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There are several ways to browse the collection. You can browse by Pueblo ; the collection is arranged by date within each Pueblo. Clicking on any small picture (thumbnail) will bring up a large picture of the pot with a decription. A description of the unique characteristics of each Pueblo’s pottery in general accompanies each section. The "Next" button under the large pictures will bring up the next large picture.

You can also browse thumbnails of the entire collection. Modem users please note that the "entire collection" page will take 2 minutes to download using a 28.8 modem.

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This Gallery currently contains 60 images of Pueblo Pottery. All Pueblos are represented. The date range of the collection is Circa 100 A.D. to Present. Each image is accompanied by a description, which includes the Pueblo of origin, the date made, the size, category and other facts. Words which appear in the glossary are linked, so that definitions are always available.

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The images in this gallery were collected from several sources. The source of the image is noted in caption form. Many originally appeared in Dr. Kenneth Chapman’s work Pueblo Indian pottery. Others originally appeared in Larry Frank’s Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians 1600 – 1880. One image is from the Smithsonian Institute , and one from the Maxwell Museum. Three images are from the collection of Mr. A. F. Ringold. For more information, please see the acknowledgements.

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