12 Angry Men Mood Analysis

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While reading Twelve Angry Men, you are put in a mood. The mood this book put me in was suspenseful. One example why I felt suspenseful while reading this books was when the 4th juror says “Wouldn't you call those beatings a motive to kill his father?¨ (page 17). This shows my mood because it tells the reader how serious this crime is. Another example is when the 3rd juror says “look he came home to get his knife. It’s not nice to leave knives sticking in people’s chests” (page 39). This makes me suspenseful because it gives you a visual of how scary the crime scene must of looked like. My last example for why I feel suspenseful reading this book is when the 9th juror says “The women who testified that she saw the killing had these same deep

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