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map showing location of Pueblo tribes in New Mexico and Arizona

The Pueblos are located in the Southwestern United States, in the States of New Mexico and Arizona.

Pueblo Indian Languages and Pueblos Speaking Them

The Keres Language Family: in Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Zia, Santa Ana, Laguna and Acoma Pueblos.

The Tano Language Family:

Tewa: in San Juan, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Pojoaque, Nambe and Tesuque pueblos along the Rio Grande, and Hano, a pueblo in Arizona.

Towa: in Jemez Pueblo and formerly in Pecos Pueblo (now extinct).

Tiwa: in Taos, Picuris, Sandia, and Isleta pueblos.

The Shoshone Language Family: in the Hopi pueblos of Arizona.

The Zuni Language in Zuni Pueblo.

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This map originally appeared in Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians: 1600 – 1880.

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