50 Myths And Lies That Threaten America's Public Schools

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Reflection 50 Myths& Lies To begin, the book 50 Myths& Lies that Threaten America’s Public Schools covered a variety of topics such as why teachers are quickly blamed publicly along with their unions, how to make our schools better, equality of schools, money, and how schools make students college and career ready. With each of these topics were smaller sub-topics such as the importance of money, bullying, teachers’ abilities, and the various choices of schooling. With each topic/sub-topic the authors guided us through each subject uncovering myths and lies that surround them. In addition, each uncovering of the myths were extremely one sided. After reading each chapter it makes you think that what you have always thought may not be correct. …show more content…

As a teacher in training I have been taught the importance of viewing all students equally and have gained the personal belief that all students have value and are capable of succeeding. If I were to gain a job in a building I would want their values and beliefs to be similar to my own. I would not want to be in a building that excluded students based on their economic backgrounds, abilities, and behaviors. As a future teacher I want all of my students to succeed and would be welcoming of any and all students that enter my room. Each year students would enter my room with a clear slate. This book has shown me to let go of biases I may hold, because they will only hold me back as a teacher. In doing so the only people that would suffer is my students. The third theme presented was corruption. Allocation of money will affect me as a future teacher. If my school does not allocate their funds to be able to update their materials and student resources, stay up to date with technology, or provide necessary tools for my students to learn my test scores may show negative effects as a result. In addition, if I was hired in a district that implemented portfolio management I could potentially lose my job based on testing scores from my building as a whole, because they could shut it

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