1984 And Animal Farm Essay

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A totalitarian ruling party as defined above that virtually controls all aspects of its citizen’s lives dominates George Orwell’s novels, 1984 and Animal Farm. In these novels, the dangerous effects of a totalitarian society are portrayed through the theft of the mental wellbeing of individuals, halting of the progress of society, and restriction and abuse of the physical rights of citizens.

Argument 1: The tyrannous supremacy, which Napoleon and Big Brother’s worshipping party held, robbed the individuals of their mental wellbeing through their deliberate actions to establish ultimate power.

Julia and Winston underwent intensive mental torture in the Ministry of Love for commiting open acts of rebellion against the Party caught by O’Brien and Mr. Charrington, two of the few people Winston and Julia trusted in this cruel society. When O’Brien, the man who personally took on the task of crushing Winston’s soul, …show more content…

Rather than only physically torturing the people the Party sees as ‘perpetrators,’ the Party digs deeper right to the core to change their personality and way of thinking almost to an innate level. The effectiveness and danger of this technique is evident when Winston could truly began to believe, ‘2+2=5,’ which meant the Party could feed anything into anyone’s brain and even the strongest minds would not withstand this method of punishment for long. Winston’s individuality and power to think logically was virtually gone after the immense agony he lived through in room 101, the place notorious for exhibiting the most horrifying elements one could think of in their life. Ironically, soon after Wintston and Julia declared their utmost loyalty and devotion to one another, the love that was once blooming between them wilted quickly after the experiences both of them

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