eye killers


Faces beneath the grass

Faces in the moon

The Failure of Certain Charms: And Other Disparate Signs of Life

The faithful hunter : Abenaki stories

Fall medicine songs

Families of the Neuse: A Story of Two Families

Family matters, tribal affairs

Family networks

Farmer’s market : families working together

The Fast Red Road: A Plainsong

The Fast Red Road: A Plainsong

“Father’s Love Letter”

Fault Line: Vulnerable Landscapes

Fearless warriors

The feathered heart

Feeding the Ancient Fires: A Collection of Writings by N. C. American Indians

Fiction of Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Mann : structural tradition

Field Mouse Goes to War (Tusan Homichi Tuwvota)

Fight Back: For the Sake of the People, for the Sake of the Land

Fightin’ : new and collected stories

Fighting the battle of double colonization : the view of a Hawaiian feminist

A filmography for Native American education

Finding Helen: A Navajo Miracle

Fire and the Spirits: Cherokee Law from Clan to Court

Fire circle songs

Fire power

Fire water world

Firesticks : a collection of stories

First Families: A Photographic History of California Indians

First Fire: A Traditional Native American Tale

First horses : stories of the new West

First Indian on the Moon

“First Snow”

The First Strawberries

A fish tale ; or, the little one that got away


Five Missouri poets

The Flight of Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala Sa

Flint and feather: the complete poems of E. Pauline Johnson


The flute player : an Apache folktale

Flutie : a novel

Flying with eagle, racing the bear : stories from Native north america

Follow the Trail

Food & spirits : stories

Fools Crow

For an Amerindian autohistory : an Essay on the Foundations of a Social Ethic

For this land : writings on religion in America

The Fork-in-the-Road Indian Poetry Store

400 years : Anglican/Episcopal mission among American Indians

Fox song

Frank Waters : man and mystic

Franklin listens when I speak : tellings of the friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Skenandoah, an Oneida chief

Freddie Came Home & Other Coyote Tales

French & Metis Native North American Marriages & Other Sources, Vol. 3

French & Metis Native North American Relationships, Including Native NorthAmerican & Metis Records, Vol. 5

French & Metis Native North American Relationships, Including Native North American & Metis Records, Vol. 4

French & Metis Native North American Relationships, Including Native North American & Metis Records, Vol. 6

French & Metis Native North American Relationships, Including Native North American & Metis Records, Vol. 7

French & Metis Native North American Relationships, Including Native North American & Metis Records, Vol. 8

French & Native North American Marriages & Other Sources, Vol. 2

French & Native North American Marriages, 1600-1800, Vol. 1

A Friend Called ‘Chum’

Friends of Thunder, folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees

From a native daughter : colonialism and sovereignty in Hawai’i

“From a Waterfall”

From Georgia Tragedy to Oklahoma Frontier, ABiography of Scots Creek Indian Chief Chilly McIntosh

From Sand Creek : rising in this heart which is our America

From spirit to matter : new and selected poems, 1969-1996

From the deep woods to civilization : chapters in the autobiography of an Indian

From the Glittering World : a Navajo story

From the river’s edge

From the Wilderness

From Village, Clan and City: Native American writers

Frontier’s end : the life and literature of Harvey Fergusson

The Ft. Larned Incident

Fugitive colors

Fugitive poses : Native American Indian scenes of absence and presence

Fugitive’s trail

A Full Moon Collage

Full moon on the reservation

Fuller man : a novel

Funny You Don’t Look Like One Two: A Second Collection of Observations From A Blue Eyed Ojibway

Funny, you don’t look like one : observations of a blue-eyed Ojibway

The Fus Fixico Letters


Gabekanaansing = At the end of the trail : memories of Chippewa childhood in Minnesota with texts in Ojibwe and English

Gardens in the dunes

Gatekeepers in Ethnoloinguistic Communities

A Gathering of spirit : a collection by North American Indian women

Generation to Generation

Geniesh: An Indian Girlhood

Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing

George Littlechild : red horse/Red Indian

Gerald Vizenor : writing in the oral tradition

Geronimo : an American legend

Geronimo’s Story of His Life

Ghost in the Rainbow

Ghost Singer

The Ghosts of Las Cruces & Southern New Mexico

Gift of power : the life and teachings of a Lakota medicine man

The Gift of Te’Chaya: Beyond the Tenfeather

Gifts from the Indian culture

The girl who married the moon

Give Your Heart to the Hawks: A Tribute to the Mountain Men

Gluskabe and the four wishes

Go-ahead rider

God is red : a native view of religion

Going for the rain : poems

Going to War With All My Relations : New and Selected Poems

A good journey

The good luck cat

The good message of Handsome Lake

The Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids

Goodbird the Indian : his story

Gorky Park

The Gourd Dancer.

Grand Avenue

Grandchildren of the Lakota

Grandfather Drum

Grandfather’s origin story : the Navajo Indian beginning

Grandfather’s Song

Grandfather’s story of Navajo monsters

AndGrandma Said…Iroquois Teachings, as passed down through the
oral tradition

Grandmother Moon Speaks

Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf : tamanwit ku szkat and traditional Native American narratives from the Columbia Plateau

Grandmother’s Christmas story : a true Quechan story

Grandmother’s gift : stories from the Anishinabeg

Grandmother’s pigeon

Grandmothers of the light : a medicine women’s sourcebook

Grandpa Says : Stories for a Seventh Generation

Grandpa was a cowboy and an Indian and other stories

The Grapes of Wrath : Trouble in the Promised Land

The grass dancer

Graves’ Disease In Our Own Words

The great ball game

The great canoes : reviving a Northwest Coast tradition

The great change

The Great Death

Green grass, running water

Green Grow the Lilacs : a play

Green March Moons

Greengrass Pipe Dancers: Crazy Horse’s Pipe Bag and a Search for Healing

Grey Owl : the mystery of Archie Belaney

Grey Owl and I : a new autobiography

Greyhounding this America : poems and dialog

Griever, an American Monkey King in China

Growing old at Willie Nelson’s picnic and other sketches of life in the Southwest

Growing up Native American : an anthology


Guests Never Leave Hungry: The Autobiography of James Sewid, a Kwakiutl Indian

Guide to research on North American Indians

A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma

Gullible coyote : a bilingual collection of Hopi coyote stories

The gunfighter

Gustango Gold

“Gym Shoes, Maps, and Passports, Oh My!: Creating Community or Creating Chaos at the NMAI?”


Haa Kusteeyi, Our Culture

Haa kusteeyi, our culture : Tlingit life stories

Haa shuka, our ancestors : Tlingit oral narratives

Haa shuka, our ancestors speak

Haa tuwunaagu yis, for healing our spirit : Tlingit oratory

Haboo : native American stories from Puget Sound

Haiku and Other Poetic Forms


Halfbreed chronicles and other Poems

Hamlin Garland : the Far West

Hand into stone

Hang on to Love

Harper’s Anthology of Twentieth-Century Native American Poetry

Harpoon of the Hunter

Haunted by Home: The Life and Letters of Lynn Riggs

Havana bay : a novel

The Hawk and other Stories

The Healing Drum

Healing on the Tenfeather : A Love Story

The heart of a chief : a novel

Heartland : selected poems

Heartsong of Charging Elk

Heaven is a Long Way off: A Novel of the Mountain Men

Heeding the voices of our ancestors : Kahnawake Mohawk politics and the rise of native nationalism

The heirs of Columbus

Hell, love and fun

Herman the Hermit Crab & Friends

The Hiawatha

The Hidden Children

Hide and sneak

History of the Ojebway Indians; with especial reference to their conversion to Christianity

History of the Ojibway nation

History of the Ojibways, based upon traditions and oral statements

History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan; a grammar of their language, and personal and family history

The history of the Seneca Indians

A History of the St. Regis Catholic Church : a commemorative book

The Hollow

Home country

Home places : contemporary Native American writing from sun tracks



Honour the sun

Hopi animal tales

Hopi cookery

Hopi Coyote tales

Hopi Essence: Self-Portrait and Poem

Hopi Girl

Hopi Indians

A Hopi legend of the Sunset Crater eruption : earth fire

Hopi Mesas and Migrations: Land and People

Hopi Roadrunner Dancing

Hopi ruin legends

Hopi: Following the Path of Peace (Native American Wisdom)

The Hopis

Hopitutuwutsi / Hopi tales : a bilingual collection of Hopi Indian stories

The horned snake

Horse dance to Emerald Mountain

Horse, Follow Closely

Hoskila and the Red Buffalo

Hotline healers : an Almost Browne novel

A House Made of Dawn

How Chipmunk got his stripes : a tale of bragging and teasing

How food was given

How Like a Life

How names were given

How Not to Catch Fish: And Other Adventures of Iktomi

How the Birch Tree Got its Stripes

How the birch tree got its stripes : a Cree story for children

How the birds got their colours

How the Mouse Got Brown Teeth

How the mouse got brown teeth : a Cree story for children

How to Become a Swamp Creature

How to do permanent sand painting

How to Keep Up with the Joneses

How to teach about American Indians : a guide for the school library media specialist

How to Tell the Difference: A Checklist for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Indian Bias

How turtle set the animals free

How Turtle’s Back Was Cracked: a Traditional Cherokee Tale

Howbah Indians

Hozho: walking in beauty : short stories by American Indian writers

Human behavior and American Indians

Human services and American Indians

The humming of stars and bees and waves : poems and short stories

Hunter-warrior of the plains

Huron-Wendat : the heritage of the circle


I am a Pueblo Indian girl

I Am the Eagle Free (Sky Song); A Six Nations Legend Interpreted Through the Art of Simon Paul-DeneI Am the Eagle Free (Sky Song).

I am the sun

I am woman : a native perspective on sociology and feminism

I Can’t Have Bannock But the Beaver Has a Dam

I Hear the Train: Reflections, inventions, Refractions

I Married a Ranger – A Tenderfoot Wife in the Grand Canyon Country

I remember the fallen trees : new and selected poems

I see by my get-up

I’ll sing ’til the day I die : conversations with Tyendinaga elders

Ice Goes Out

Identity lessons : Contemporary Writing about Learning to be American

Iktomi and the Ducks and Other Sioux Stories

The Illiterate Digest

The Importance of a Piece of Paper

The Importance of Childhood

Impressions of an Indian Childhood

In a dark mist

In Black and White

In her I am

In Search of April Raintree

In the bear’s house

“In the Calyx”

In the Moon When the Deer Lose Their Horns

In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems, 1961-1991

In the shadow of evil

In the Shadows of Mountains

In the Sweet Light

In the time of the present : poems

In the valley of the ancients : a book of Native American legends

In These Low Mountains

Incident at Buffalo Crossing

The increase of the kingdom of Christ

The Indian affair

Indian and Non-Indian Thinking, Listening and Speaking : Observations of an Educator

Indian art of the Northwest coast : a dialogue on craftsmanship and aesthetics

Indian boyhood

Indian cartography

Indian Cartography

The Indian cheap wine seance

The Indian chronicles

Indian country : a history of Native people in America

Indian Episodes of New York: A Drama-Story of the Empire State

Indian Giver

Indian Heaven

Indian heritage, Indian pride

Indian heroes and great chieftains

The Indian How Book

The Indian in America’s past

An Indian in White America

Indian Killer

Indian Kitty Powwow Princess: A paper doll cat who dances at American Indian powwows

The Indian Lawyer

Indian life and Indian history by an author: embracing the tradition of the North American Indians regarding themselves …

Indian Man: A Life of Oliver La Farge

The Indian medicine shows : two one-act plays

Indian nullification of the unconstitutional laws of Massachusetts, relative to the Marshpee tribe : or, The pretended riot explained

The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island and the Rise of Indian Activism

An Indian prayer

The Indian problem, from the Indian’s standpoint

The Indian Prophet

Indian roots of American democracy

Indian school days

Indian scout talks : a guide for boy scouts and camp fire girls

Indian Shoes

Indian Singing in 20th Century America

The Indian to-day; the past and future of the first American

Indian Treaties: Two Centuries of Dishonor

Indian Tribes of the Southwest

The Indian way : learning to communicate with Mother Earth

Indians and other Americans: two ways of life meet

Indians Are People, Too

Indians of the Pacific Northwest

Indians’ summer

Indigenous Archaeology: American Indian Values andScientific Practice

El Indio Jesœs


Inherit the blood : poetry and fiction

Ininatig’s gift of sugar : traditional native sugarmaking

Interior landscapes: autobiographical myths and metaphors

Into the Daylight : A Holistic Approach to Healing

Inventing the savage : the social construction of Native American criminality

The invisible musician

Ipuin iroquiarrak

The Iron Dish

Iron hawk

Iron woman

The Iroquois

Iroquois Culture & Commentary: Between Flint & Fire: A View fromthe Six Nations

Iroquois on Fire: A Voice from the Mohawk Nation

Iroquois stories : heroes and heroines, monsters and magic

Iroquois uses of maize and other food plants

Island of Lost Luggage

Iyeska win : intermarriage and ethnicity among the Lakota in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries



The jailing of Cecelia Capture

James Bay memoirs : a Cree woman’s ode to her homeland

James Welch

The Jicarilla Apache tribe : a history

Jimmie Durham : the bishop’s moose and the Pinkerton men : November 1-December 2, 1989

Jimmy Yellow Hawk

Jingle dancer

John Ross and the Cherokee Indians

John Steinbeck’s Re-Vision of America

John Tootoosis : biography of a Cree leader

John Tootoosis

The joint : language and culture in a maximum security prison

Jomin Lightfoot

Jomin’s Lamp

The journal of Jesse Smoke : a Cherokee boy

A Journey Back

The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History


K’etaalkkaanee, the one who paddled among the people and animals : the story of an ancient traveler

“Kaddish for Columbus”


Kaibah : Recollections of a Navajo Girlhood

Kamalamalama – the Light of Knowledge


Kamau a’e

Kanatsiohareke, Traditional Mohawk Indians Return to TheirAncestral Homeland

Kara Katit Pakutu : exploring the origins of Native America in anthropology and oral traditions


Keeper of the female medicine bundle : biography of Wihopa

Keepers of the Night: Native Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children

Keeping Slug Woman Alive : a holistic approach to American Indian texts

Kennewick Man: Perspectives on the Ancient One

Killing Custer : the battle of Little Bighorn and the fate of the Plain Indians

Killing the Shamen

Killing time

Killing time with strangers

Kinaalda : a Navajo Girl Grows Up

Kiss of the fur queen

“Kiva at Chaco Canyon”

Kneading the blood

Know by Heart

The Kokum Puzzle: Finding and Fitting the Pieces in ‘The LongJourney of a Forgotten People: Metis Identities and Family

Kokum’s Story: Wiihtiko or Victim of Circumstance

Kthkominawak otbcimowiniwbwa = Our grandmothers’ lives, as told in their own words

The Kusan people : a systemic cultural history


The L.P.

Laguna woman

Lakota & Dakota animal wisdom stories

Lakota Sioux children and elders talk together

The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living

The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living, Native American Wisdom on Ethics and Character

Lakota woman

Lame Deer, seeker of visions

Łamiąc stereotypy

Land claims and native manpower; staffing regional and village corporations under Alaska native claims settlement act of 1971

Land of the Good Shadows: The Life Story of Anauta, an Eskimo Woman

Land of the Spotted Eagle

Landfill meditation : crossblood stories

Landscape : old and new poems

Language of the trees : a Seneca Indian earthwalk

The Language Raven Gave Us

The Last Dust Storm

Last Leaf First Snowflake to Fall

The last of the Ofos

The last rattlesnake throw and other stories

The last raven and other stories

The last report on the miracles at Little No Horse

The last song

Last standing woman

Last stop : writings from Comstock prison

Lasting echoes : an oral history of Native American people

The lasting of the Mohegans : Part I, the story of the wolf people

Lays of the lakes

A Legend from Crazy Horse Clan

La legende Hahida du Grand Corbeau et des premiers hommes

Légendes et poèmes indiens = Indian legends and poems

Legends From the Forest

Legends of the Iroquois

Legends of the Longhouse, told to Sah-Nee-Wah, the white sister.

Legends of the North American Indians

Legends of the Seminoles

Legends of Vancouver

Legends, Traditions and Laws of the Iroquois, or SixNations, and History of the Tuscarora Indians

Les Wendats, une civilisation meconnue

Leslie Silko

Less than half, more than whole

The Lesser Blessed

Lesson of the Feather

Letters to Howard : an interpretation of the Alaska native land claims

Life Among the Piutes: their wrongs and claims

Life Among The Piutes: Their Wrongs And Claims

Life among the Qallunaat

The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit

Life and Death of an Oilman: The career ofE. W. Marland

Life cycle of the American Indian family

The life I’ve been living

Life is a fatal disease : collected poems 1962-1995

Life of A Haunted House, (The Barnstable House of Barnstable (Cape Cod), Massachusetts)

Life of General Ely S. Parker : last Grand Sachem of the Iroquois and General Grant’s military secretary

The Life of General Stand Watie, the Only Indian Brigadier General of the Confederate Army and the Last General to Surrender

Life of MA-KA-TAI-ME-SHE-KIA-KIAK or Black Hawk Dictated By Himself

Life or Meth: A Book for Meth Users and Their Victims

Life Sucks

Life With the Little People

Life woven with song

The life, history, and travels of Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh (George Copway): a young Indian Chief of the Ojebwa nation.

The life, letters and speeches of Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh, or G. Copway, Chief Ojibway nation.

Light in the crevice never seen

The light of dawn from the land of dawn

The light on the tent wall

The light people


Like a hurricane : the Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee

Like a wall

Linking arms together : American Indian treaty visions of law and peace, 1600-1800

Listen to the Drum: Blackwolf Shares His Medicine

Listen to the Night, Poems to the Animal Spirits of Mother Earth

Listen, Mind


Little Badger and the fire spirit

The little duck

Little Hopi Hopihoya

Little warrior : American Indian poetry

Little White Cabin

Little Whitepeople

Living in the Land of Death: The Choctaw Nation, 1830-1860

Lnu and Indians we’re called

Lone Dog’s winter count

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Lone Rider

Lone Wolves

A Long and Winding Road: A Novel of the Mountain Men

The long dance

Long division : a tribal history, poems

The Long Journey of a Forgotten People: Metis Identities and Family Histories

The Long Knives are Crying (Lakota Westerns)Native American Wisdom on Ethics and Character

The long trail north

The long way home

The longest story ever told : Qayaq, the magical man

Looking at the words of our people : First Nations analysis of literature

Looking through a squared-off circle

Loon and deer were traveling : a story of the Upper Skagit of Puget Sound

Loonsong and other Poems

Lorado Taft’s Indian statue “Black Hawk ” an account of the unveiling ceremonies…

Lost copper

Love medicine

“Love Poem for Charles”

The Lumbee

Luminaries of the humble

Lushootseed dictionary


Maasaw : profile of a Hopi god

Mabel McKay : weaving the dream

In mad love and war

Madchild running : a novel

The magic hummingbird : a Hopi folktale

The Magic Oak

The Magic Word

The Maidu Indian Myths and Stories of Hanc’ibyjim

Maidu myths and tales

Makiawisug : the gift of the little people

Making friends with water : poems

Making native American pottery

Mama Bear Baby Bear: A Native American Lore

The mama poems

Mama’s little one

A Man Called Raven

Man from a rainbow

The man made of words : essays, stories, passages

Man Spirit

The man who loves salmon

Manifest manners : postindian warriors of survivance

Manitoba’s Metis settlement scheme of 1870

The Manitous : the spiritual world of the Ojibway

A Manual for History Museums

Many circles, many paths : a Native American learning story

Many nations : an alphabet of Native America

A map to the next world : poetry and tales

Marginal recession : an installation by Edward Poitras

Maria Tallchief : prima ballerina

Mark of Heritage

The Mark of the Stone

Materials selection for Indian libraries

Matrilineal cycle

Maui : the mischief maker

Me and mine ; the life story of Helen Sekaquaptewa

The Meade solution

Mean spirit

Medicine river

Medicine trail : the life and lessons of Gladys Tantaquidgeon

The medicine wheel : earth astrology

Meet the Lakota, Volume One: The People

The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox

Memories of sweet grass

Men on the moon : collected short stories

Mental health interventions with people of color

Mental health programs of the Indian Health Service

Message bringer woman

The metaphysics of modern existence

The Mexican Earth

Mexican-Americans : a handbook for educators

Migration tears: poems about transitions

Migratory Birds: New and Noted Poems

Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story

Miracle Hill: The Story of a Navajo Boy

The misadventures of Silk and Shakespeare: A Novel

Misho Tells a Story

The Mishomis book : the voice of the Ojibway

The Missions of California : a legacy of genocide

The Misty Hills Of Home

Mitakuye Oyasin : we are all related

Mitewiwin versus Christianity: Grand Sophia’s Story in ‘TellingOur Stories: Omushkego Legends and Histories from Hudson Bay’

Mixedblood Messages : Literature, Film, Family, Place

Mko (Bear) Valley

The moccasin maker

A model of “grass-roots” community development : the D-Q University native american language education project

Modern American Indian Leaders: Their Lives and Their Work (Book One and Book Two)

Modoc: The Tribe That Wouldn’t Die

Mohawk Blood: A Native American Quest

Mohawk trail

Mohawk/Samoa: Transmigrations

Molly Molasses and me : a collection of living adventures

Monkey secret

Monster Birds : A Navajo Folktale

Monster Slayer : A Navajo Folktale

Moon dash warrior : the story of an American Indian in Vietnam, a marine from the land of the Lumbee


Moontellers : myths of the moon from around the world

Moose meat and wild rice

Morning girl

The Morning the Sun went down

Mortal Insight

Moses vitr’ii’ : a translation and adaption of Tendi’s canoe by J. A. MacDiarmid

Mother Earth Spirituality : native American paths to healing ourselves and our world

The Mother’s Tongue

Motorcycle sex, or, Freud would never understand the relationship between me and my motorcycle

Mountain windsong : a novel of the Trail of Tears

Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian

Mourning Dove : a Salishan autobiography

Mourning Dove’s Stories

Moving Inland, a Cycle of Lyrics

Mud woman : poems from the clay

The Multicolored Mirror: Cultural Substance in Literature for Children and Young Adults

Murder at Medicine Lodge

Murder on the Tropic

Murder on Tour

Murdo’s Story: A Legend From Northern Manitoba

The Murmurings

Muskogean charm songs among the Oklahoma Cherokees

Muskrat will be swimming

The Mutual Life

My Arctic 1, 2, 3

My book, The East London Coelacanth, sometimes called, Troubled waters–the story of British sea-power, begins with a chapter titled–

My heart is a stray bullet

My heart soars

My horse and a jukebox

My Indian boyhood

My name is Masak

My name is Seepeetza

My people, the Bloods

My People, the Sioux

My spirit soars

My sweet maize : poems and tales

My Tribe the Crees

Myths and Legends of the New York State Iroquois

Myths and legends of the Sioux


Na wahine kapu (Divine Hawaiian women)


Nahoway, a Distant Voice

Naked in the Wind

Naked Wanting

The Names: A Memoir.

Nanabosho and the Cranberries

Nanabosho and the Woodpecker

Nanabosho and the Kitchie Odjig

Nanabosho Dances

Nanabosho : How the Turtle Got its Shell

Nanabosho, Soaring Eagle and the Great Sturgeon

Nanabosho Steals Fire

Narrative chance: postmodern discourse on Native American Indian literatures

The nations within : the past and future of American Indian sovereignty

Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and Manifest Destiny

The Native American almanac : a portrait of Native America today

Native American animal stories

The Native American book of change

The Native American book of knowledge

The Native American book of life

The Native American book of wisdom

Native American Classics

Native American fashion : modern adaptations of traditional designs

Native American foods : foods the Indians gave us

Native American games and stories

Native American History for Dummies

Native American languages : preservation and self-development

Native American Sourcebook

Native American stories

The Native American sweat lodge : history & legends

Native American tribalism: Indian survivals and renewals

Native American women : a contextual biography

Native Americans and Nixon : presidential politics and minority self-determination, 1969-1972

Native Americans of California and Nevada

Native Americans of the Southwest: A journey of discovery

Native Americans struggle for equality

Native Arts Network : A Special Report

Native Athletes in Action!

Native colours

Native harvests : recipes and botanicals of the American Indian

Native heart : an American Indian odyssey

Native land and foreign desires : Pehea la e pono ai? How shall we live in harmony?

Native Men of Courage

Native Musicians in the Groove

Native time : a historical timeline of native America

Native wisdom

Native Wisdom : Perceptions of the Natural Way

Natives and academics : researching and writing about American Indians

Natives of the golden state; the California Indians

A Natural Education: Native American ideas and thoughts

Navajo : visions and voices across the Mesa

Navajo ABC : a Dine alphabet book

Navajo history

Navajo livestock reduction : a national disgrace

The Navajo political experience

A Navajo saga

Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain and Rez memories

Navajo stories of the long walk period

Navajo studies at Navajo Community College

Navajo weaving way : the path from fleece to rug

The Navajos

Near the mountains

Ned Christie’s war

Nee Hemish, a history of Jemez Pueblo

The Need for Hawai’i – A Guide to Hawaiian Cultrual & KahunaValues

Neekna and Chemai


Nevada Indians speak

New Echota letters

New Mexico Ghost Stories

New Native American drama : three plays

New Perspectives on the Pueblos

New voices from the longhouse : anthology of contemporary Iroquois writing

New Zealand By Motorcycle

The next world

The Nez Perce

Nez Perce Stories [sound recording]

Ni pa ta pi yoo wah sin: how life came to be

Ni-Kso-ko-wa : Blackfoot spirituality, traditions, values, and beliefs


Night flying woman : an Ojibway narrative

Night gives women the word

Night in the exude : poems

Night over Mexico

Night perimeter : new and selected poems 1958-1990

Night Sky, Morning Star




Nitaawichige: Selected Poetry and Prose by Four AnishinaabeWriters

No borders : new poems

No foreign land : the biography of a North American Indian

No parole today

No Turning Back

Nokomis and The Enchanted Lake

North : poems of home

North American Indian anthropology: essays on society and culture

The north people

Northern Athabascan Survival: Women, Community, and the Future

Northern breezes

Northern lights : the soccer trails

The Northern Maidu

Not First in Nobody’s Heart: The Life Story of a Contemporary Chippewa

Not for Innocent Ears: Spiritual Traditions of a Desert Cahuilla Medicine Woman

Not only that

Not vanishing

Not Without Our Consent

Notebook of a Cherokee shaman

Notes from Indian country

Notes on the Banner Stone, With Some Inquiries as to Its Purpose

Now Is the Hour : Native American Prophecies and Guidance for Earth Changes

Now poof she is gone : poetry

Nueva Granada / Paul Horgan and the southwest

Nuke chronicles


O-gi-maw-kwe mit-i-gwa-ki (Queen of the woods)

Ocean power : poems from the desert

Ocean power : poems from the desert

Octopus Lady and Crow

Of Kingdoms & Kangaroo

Of utmost good faith

Of Women and Horses

Off the reservation : reflections on boundary-busting border-crossing loose canons

Off-Season City Pipe

Offering : poetry & prose

Ohitika woman

The Ojibwa (Indian Nations)

Ojibway ceremonies

The Ojibway conquest, a tale of the Northwest by Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh

Ojibway heritage

Ojibwe Waasa Inaabidaa: We Look in All Directions

The Oklahoma Basic Intelligence Test

Oklahoma; a history of the state and its people

Oklahoma: A Guide to the Sooner State

Oklahoma’s Poor Rich Indians: An Orgy of Graft and Exploitation of the Five Civilized Tribes, Legalized Robbery

Old father story teller

Old Indian days

Old Indian legends

An old man asks

Old Money

Old shirts and new skins

The Omak Lake Monster

On behalf of the wolf and the first peoples

On mountains’ breath

On Native Ground : Memoirs and Impressions

On our own ground : the complete writings of William Apess, a Pequot

On second thought : a compilation

On the Good Red Interstate: Truck Stop Tellings and Other Poems

On the landing : a book of poems

One age in a dream

One Church Many Tribes

One good story, that one : stories

One Indian and two chiefs : short fiction

One more Shiprock night : poems

One more story : contemporary Seneca tales of the supernatural

One stick song

Onkwehonweh – the first people – Tuscarora

Only approved Indians

Only drunks and children tell the truth

The only land I know : a history of the Lumbee Indians

The only piece of furniture in the house : a novel

Ooti: A Maidu Legacy

Opening in the sky

The opening statements of Russell Means and Dennis Banks in U.S. vs Russell Means and U.S. vs Dennis Banks

Organization of a New Indian Territory, East of the Missouri river, arguments and reasons submitted to the Honorable members of the Senate House of Representatives …

Origin and traditional history of the Wyandotts andsketches of other Indian tribes of North America, true
traditional stories of Tecumseh and his league, in the years 1811
and 1812

The Osage

The Osage and the invisible world : from the works of Francis La Flesche

The Osage tribe: rite of the chiefs; sayings of the ancient men

The Osages: children of the middle waters.

Osceola, patriot and warrior

Other council fires were here before ours

Other Destinies : Understanding the American Indian Novel

The other side of nowhere : contemporary coyote tales

The Ottowan : a short story of the villages and resorts surrounding Little Traverse Bay, and the Indian legends connected therewith…

Our chiefs and elders : words and photographs of Native leaders

Our Fire Survives the Storm

Our Home Forever: The Hupa Indians of Northern California

Our Oklahoma

Out of the Saddle

Outfoxing Coyote

Outlaws, Renegades and Saints: Diary of a Mixed-Up Halfbreed

Outside the law

Over a century of moving to the drum : the Salish powwow tradition on the Flathead Indian Reservation

Owl : American Indian legends

Owl in the cedar tree

The owl’s song


Pachee Goyo : history and legends from the Shoshone

Pagans in the Promised Land

Pamunkey Speaks: Native Perspectives

A Papago grammar

A Papago traveler : the memories of James McCarthy

The Papago-Apache Treaty of 1853 : property rights and religious liberties of the ‘O’odham, Maricopa, and other native peoples

Paper radio : a book of poetry

Paper trail

Papers on Navajo culture and life

Paris : poems

Parker On the Iroquois

The path of the quiet elk : a Native American alphabet book

Pathway to the Spirit World

Paul Horgan

The Pawnee Nation

The peace chief : a novel of the real people

Peace, power, righteousness : an indigenous manifesto

Peguis, a Noble Friend

The people = Oyate kin

The people named the Chippewa : narrative histories

People of the buffalo : how the Plains Indians lived

People of the seventh fire

People of the three fires

People of the Whistling Waters

The People Shall Continue

Peripheries : selected poems, 1966-1968

Perma Red

Personal Narrative of Anna Price

Personal Narrative of Mrs. Andrew Stanley

Personal narratives of Mrs Andrew Stanley

Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona


Philadelphia flowers

Photographs and poems by Sioux children from the Porcupine Day School, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Pictures of our nobler selves

Pictures out of my life


Pima Indian legends

A Pima Past

A Pima Remembers

Pitseolak: Pictures Out of My Life

A Place to Stand

La plata contata

The Pleiades stones : a journey into the unknown by way of a magic crystal and the mysterious circle of stones

A Poem is a Journey

The poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey

Poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey, Creek Indian bard

The poetic college : essays and poems on literature and society, 1989-1991

Poets of the river city poetry competition, 1978

Pointing at the rainbow : poems from a Cherokee heritage

The politics of hallowed ground : Wounded Knee and the struggle for Indian sovereignty

Pomo Basketmaking : A Supreme Art for the Weaver

Ponca war dancers

Ponies, Dreams and an Occasional Goddess

Poor Sarah : or religion exemplified in the life and death of an Indian woman

Popé, architect of the first American revolution, August 10, 1680

Portage Lake : memories of an Ojibwe childhood

Position paper on the development of a tribal court appellate process and Board of Native American Justice

Postindian conversations

Potawatomi Pony

Potawatomi Tracks: The Ballad of Vietnam and Other Stories

The potential role of libraries and information services in supporting Native American cultures and the quality of life of Native people : a paper


Pottawattamie book of genesis : legend of the creation of man

Pour une autohistoire amerindienne / For an Amerindian autohistory : an essay on the foundations of a socialethic


The power of horses and other stories

The Powwow Highway : a novel

Powwow summer : a family celebrates the circle of life


Prayers of Smoke

Prayers of Steel

Pregnancy as Healing: Holistic Philosophy for Prenatal Care

Pretty-shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows

Primal Awareness : A True Story of Survival, Transformation, and Awakening with the Rar�muri Shamans of Mexico

A primitive journey : nomad of the native inner world

Princess Pocahontas and the blue spots : two plays

Prison of Grass : Canada from the native point of view

Prison writings : my life is my sundance

A promise is a promise

Proud moments : generation to generation

Psychic experiences of an Indian princess

A Pueblo

The Pueblo Indians

Pueblo nations : eight centuries of Pueblo Indian history

Pueblo profiles : cultural identity through centuries of change

Puhpohwee for the people : a narrative account of some uses of fungi among the Ahnishinaabeg

Pushing the bear : a novel of the Trail of Tears

Pushing up the sky : seven native American plays for children

Pushing up the Sky: A Mother’s Story


Quaslametko and Yetko : Two grandmother models for contemporary native education pedagogy

Questions and swords : folktales of the Zapatista revolution

A quick brush of wings

Quitting time


Rabbit’s wish for snow

Racism in Indian Country

Racism, scholarship, and cultural pluralism in higher education

Rain is Not My Indian Name

Rain, and other fictions

Rainbow Tribe : ordinary people journeying on the red road

Rainbows of stone

Rattlesnake band and other poems

Raven and the Fear of Growing White

The Raven and the Redbird : Sam Houston and his Cherokee wife

The Raven and the Totem

Raven Eye (Sun Tracks)

The raven speaks : Cherokee Indian lore in Cherokee and English

Raven Speaks

The raven steals the light

Raven tells stories : an anthology of contemporary Alaskan native writing

Raven’s cry

Ravens Dancing


Ravensong : Cherokee Indian poetry


Reaching both ways

Reading Nature

Real Dakota! : about Dakota by Dakotans! : the life, people & history of the Dakotas by the people who know and love it!

Reclaiming the vision : past, present and future : native voices for the eighth generation

Red blood

Red cedar stories

Red cedar warrior

Red clay

Red Cloud

Red Earth – A Vietnam Warrior’s Journey

Red earth, white lies : Native Americans and the myth of scientific fact

Red hunters and the animal people

Red Is Beautiful

Red Jacket: Last of the Seneca

Red Jacket: Seneca Chief

The red man in the new world drama ; a politico-legal study with a pageantry of American Indian history

Red man’s greeting

The red man’s rebuke

Red on Red: Native American Literary Separatism

Red on white: the biography of Duke Redbird

Red Power: The American Indians Fight for Freedom

Red Spider White Web

Red square

Red Streak of the Iroquois

Red Thunder

Red Woman With Backward Eyes and Other Stories

Red World and White : Memories of a Chippewa Boyhood

Redman of the Golden West

Redwing’s Flight

“Refiguring Indian Blood through Poetry, Photography, and Performance Art”

Reflective Thoughts

Regalia : American Indian dress and dance

Reinventing The Enemy’s Language

Reinventing the Enemy’s Language: Contemporary Native Women’s Writing of North America

The relief of America

Religious freedom and the protection of Native American places of worship and cemeteries

Remember your relatives : Yankton Sioux images, 1851-1904

Remember, We Are Kiowas: 101 Kiowa Indian Stories

The remembered earth : an anthology of contemporary Native American literature

Remembering the Osage Kid

Reminiscences and Thrilling Stories of the War by Returned Heroes Containing Vivid Accounts of Personal Experiences by Officers and Men

Reminiscences of Ella Deloria, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota

Reminiscences of Lorraine Three Legs, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota

Reminiscences of Moses Big Crow, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of South Dakota

Reminiscences of Vine V. Deloria, Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota

Remnants of the First Earth

The res. : an American novel

The reservation

Reservation blues

Resource guide of American Indian and Alaskan Native women

The Restless Nomad

Retold Native American Myths

Return of the sun : Native American tales from the Northeast woodlands

Return to Riverside

Returning the gift : poetry and prose from the first North American Native writers’ festival

The Rez Road follies : canoes, casinos, computers, and birch bark baskets

The rez sisters : a play in two acts

Riding south : Mexico, Central America and South America by motorcycle

Riding the Earthboy 40

Riding the one-eyed Ford

Riding the World: The Biker’s Road Map for a Seven Continent Adventure

The right to know : a paper

Rising Fawn and the fire mystery

River of Ghosts: A Cedar Valley Odyssey

The River of History: Prose Poems

A River Seen Right: a Fly Fisherman’s North Umpqua


Riversongs: poems

The road on which we came: a history of the western Shoshone

The road to Betatakin II: A dead and forgotten world

The roads of my relations

Roadside History of Yellowstone Park

Roadside: a Comedy

Roanoke and wampum : topics in Native American heritage and literatures

The Rock Child

The Rock Island Hiking Club

Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer: A Story of Survival (American Indian Lives Series)

Rolly’s Bear

Rooms in the house of stone

The roots of Ticasuk : an Eskimo woman’s family story



Round Valley Songs

Round Valley Verses


Route 2 (U.S. Highway 2: Description and Travel)

Rumbling Wings and Other Indian Tales

Run toward the nightland; magic of the Oklahoma Cherokees

Runner in the Sun: a story of Indian maize

Running sketches of men and places, in England, France, Germany, Belgium, and Scotland.

Russet Mantle


Saanii Dahataal, the women are singing : poems and stories

Sacajawea : the story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The sacred harvest: Ojibway wild rice gathering

The sacred hoop : recovering the feminine in american indian

The sacred pipe: Black Elk’s account of the seven rites of the Oglala Sioux

Sacred Self, Sacred Relationships: Healing the World for Seven Generations

Sacred Sites and Repatriation

Sacred Smoke: The Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times

Sacred song of the hermit thrush : a Native American legend

Sacred water : narratives and pictures

The Sacred Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life

The saga of Henry Starr

Sah-Gan-De-Oh: the chief’s daughter.

A Salishan Autobiography

Samuel Sewall Sails for Home

Sanapia, Comanche Medicine Woman

The sawdust war

A season of loss

Seasonal woman

Secrets from the center of the world

Seeing the circle

Seeing through the sun

Seek the house of relatives

Selu : seeking the Corn-Mother’s wisdom

Seminole children and elders talk together

A Seminole legend : the life of Betty Mae Tiger Jumper

The Seminoles

The Seminoles

A sender of words : essays in memory of John G. Neihardt

Seneca Indian Stories

Seneca Myths and Folk Tales

Les Sept points cardinaux : orientations ecologiques

Sermon & Three Waves: A Journey through Night

A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul, An Indian Who Was Executed at New Haven on the 2nd of September 1772 for the Murder of Mr. Moses Cook, late of Waterbury, on the 7th of December 1771

Seven arrows

Seven hands, seven hearts

Seven Spanish Angels

The seven visions of Bull Lodge

Seven-Day Dog

The seventh generation : images of the Lakota today

Sevukakmet: Ways of Life on St. Lawrence Island

Shadow country

Shadow distance : A Gerald Vizenor reader

The shadow of Sequoyah; social documents of the Cherokees, 1862-1964

Shadows in the Cave

Shadows of the buffalo : a family odyssey among the Indians

Shaking the rattle : healing the trauma of colonization

Shandaa in my lifetime


The Sharpest Sight : A Novel

Shasta Nation

She had some horses

She poems

She Watched Custer’s Last Battle: The Story of Kate Bighead

Shell Shaker

The Shiloh renewal

The Shinnecock Indians

A Short Narration of My Last Journey to the Western Country

A Short Narrative of my life

The Shoshone

The Shrimp Habit: Why It Is Devastating Our World and What You Can Do About It

Shuly’s Brain Takes a Vacation

Le silence d’un cri

Silent warrior

Silent winds : poetry of one Hopi

Silent words

Silver Tears and Time

Simple songs

Sing, like a hermit thrush

The Singing Bird: A Cherokee Novel

Singing for a spirit : a portrait of the Dakota Sioux


The Sioux

Sissy Cloud

The Sitka Incident: Exxon Valdez Retold

Sitsiy yugh noholnik ts’in’ = As my grandfather told it : traditional stories from the Koyukuk

Sitting By His Bones

Six Crooked Highways

The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elk’s Teachings Given to John G. Neihardt

Skeleton of a Bridge

Sketches in winter, with crows

Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations

Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations


Skins and bones : poems 1979-1987

Skunny Wundy: Seneca Indian Tales

Skye Dancer

Skywoman : legends of the Iroquois


Small bones, little eyes : poems

The smell of slaughter

Smoke Dancing

Smoke rising : the Native North American literary companion

Smoke signals

The smoke signals : a directory of American Indian and Alaska native businesses in “Indian Country,” USA

Smokehouse Boys

Smuggling Cherokee

A snake in her mouth : poems 1974-96

So Wild a Dream


Social integration of an elderly Native American population

The Soft-Hearted Sioux

Sojourner’s Truth.

Solar storms

“Solemn Spirits” in “The remembered earth: an anthology of contemporary native American literature,” edited by Geary Hobson

Someday : a play

Son of Old Man Hat: A Navaho Autobiography

Son of raven, son of deer; fables of the Tse-Shaht people

A son of the forest and other writings

Son of Two Bloods

A song for Mother Earth

Song of Heyoehkah

Song of Rita Joe : autobiography of a Mi’kmaq poet

Song of the Seven Herbs

Song of the turtle : American Indian literature, 1974-1994

Song, Poetry, Language

Songs called poems

Songs for Discharming

Songs for the Harvester of Dreams

Songs from an Outcast: poems

Songs from the Loom : A Navajo Girl Learns to Weave

Songs from this earth on turtle’s back : contemporary American Indian poetry

Songs of my hunter heart : a western kinship

Songs of our ancestors : poems about Native Americans

Songs of shiprock fair

Songs to the corn : a Hopi poet writes about corn

The soul of an Indian and other writings from Ohiyesa

The sound of flutes and other Indian legends

The Sound of rattles and clappers : a collection of new California Indian writing

The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky: The Writings of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

South line : poems

Speak to Me Words: Essays in American Indian Poetry

Speaking for Fire

Speaking for the generations : native writers on writing

Speaking of Indians

Speaking out


Spider Woman’s granddaughters : traditional tales and contemporary writing by Native American women

The spiral of memory : interviews

Spirit and reason : the Vine Deloria, Jr., reader

Spirit beast chant

Spirit Horses

The Spirit of Native America : beauty and mysticism in American Indian art

Spirit of Powwow

Spirit of the White Bison

Spirit of the Wolf: Raise Your Voice

Spirit talk

Spirit visions : the old ones speak

Spirit Voices of Bones

Spirited Encounters: American Indian Protests of Museum Policies and Practices

Spirits Dark and Light: Supernatural Tales from the Five Civilized Tribes

Spirits of the sacred mountains : creation stories of the American Indian

Springplace; Moravian Mission and the Ward Family of the Cherokee Nation

Spruce root basketry of the Alaska Tlingit.

Squanto’s journey : the story of the first Thanksgiving

St. Lawrence Island junior dictionary

Stand tall, my son

The star man and other tales

Star quilt

The State of Native America : genocide, colonization, and resistance / edited by M. Annette Jaimes.

The Status of the New York Indians

Steller’s sea cow

Stickman : John Trudell poems, lyrics, talks, a conversation

Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse

The Stonecutter and the Navajo Maiden

Stones and switches

Stories from the land of red cedar

Stories from the old ones

Stories of Maasaw : a Hopi god

Stories of the Dawnland

Stories of the Moons

Stories of the road allowance people

Stories of the Sioux

Storm dancer : poems

The Story of Iktomi (the spider)

The Story of Oklahoma

The story of the Milky Way : a Cherokee tale


Strange company

Strange journey : the vision life of a psychic Indian woman

Strawberry Thanksgiving

Strong heart song : lines from a revolutionary text : poetry

Strong hearts, wounded souls : Native American veterans of the Vietnam War

A student’s guide to Native American genealogy

Studies in American Indian literature : critical essays and course designs

A study of Omaha Indian music

The success of the Navajo arts and crafts enterprise : a retail success story

Summer in the spring : Anishinaabe lyric poems and stories

Summer medicine songs

Summer Night

The Summer of Black Widows

Summer of Sunflowers

Summons and sign : poems

Sump’n Like Wings and a Lantern to See By: Two Oklahoma Plays

Sun Bear, the path of power: as told to Wabun and to Barry Weinstock

Sun chief, the autobiography of a Hopi Indian

The sun girl : a true story about Dawamana, the little Hopi Indian maid of old Oraibi in Arizona–and of how she learned to dance the butterfly dance at Moencopi as told by her lifelong friend Po-lin-gay-si (Mrs. Elizabeth White)

The sun is not merciful

Sundogs : a novel


Sunpainters : eclipse of the Navajo sun

The surrounded

Survival this way : interviews with American Indian poets

Surviving in two worlds : contemporary Native American voices

Survivor’s medicine : short stories

Sweeping the sky

Sweet grass : lives of contemporary native women of the Northeast

Sweet medicine

Sweetgrass II : poems

Sweetgrass: an anthology of Indian poetry


Taking Off

Tales from the Keeper of the Myths

Tales from the Mohaves

Tales from the Whispering Basket

Tales of burning love

Tales of Nokomis

Tales of the Anishinaubaek

Tales of the Bark Lodges

Tales of Ticasuk : Eskimo legends & stories

Tales of Ticasuk : Eskimo legends and stories

Tales the elders told : Ojibway legends

Talking Indian : reflections on survival and writing

Talking to the moon

Taos Pueblo and Other Poems.

Tapestries in sand; the spirit of Indian sandpainting.

Teaching about Native Americans

Teaching American Indian history

Teaching Virtues: Building Character Across the Curriculum


Tecumseh and his times: the story of a great Indian

Tekonwatonti / Molly Brant (1735-1795) : poems of war

Tell me a tale : a book about storytelling

The telling of the world : Native American stories and art

Temalpakh (from the earth); Cahuilla Indian knowledge and usage of plants

Tempest Above the Tenfeather: Some rain must fall

Ten good horses

A terrible foe this bear

The Tewa World: Space, Time, Being and Becoming in a Pueblo Society


A Texas Titan: the Story of Sam Houston

Textbooks and the American Indian

Thanksgiving : a native perpsective

That’s what she said : contemporary poetry and fiction by Native American women

The New Loyalist Index Vol. 6 (Including 1812 Metis)

The Theatre Guild presents Oklahoma! : A musical play based on the play “Green grow the lilacs” (Playbill for the St. James Theatre)

Then : poems

Then and now : a Chippewa woman remembers

Then Badger said this

There are warriors weeping in the garden

There is no word for goodbye

They called it prairie light : the story of Chilocco Indian School

They came here first : the epic of the American Indian

They Led a Nation : biographical and pictorial essays of 20 Dakota leaders

Think of a garden and other plays

Third eye theatre

Thirteen moons

Thirteen moons on turtle’s back

This Book, This Hill, These People: Poems

This Day in North American Indian History: Important Dates in the History of North America’s Native Peoples for Every Calendar Day

This is the world

This land is my land

A thousand years of American Indian storytelling

Three Day Road

Three strands in the braid : a guide for enablers of learning

Three-Mile Lake

Through All the Displacements

Through Black Spruce

Through Indian eyes : the native experience in books for children

Through the eye of the deer: an anthology of Native American women writers

Through the woods

Throwing fire at the sun, water at the moon

Thunder nation

Thunder-Root: Traditional and Contemporary Native American Verse.

Thunderbirds of the Ottawa

Tiller’s guide to Indian country : economic profiles of American Indian reservations

Time Well Spent

To be exact : a guide for revision

To Bridge the Dream

To Frighten a Storm

“To Jenny”

To make a killing

To the American Indian : reminiscences of a Yurok woman

To touch the past : the painted pottery of the Mimbres people : essays


Tom Toms

Tonto’s Revenge: Reflections on American Indian Culture and Policy

Tonweya and the eagles, and other Lakota Indian tales

A tortured people : the politics of colonization

Tortured skins, and other fictions

Touchwood: a collection of Ojibway prose

The toughest Indian in the world : stories

Toward the Western Sky



Trading eyes: Alternative Visions of Native Americans

Traditional and Hard-to-find Information Required by Members of American Indian Communities

The traditional history and characteristic sketches of the Ojibway nation

Traditional stories and foods : an American Indian remembers

Traditional stories of the Northwest Coast

The Trail of Tears

Trailing You

Trailing you : poems

Trails of tears, paths of beauty

Transformation Masks

Translator’s son

The Trap

Treaty with the Chippewa, 1854 : a curriculum guide and teaching manual

Tree farm : replanting a life

Tree Quotes

Tribal secrets : recovering American Indian intellectual traditions

Tribes and masses : explorations in red, white, and black

Tribes, treaties, and constitutional tribulations

The trickster and the troll

Trigger dance

A trip to a Pow Wow

Truth and Bright Water

Tsalagi : poems


Turning to the Rhythms of Her Song

Turtle belly : a novel

Turtle meat and other stories

The Tuscaroras

Two Hopi song poets of Shungopavi

Two old women : An Alaska legend of betrayal, courage and survival

Two plays about residential school

Two worlds walking : short stories, essays, & poetry by writers with mixed heritages

The Two-legged Creature: an Otoe story


Uncle George: Poems from a Maine Boyhood

The underground reservation : Osage oil

Understanding Algonquian Indian Words

Unlearning the Language of Conquest : Scholars Expose Anti-Indianism in America

Unsung Songs

Urban Indians : drums from the cities

Urban Innu Love Songs


Velma: Fleur de Narcisus

Viborita de cascabel

Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist

Vision Victorious

“Visit Home”

A voice in her tribe : a Navajo woman’s own story

Voice of the turtle : American Indian literature 1900-1970

The voice that was in travel : stories

Voices : being native in Canada / Funny, you don’t look like one

Voices in the Waterfall

Vortex of Indian fevers

Vultures in the Sky


Wah’Kon-Tah: the Osage and the white man’s road.

Waheenee, an Indian girl’s story

Waheenee, an Indian Girl’s Story

Walk in balance : the path to healthy, happy, harmonious living

Walk in Peace : Legends and Stories of the Michigan Indians

Walk in your soul; love incantations of the Oklahoma Cherokees

Walk the wind

A walk to the great mystery

The walking people : a native American oral history

Walking the Choctaw Road: Stories From Red People Memory

Walking the Rez Road

Walking where we lived : memoirs of a Mono Indian family

Walking with Ghosts

Walking With Grandfather: The Wisdom of Lakota Elders

Wampum belts of the Iroquois

Wanisinwak iskwesisak : awasisasinahikanis = Two little girls lost in the bush : a Cree story for children

Wapanakamikok language relationships : an introductory study of mutual intelligibility among the Powhatan, Lanape, Natick, Nanticoke, and Otchipwe languages

Wapola a Giveaway: Lakota stories Retold (tape)

War cries

The war trail north

War woman : a novel of the real people

Ward 7

Warm Springs Millenium: Voices from the Reservation

The Warriors’ Code

WATEHICA-That Which You Hold Dear…

Water flowing home

Water in the 21st-Century West: A High Country News Reader


Watermelon nights : a novel

The waters between : a novel of the dawn land

The way; an anthology of American Indian literature

The way it is : one water– one air– one mother earth

The way of a peyote roadman

The way of the priests

The way south

The Way to Rainy Mountain

The ways of my grandmothers

We are all related : a celebration of our cultural heritage

We are the dreamers : recent and early poetry

We Are the Land, We Are the Sea

We are the warrior spirits

We have the right to exist : a translation of aboriginal indigenous thought : the first book ever published from an Ahnishinahbaeotjibway perspective

We talk, you listen; new tribes, new turf

We talk, you yawn : a discourse on education in Alaska

We the people : Pena Bonita, Jimmie Durham, Harry Fonseca …

We Were Not the Savages: A Micmac Perspective on the Collision of European and Aboriginal Civilizations

Weesquachak and the lost ones

Welcome the caribou man

West Bound: Stories of Providence

The west pole

What moon drove me to this

What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses?

When beaver was very great : stories to live by

When coyote howls : a lavaland tale

When grandmother decides to die

When Hopi children were bad : a monster story

When it rains, Papago and Pima poetry= Mat hekid o ju, ‘O’odham Na-cegitodag

When the Chenoo howls : native American tales of terror

When The Levee Breaks

When the river ran wild!: Indian traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation

When Thunders Spoke

Where did you get your moccasins?

Where Eagles Soar: “A Spiritual Adventure”

Where the pavement ends : five Native American plays

Where white men fear to tread

While The Locust Slept: A memoir

Whirlwind Warrior

Whispering in shadows

The Whispering Wind

The White Buffalo Calf Woman

White corn sister

The white path

A white rainbow : poems of a Cherokee heritage

The White Train

The white wampum

Who speaks for wolf : a native American learning story as told to Turtle Woman Singing by her father, Sharp-eyed Hawk

Who wants rocks?

Why I can’t read Wallace Stegner and other essays : a tribal voice

Wigwam Evenings : Sioux Folk Tales Retold

Wild Harvest: A novel of transition days in Oklahoma

Wild Indians & other creatures

Wilder and wilder

Will’s Garden

William Carlos Williams: A Study of the Short Fiction

Wilma Mankiller : Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

The wind eagle and other Abenaki stories

Wind from an enemy sky

The Wind Is My Mother: The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman

Wind Wolf Woman: The Story of a Medicine Woman

Winds of Change

Windsong, Texas Cherokee princess : the adventures of Rebecca Bowles on the Texas frontier

Winnie Two-Shadows

Winning the Dust Bowl

Winter in the Blood

Winter medicine songs

Winter of the holy iron

Winter of the salamander : the keeper of importance

Winter thunder : retold tales

Winter white and summer gold : a Native Americanlearning story

Wisahkecahk flies to the moon

The witch of Goingsnake and other stories

Witch of the Palo Duro

“Witch Wife”

Without Reservation: New & Selected Poems

Without warning

Wolf and shadows : poems


The woman who fell from the sky

The woman who owned the shadows

The woman who watches over the world : a native memoir

Women in American Indian society

Women in Navajo society

Women on the run

Women’s health begins with the moon

Wooden Duck

Woodland Princess, a book of 24 poems.

Woodshed on the Moon: Thoreau Poems

Words from the house of the dead : prison writings from Soledad

Working men

Working with Indian communities and agencies to establish Indian library services

The World of work : readings for writers

Wounds beneath the flesh

Woven stone

Writing as witness : essay and talk

The Writing Experience, an Iroquois guide to written storytelling

Wynema : a child of the forest


The Yankton Sioux

Yaqui deer songs, Maso Bwikam : a native American poetry

Year in Nam : a Native American soldier’s story

A yellow raft in blue water

Yellow Shirt and Black Necklace

Yellow woman

Yellow woman and a beauty of the spirit : essays on Native American life today

Yoeme-English English-Yoeme : with a comprehensive grammar of Yoeme language

Yon-doo-shah-we-ah (Nubbins)

You are on Indian Land! Alcatraz Island, 1969-1971

You call me chief : impressions of the life of Chief Dan George

Young rider of the high country


Zadayi Red

Zeke Proctor : Cherokee outlaw

Zuni children and elders talk together

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