12 Angry Men Why People Copy Each Other Essay

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Does it ever occur to you why people copy each other? With the play 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose is about 12 jurors who are on a murder trial for a premeditated homicide which was conducted by an inner-city teenager. These men are isolated in a limited conference room to deliberate whether or not the boy is guilty. During the heated conversation, personal tensions arise which makes the case harder than it should be. When personal arguments aroused a particular one stood out, copying everyone’s opinions makes you not behave according to what is morally right, although in addition to being fair. This makes you “unjust” because a person is quick to judge without a single thought put into the situation. It is now to be determined, is it absolutely just about the boy being guilty or further than what is stirring beneath the surface?…show more content…
Now you have changed your vote for the same reason. I do not think you have the right to play like this with a man’s life. This is an ugly and terrible thing to do.” By juror 11 establishing this point it had made a few heads turned to prove that what the other jurors are doing is unjust. Remarkably, replicating the other juror’s answers just to proceed about with their lives displays that they could care less about what the trial is actually about. Copying people’s opinions can, determine wonders and horrors for a person, but it is in a matter of judgment to accomplish it or
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