1984 Julia Character Analysis

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Have you ever found yourself rooting for the little man? If so, you will more than likely identify with the theme of George Orwell’s book 1984. The main characters, Winston and Julia, in 1984, rebelled against the parties control, over their daily life’s. Winston and Julia conspire to lash out against the Party’s oppression, and they carry out a love affair, which was strictly forbidden by Big Brother.
Character was really emphasized as a literary element throughout the book. One of the main characters I found intriguing in the book was Julia. Julia’s character contradicted the oppression and rigid control that the party wanted to subject the citizens too. Julia wanted to live life in the moment, and enjoy her life. She lived life reckless and with a care free attitude. “Life as she saw it was quite simple. You wanted a good time “They” meaning the party, wanted you to stop having it.” (Page 131) Julia enjoyed having sex and used that to practice her rebellion against the party. “I’ve been at school too dear. Sex talks once a month for the over-sixteens, and in the youth movement. They rub it into you for years. I dare say it works in a lot of cases. But of course for years you can never tell people are such hypocrites”. The party …show more content…

Why is the only female role considered a slut? Looking through a feminist lens, the woman and almost only woman in the party is a “slut”, likes sleeping around. Why is there just a singular female role in this situation. “Have you done this before? Of course hundreds of times- well scores of times anyway”. Julia sees her act of sexuality, as a rebellion against the party. As the party tries to manipulate and control all aspects of life, Julia knows that by using her sexuality, she can demonstrate her non- conformity to party rules. “I hate purity, I hate goodness! I don’t want any virtue to exsit anywhere I want everyone to corrupt the rules.” ( Page

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