Why Is Juror 8 Angry

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It was a hot, sweltering summer day that involved a gruesome murder case. Twelve men were placed as jurors regarding a young man being accused of stabbing his father to death. During preliminary tally, eleven tired men voted guilty, while one lone man voted not guilty. That person was Juror #8. A simple man nearing middle age with full dark hair, dark mystic eyes, and a well leveled tone, who carried himself firmly. Of course, the eleven men grew frustrated with this and tried to explain to Juror #8 their reasons the young man was guilty. Juror #8 defended his opinion saying he did not say the young man wasn’t guilty, but that he was not sure. He could not imagine going through with a guilty verdict for a young, scared man who was hanging on …show more content…

However, he was very firm with his point of view and his uncertainty of the guilty and did not change his not guilty verdict to make the others happy. Some of the men in the jury were quite demeaning and only saw their own point of view, yet Juror #8 continued to keep his patience while others around him began to lose their temper. Of course, with the only fan in the room not working and blood level rising between the men, it grew to be extremely difficult to not grow angry easily. For instance, even after difficulty until the very end with the resentful, angry Juror #3, Juror #8, after finalizing the strenuous tally, brought the defeated man his jacket and gently helped him put it on. All in all, Juror #8 played a strong, significant role in the trial outcome by proving to all eleven men that the young man may not have been guilty. After extreme perspiration from the grueling heat, the eleven jurors followed Juror #8’s lead for a verdict of not guilty. Even if some of the men did not truly believe the young man was not guilty due to the their own self righteousness, in the end the verdict was finally decided. Sadly, we cannot see the young man’s reaction, but we all probably can guess he’d be doing backflips with

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