6.03 Calorimetry Lab

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Observations: 1. The first step had to be repeated due to not following proper instructions. I did not grease the screw, so as I was shaking the mixture, solids were forming around the screwpart of the separatory funnel. 2. When adding 5.0 mL of NaOH to the unknown mixture and shaking it for about 30 seconds, layers had formed. 3. Upon adding 20 drops of NaOH, a white precipitate was formed signifying acidic impurity. In the second NaOH mixture, about 20 drops were administered and no precipitate formed indicating that the ample is more pure than before. Data: Weight of flask = 75.10 grams Weight of the flask with solids = 75.33 grams Weight of the unknown = 0.23 grams Calculation : 75.33-75.10/0.36x100 = 63.8 % recovery Melting point of

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