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Moses Cruikshank

Belle Deacon

Phyllis Ann Fast

Belle Herbert

Dorothy Savage Joseph

Mary Tall Mountain

Velma Wallis

Online resources about the Athabascan

Alaska Native Cultural Resources: Athabascan
Author: Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Type: tribal
Description: Curriculum resources, links to schools and school districts web sites, cultural values information, and links to related web resources are all part of this web site for Athabascan culture.

URL: http://www.ankn.uaf.edu/athabascan.html

Crossroads of Continents – Athapaskan
Author: Smithsonian Institute – National Museum of Natural History James W. VanStone
Type: tribal
Description: This site presents an online exhibit of images and text describing the history and current culture of the Athapaskan people of Alaska.

URL: http://www.nmnh.si.edu/arctic/features/croads/athapask.html

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